3263 Tasting Notes

drank Ratatam by Lupicia
3263 tasting notes

This is a sample sipdown. I have received – and had – Ratatam before so I don’t know why there is no note on it from me. This time I had two samples sitting around so I made it for breakfast for me and the Ashman to share.

It is a decent black breakfast tea, a little brisk but not too much, and sometimes you need some briskness with food to clear the palate. But the vanilla is pretty subtle. It is so subtle that if I hadn’t read that it was there I would not have known that it was there.

Maybe drinking it as a stand alone cup or adding milk would make the vanilla more noticeable, but it made an acceptable breakfast tea. If you are looking for a good vanilla black where you really taste vanilla without searching, there are better ones out there. Expect a decent breakfast tea with faint vanilla notes and you will be happy.

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Ashman and I have been drinking this one at breakfast on the past couple of weekends. We do not add milk or sugar and for us this tea doesn’t need it. Some Assams are super brisk and might need that smoothing but this one is just right.

The vanilla is present but light. It really does present as a breakfast tea rather than a stand alone dessert cup to me, because it isn’t super sweet and cloying and it is not heavily flavored. It does have enough briskness to pair with food and clear the palate. The briskness comes as that fruity/raisiny end of sip aftertaste.

If you like your tea with milk and sugar this can certainly take it without any loss of its character, but we consume more sugar than we should already so we leave it out where we can.

If you enjoy Assam tea, this is definitely one to treat yourself to one day.

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This was a gift from a very sweet couple I know. They gave me lots of matcha and I have been sharing that love because there is no way I can drink all this by myself before date.

My neighbor who is just getting into tea was visiting. I have shared a different matcha with her already and will be giving her some of this one when her tin is empty, but I wanted her to see the difference between really good matcha and culinary. We compared the color and fineness of this one with Harney’s top grade, the extra thick, as they call it.

This one is dusty army green and Harney’s was brilliant verdant green. Harney’s powder also appeared to be a much finer grind.

But she and her husband are drinking matcha for health benefits and they just shake it up in a jar and drink a bit cold each morning. They love it!

That’s the treatment I gave this tea today. One teaspoon shaken in a mason jar with fifteen ounces water and two ice cubes. I then poured three ounces of that, three ounces of unsweetened coconut milk, and a tiny dribble of maple syrup in a small glass and gave it a stir.

Prepared this way, it makes a tasty mid-morning drink for a little extra energy and hopefully some antioxidants.

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drank Decaf Carol by Lupicia
3263 tasting notes

May Sipdown Challenge – Pick Strawberries Day

I have several strawberry teas but this is my only decaf one. Enjoyed with a Belgian Waffle Cookie and homemade vanilla ice cream.

I think I like Carol better, but the decaf version is still really good. It is nice to have a good black tea that I can drink at night and still get some sleep. I sed to drink very little herbal tea, so having a few good decaf teas for when I crave tea flavor is a must.

Sakura Sushi

Down to the last of my Carol and making a mental note to get a ton more once the holiday teas come out later this year. All out of White Christmas, too :((

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A sample from Nichole!

I made this today simply because of the name. I am tutoring some young ladies and they requested that we use the book Tintenherz (Inkheart) for our passages. The antagonist is called Capricorn so I just had to make it, even though one of the girls hates coconut.

We had Triple Berry Blend as well so there would also be a tea that she liked! We had Lindt Blueberry truffles and they brought Belgian Butter Crisp Waffle Cookies, and it was my first time having those cookies. Recommended for tea time! They were purchased at Lidl but may be available other places as well.

The coconut hater did try this tea like a champ, but disliked it as expected. Her sister and I found it good hot, but when my cup grew cold it was rather astringent. It really tasted like moderate strength black tea with a lot of heavy coconut flavor, and I didn’t pick up the other things in the blend.

I didn’t expect to like Triple Berry Blend because of the hibiscus and rose hips, which I usually only take cold and sweetened, but I thought it was pretty good. I definitely didn’t mind drinking it. It wasn’t sour enough to cause a permanent pucker anyway! I am not going to do a separate review for it because when I look for it on the Adagio site nothing comes up with this exact name, so I am guessing it is discontinued. My no-coconut student enjoyed it very much with sugar.

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drank April in Paris by Adagio Teas
3263 tasting notes

Yesterday I received two amazing boxes of tea in the mail from our Nichole. Thank you so much!

I am shocked that this tea wasn’t already in the database because I think it is the best tea from Adagio that I have ever had.

The aroma of the dry leaves is fruity and the bergamot and pomegranate are so balanced that you don’t get a snootful of bergamot sharpness but rather a bright and exciting fruity scent.

The steeped tea is rich and the caramel and vanilla come through more here than in the dry leaf aroma.

This isn’t an exact rehash of the popular Paris by Harney and Sons. Instead of blackcurrant we have pomegranate and the bergamot is lighter in this to me.

It is delightful and deserves a place on shelf for breakfasts as well as solitary sipping cups sans food. Would definitely purchase this.

Cameron B.

Pomegranate sounds interesting, I’ll have to remember to try a sample of this one next time. It’s interesting that they obviously copied Paris, down to the black and oolong base, but then swapped blackcurrant for pomegranate.


Indeed, I noted the tea base being the same. It is just different enough that I wouldn’t mind owning both! If I had more I would gladly send it to you to try, but this was a sample pack.

Cameron B.

Oh no worries ha ha! I plan to order some teas from them for fall so I’ll hopefully remember to pick up a sample then. :)

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drank Honeybee by Wild Woods Tea
3263 tasting notes


I have had this hot and cold, and I think I prefer it as an iced tea. It has a bit of tartness but not enough to scare me off. It is a fairly interesting herbal blend.

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drank Sakura & Berry by Lupicia
3263 tasting notes

This was a Mother’s Day gift from Superanna. Many thanks for a new “must have” tea!

On Sunday, I noticed the cherry first and there was an undercurrent of berry with a candy-like note to the berry flavor that I couldn’t pin down. I think it was the raspberry! It was so good I ordered more last night because it is a seasonal tea and I don’t to spend almost a year without it!

I made it again today to see if it was really as magical as we thought or was it the moment?
Today the salted cherry leaf was more noticeable than before, maybe because this time I know it is there and looked for it. But really, it was more prominent and it gives the tea real presence so you can drink it at breakfast even though both Nilgiri and Darjeeling are lighter black teas. This might even be Sakura Premium with flavors added.

Very good, and will probably be gone long before it comes available again.

Cameron B.

Love this one! I don’t think it’s the same as premium, as that one is way more expensive and this has CTC pellets.


Ah yes, you are quite right!

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drank Decaf Muscat by Lupicia
3263 tasting notes


This grape candy goodness is a definite reorder. It just tastes fun, fruity, and festive and once I get rid of some things that I don’t plan to keep on shelf on a regular basis, I will be getting more. Happily this is available year ‘round and isn’t a seasonal tea.

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Super useful for a quick, cold tea for lunch. Cloudy in appearance due to the matcha powder but fresh tasting.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about fourteen years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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