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Drink it on the job
Love unwinding with a glass of whisky after a long work day? Here’s a version you can sip at the office all day long. With white Bai Mu Dan, sweet pieces of peach, macadamia nuts, and a big hit of smoky whisky flavour, this rich blend might just replace the bottle of bourbon you have stashed in the back of your desk. Of course, spiking it with an extra splash of whisky wouldn’t hurt.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

30 Tasting Notes

1759 tasting notes

I accidentally oversteeped this! Egad!!
Not a good thing to do with this tea, that really does ruin the flavour when it sits for too long.
I didn’t get as much “whisky” flavour this time around. It was good, but I’ve had better steeps of this one. My bad *sighs
Oh, but I did do a second steep, and when it was still hot… I had a few sips of overwhelming peach!!! I’ve never seen that particular aspect present itself so strongly in this tea before. Who knew??
By the time it had cooled, the peach was well and gone of course. I wonder if I do more steeps next time, will I get an entire cup of peach? Hmmm. Usually, I don’t make it past two, maybe three… Me thinks I need to push atleast four!

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807 tasting notes

Hahahahaha :)


Tell us how you really feel….

Dylan Oxford

Waaaaaiiit… I thought you liked this one?


I really really really wanted to try it REALLY bad. I had waited for someone to have it for me to try and so I think maybe my expectations were far too high perhaps.
LOL Missy!
It was not terrible. It was just sort of – well you know – MEH was the ONLY way to explain it! LOL

Daniel Scott

Oh. I just bought this one and hadn’t tried it yet! LOL. I thought it was one of the ones going online-only, so I grabbed because I figured I wouldn’t get another chance.


I don’t think you will HATE it. I don’t know it was just so lacking for such a firm name. I mean WHISKEY ya know!


how long did you steep it for? somehow I find there is more flavour with a really short steep


Ummmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhhh duahhhhhhh well…probably at the long end of the suggested steeping time so probably 5 since they suggest 4-5 minutes.


Hahaha I was going to pick up a sample, but then decided against it. I am glad I didn’t this time around.. (though I am still VERY curious.. same with the White Tiger)


try it at 30-45 seconds. I kid you not! just use a teaspoon to scoop some out :)


Wow okay I will do this today and see what comes of it! Thank you Indigobloom!


Np! I was going to include that as instructions but some people don’t like it that way at all… me, I prefer it at about 90s for some reason :)

Daniel Scott

Wow, okay, I think Indigo is right! I tried my first cup of this at 90 seconds, and it seemed pretty tasty. Not the best cup of tea I’ve ever had or anything – basically, I probably won’t re-cupboard it, but I’ll be happy to drink the rest.

Then I had a second cup. Admittedly I re-steeped the leaves, but if the recommended time was 4-5 minutes, and my first steep was 90 seconds, I should probably be able to get a second cup out of them, right? Um. Right? Anyway, I gave it four minutes the second time.

And it’s really…flat? Like some sort of flavour came out in the longer steep that is killing everything I tasted before. It’s meh, yeah, meh. If this is how it normally tastes at a 4-5 minute steep and I hadn’t had the shorter steep, I’d be unhappy I bought it.

I will have to experiment with fresh leaves I guess!


I still have yet to getting around to trying it Indigoblooms way. Why would the tea company not tell you to do it this way in the first place is what I wonder. I have to get to this today. Frustrating.


DanielScott: I did that once myself, getting distracted at work and all of a sudden my second infusion was terrible! bleh!
Azzrian: I know right?! but David’s is known for being messed up with their steeping instructions. Also I’ve seen some people who genuinely prefer it at 4 min. shrugs

Daniel Scott

Funny, I’ve generally found DT’s instructions to be really good! Like I do it “my” way first, and it’s good, and then I do it “their” way and it’s way better!

Granted, maybe that’s because I tend to prefer blacks, and their blacks often really are better at 4 minutes or more.


oh yah their black tea instructions are great lol
It’s the green/oolong tea that gets me head scratching. Look at the water temp recs. Some of them say 94c! (good for some oolongs yeh but not a green! lol)

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516 tasting notes

Oh my gosh, thank you aislingoftea (or should I say Bigelow ;) ) for including some of this in our swaaaap! I’m having a tea attack, I’m overwhelmed with the thought and care that went into my package. Tearin’ up. GOSH!

I had been wanting to try this one for a while – didn’t get a chance when it was on the wall! So pumped to give it a go!

I did a nice short steep, although it could have been a wee bit shorter because I got distracted. It’s a really nice blend, I do enjoy it! We always have a giant bottle of Jack Daniels in our cupboard, so it’s nice to have a tea equivalent ;)

A little scoop of brown sugar turns it into heaven! A hot toddy! Okay I added a splash of Jack as well. hey! It’s FRIDAY ;)

Having an awesome tea day today!


I remember liking this one. Where has it been?

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676 tasting notes

Another lovely tea sample from IndigoBloom-let! Thank you Dearie!

A Scot’s got to have her Whisky don’t you think? Sooner or later, Bonnie of Stewart, Cameron, Johnstone is needin her DT Whisky White and thanks to I-Bloom up in the land of my Fathers (after leavin Scotland) in Canada, here I go.

Being somewhat of a know-it-all old person, I did not read the steeping time ahead. What for?!
Steep 1 = 4minutes YA HEARD ME RIGHT!
A bit honey gold and very flavorful. I can’t say I don’t appreciate the full flavor. It’s like a honey, ertzy banana, rye bread. If you put in a little sweetening it is more banana.
I looked at the directions online…OOPS…30-80 seconds recommended as a steep time!
Ar oh!

Second steep = 45 seconds. SHOULD BE BETTER!
But, it smells like CLOROX! ADDED 30 more seconds! BAD SMELL IS GONE!
There is a lighter color and flavor. The banana flavor is not as strong which is ok depending on if you like that sort of thing or not. The rye bread taste is also faint but still there and the honey is very light. It is just a gentler version of the over-steeped first batch. You could do this tasting side by side and see which you prefer.

What did I do next…
I could not resist the classic Whisky and Lapsang Souchong pairing.
Whisky drinkers drink this classic smoked tea till they are passed out drunk!
Having a small cup of both tea’s (one sweet and one salty and smoky) proved to
be a delicious way to enjoy this Whisky White. It knocked out the banana flavor!
See what you think?!

I’m back I mixed a little LS and Whisky White together and the Bagpipes began to play!
(If you think I’m kidding about the two, Google “Whisky and Lapsang Souchong” Winston Churchill drank this combination).


Whisky and lapsang!! whoddathunkit?
Now I have a craving for whiskey… and kilts!


And maybe what’s wearing um! Hoot man!


LOL oh yes… that’ll get the fire roarin’! ;)


I read the article to youngest. She LOVES Winston Churchill….even before she saw “him” in Doctor Who!


How old is she? My granddaughters love Dr. Who!


My youngest is fourteen, but the other two daughters are big fans also!

Dylan Oxford

Winston Churchill was only awesome because he knew exactly when he needed The Doctor’s help.

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6106 tasting notes


Finishing off the last of my sample of this one. I gave it a 1-minute infusion this time, as I seemed to recall that someone suggested it was best that way, and it is reasonably tasty. It tastes much like banana + nuts to me, not really whisky, although to be fair I haven’t ever drank whisky. Overall, it’s tasty, but falls into the category of being too expensive for what it is (e.g. a white tea blend that doesn’t even taste like white tea!), so this will be the last time I’m likely to drink it. Also, I’m pretty sure it was just discontinued, heh.

ETA: Second infusion was tasty enough. Not super sad that I’m out of this one.

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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1473 tasting notes

Still dying of allergies. Mom suggested a hot toddy, but I’m not in the mood for booze, so I added a few drops of honey and lemon to this….yum. It’s soothing, it’s helping my throat…love. So much love for this one.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Allergies have hit me full blown as well.Yikes! Guess I have no choice but to get this one… ;)


I can’t wait to try this one!


So wish I have not over done my tea allowance for this month… :) Hopefully this one will be popular enough to keep around a while.

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813 tasting notes

i try to not be too influenced by the reviews here on steepster. but i also enjoy reading them and taking the opinions into consideration as i sip. so i can’t help but notice how this tea does not have the highest of ratings.

and i can see why cuz it’s not exactly bold or super fruity. the davidstea website describes it as a ‘rich blend’ but it actually doesn’t seem that rich. the Bai Mu Dan is nice and even. but i barely get any peach from the cup. and i’m glad i don’t get stevia either.

i will declare that i like this tea. mostly for it’s relative simplicity. and i may brew it extra strong and drink it chilled at a party we’re having at my house tomorrow.

tea instead of whisky. because i have a trail marathon to run on saturday. a marathon that i am DRASTICALLY ill prepared for. and also i’m sitting on a tennis ball to try to relieve a muscle strain on the back of my right leg. not a bad strain, but annoying, and 26 miles will make it angry. so hopefully some of this pressure point massage should help? either that or it will bruise my leg up nicely :) hah
i’m wearing a tardis dress for the race.
hopefully it won’t be too rainy.

Josie Jade

Good luck with your race!!


Good luck!


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

You go Girl!

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250 tasting notes

At long last I am drinking this again, but this time I have a way to combat the bitterness…

I’ve been using steep.it a lot lately (if you don’t use it, you really should!) and I especially like that for white teas it actually times for 30sec. I kid you not. A timer for half a minute! Who knew! So freakin’ handy because if you’re anything like me-and there’s a small toddler depending on you to keep them alive—then you lose track of time. A lot. This website makes sure you’re steeping your tea not only for the right amount of time, but the right temperature too!

Anyways, long story short: I steeped the Whisky White according to their 30sec @ 80(ish)°C recommendation and HOLY MOSES this is a completely different tea! Not bitter or strange at all, just creamy-soda-white-tea heaven. Still no whisky taste, but then again I’m no expert on what whisky tastes like so, meh!

PLUS, I got 2 more steeps outta the leaves slightly raising the temp and time for each steep.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 30 sec

What a cool name for a tea…….I’m glad you like it. :))


It does have a pretty neat name, plus it tastes good too.

Kay Kanada

I know, isn’t it a completely different tea with the lower steep time? DT really missed the marked with their steeping times on the whites.

Daisy Chubb

It really makes me wonder how a tea company like David’s (and others) come up with their steep times. Sometimes they really do miss the mark.

Also, yay for steep.it, a life saver!


Kay & Daisy: Totally! You’d think they would be experts at steeping whites, since they seem to have so many. And all this time I’ve been following their recommendations which proved to be wrong.

Stephanie B

This tip saved my bag of Whisky White for me!


Stephanie: I’m glad I could help you enjoy your tea!

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1220 tasting notes

I don’t drink whiskey really at all. I think the closest I ever got was one time with car friends, I had some with Dr. Pepper, and I guess I liked it. After the whole thing was over, some weird dude promised me Jack Daniels the next meet up…I was like, “bro, I live in Tennessee (at the time I did), no.” I think at that point it was just like wooo drinks…I probably hate whiskey.

So I thought though that the flavor would be pretty cool with white tea. And the worst thing that happens, this doesn’t taste like bourbon at all or anything, and it’s just a peach tea.

And that’s really what I get. Peach. I like the idea of a flash steep with this one rather than the four min I believe I went with (I have since left my notebook, which I filled over 6 months with 450+ tasting notes!). That might make it a bit more interesting. There were flashes of whiskey but not enough to make it worth the name.

An expensive experiment, but hey, it’s a discontinued peach tea with stevia that I can drink, unlike Southern Belle.

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150 tasting notes

Oh no, I’m disapointed! This doesn’t happen very often with David’s Teas. All I can figure is that I must have done something wrong in the brewing process. What I ended up with was a weak tea that tasted slightly bitter. Not at all what I wanted or expected. Boo!

I’m going to try brewing ithis tea again before I rate it. Now, to figure out what the heck I did to ruin this by all accounts great tea. Hmmmm…


wow, how long was the infusion? I think this one works best with shorter steeps


Indigobloom, I infused it for 3 min. which was 1 min. less than the instructions on the package indicated. Should I cut the steep time more? I have high hopes for brew II :)

Taryn, I thought I’d LOVE this one. I guess I can’t love them all… but I’ll try.


Hmm, I’ve heard that thirty seconds is best, but never tried it that way. this is one of my faves, so I hope you end up liking it to!!


Okay, I’ll try the thirty seconds for brew II. Thank you!

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