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Hot, you can mostly just taste the spices. Once it cools a bit, you can really taste the carrot, and the spices somehow disappear so it tastes more like fresh carrots. This is an interesting one.

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drank Mango by Harney & Sons
1712 tasting notes

I had a bag of delicious Teavana mango black mixed with limeade twist a long time ago, and I bought some limeade twist on eBay and a tin of this to try to recreate that flavor. I strongly dislike the limeade twist on its own, and it pretty much overpowers this tea too, so I guess I didn’t succeed. I don’t love fruity black teas, and I didn’t love this one, so I guess that fits. I didn’t buy it to drink on its own, so I won’t leave a rating. I’ll just say that this tea is pretty weak compared to other teas of this variety.

Mastress Alita

Some teas that are mediocre are great cold steeped in lemonade, though.

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I bought this one after I finished my two pounds of Teavana blueberry bliss and found myself missing it. This is the one green rooibos offering from Adagio that I wasn’t pleased with. It’s just not that flavorful. I haven’t loved any of the three blueberry teas I’ve tried from Adagio though, so maybe they’re just not good at blueberry flavoring?

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Green rooibos teas are probably my favorite. The problem with the ones from Adagio is that they’re all pretty similar, but one (key west) is so much better than the others that I basically don’t bother with them. So I like this, but I prefer bonita above it as well. Smooth green rooibos flavor with citrus flavors. Good, but order the others above this one.

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drank Peach Mai Tai by DAVIDsTEA
1712 tasting notes

I don’t like the smell of this tea. It smells too savory, so I expected to dislike it. Surprisingly, the peach flavor is so sweet, strong, and tasty. It tastes like peach rings and maybe a little hint of coconut? Anyway, I like this! Not much black tea in it though, so don’t expect to notice much flavor from that.


I agree with your review 100%! It smells like something I’d use to make a sauce for pork loin or something, but it doesn’t taste like it. No black tea taste to me whatsoever.


It’s funny to look back at a previous review and see how much my opinion has changed in so short a time! I actually ended up giving almost all of it away because the savory aspect turned out to be a bit too overwhelming to me, especially since I have peach teas I prefer in my stash. Maybe I should wait to review teas until I’ve had them several times :P

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I got this one from Cameron B, and I love it! It’s probably the most authentic melon taste I’ve experienced in tea before. The oolong doesn’t contribute much flavor, it’s just the tastiest melon. I can never buy DavidsTea sour watermelon again after this tea!

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I actually had this in my pile of teas to get rid of, but I decided to retry it since I couldn’t clearly remember my first opinion of it. There’s a pretty strong burnt flavor. I mellowed that out with some milk. I feel like it manages to evoke both butterscotch and caramel. It’s sweet, and I really do like it. I’m keeping it after all! This one is from Ost.

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drank Deep Blue Spirulina by DAVIDsTEA
1712 tasting notes

When I steep this, the color is a lot more muted than in pictures, but it’s probably because I’m not putting enough leaf in. Just trying to stretch my tea! Anyway the color changing is fun, but I don’t add lemon because I don’t want my tea tasting like lemons. Drinking it plain, it tastes kind of boring. It’s a strange flavor that I can’t really compare to anything. Not bad, just kind of medium. I’ll definitely finish my two ounces, but this tea isn’t exciting enough to order again.

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I would’ve liked the lavender to be a little stronger. I taste mostly lemon, but even so, it’s nice. It’s not the best lemon tea I’ve had, but it’s cheap and good enough. It tastes a little medicinal, but in a good way.

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drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
1712 tasting notes

This one is from Ost. Lately, I haven’t been loving fruity blacks, but this one is pretty good. The black tea is all right, and the fruity flavor is pretty strong and nice. Hard to say what fruit it’s meant to be. Maybe apricot? I have enough for another cup or two, which I’ll enjoy, but I won’t order more.

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I’m an event planner who always has multiple mugs of tea beside me. Hobbies other than tea include board games, video games, cooking international dishes, science fiction, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, tap dancing, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with my troublesome kitties.

Favorite flavors: dessert flavors, nutty, melon, mint, strawberry, anything rooibos-related.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free or black. I’ll try just about anything though! Let me know if you’re interested in a swap!

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