Eight Candles

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Black Tea
Black Tea, Caramel, Marshmallow, Sprinkles
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  • “We put up our Christmas trees tonight, and now I’m celebrating by drinking, um, Eight Candles. What can I say? It works for me. This is pretty good. Lots of marshmallow and caramel. Actually, the...” Read full tasting note
  • “The second tea I’ve tried from Della Terra Teas. Again I love marshmallow and sprinkles, so of course I would love this. As it’s brewing, OMG – it makes my knees weak! The taste is amazing too –...” Read full tasting note
  • “A rare caffinated dessert tea for me. I’ve had a lousy day, and the thought of a delicious cup of tea has helped get me through it. The dry leaf smells amazing. Oooey gooey, and like a smores....” Read full tasting note
  • “Simply the best tea from Della Terra Teas to date. I pray that this is not a seasonal only tea. If it is going to be seasonal only then I need to really REALLY stock up as this I am in love...” Read full tasting note

From Della Terra Teas

Our Eight Candles tea perfectly combines the burnt sugar taste of caramel with delicious, fluffy marshmallow! This tea celebrates the seasons of lights with a delicious flavor you won’t forget! Gold and Star of David sprinkles add the finishing touch to this festive tea!

Ingredients: black tea, caramel flavoring and bits, marshmallows, sprinkles

For allergy info visit our FAQ

Suggested brewing tips:
Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving
Water Temp: 212 degree or to a boil
Steep Time: 2-5 minutes


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177 Tasting Notes

1118 tasting notes

We put up our Christmas trees tonight, and now I’m celebrating by drinking, um, Eight Candles. What can I say? It works for me.

This is pretty good. Lots of marshmallow and caramel. Actually, the caramel comes across more as a creaminess in the tea rather than a flavor, but it’s still nice. I did add one and a half perfect teaspoons to my brew basket to increase the flavor, and it worked nicely. Lots of flavor in my cup and no bitterness from the tea.

On a different note, any cat owners out there with tips or tricks for keeping kitties safe during the holidays? I’m a little worried that my cat is too obsessed with the tree lights. I’m scared she’s going to chew on them when we’re out of the room.


Sorry – our cats leave the bulbs alone and try to pull off needles instead.


Heh, cats and Christmas trees are always an interesting challenge… Aside from not putting lights on the bottom row, you could try spraying the wire with diluted Tabasco sauce, or bitter apple.

Before needing to have a cat free home (my in-laws are allergic to cats :( ) we had one cat that loved to eat tinsel, and another that would climb, yes you heard me climb, into the tree and sleep about two boughs up. White cat in a white tree; we couldn’t figure out where he had gotten to.. :S


Ha! Cats crack me up. :)

My husband is sure she’s going to be too busy toppling the entire tree to bother with the lights or wires. I guess we shall see.


We stopped putting lights on the tree once we noticed some of the bulbs chewed off. Yes, we have a chewer. My cat actually believes our artificial tree is her personal seasonal jungle gym.


Oh no! That’s not good. Maybe I’ll have my husband take them down. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for the advice and cute stories, everyone!

Josie Jade

We have a little 4 foot tree that we actually put on a small table this year to try to keep the cats away. Didn’t quite work since now they’re launching themselves at it from a nearby chair and knocking the whole thing over. Between the cats and the lights going out, I figure I’ve redecorated the tree about 5 times now. No chewing though, thank goodness! I hope your cat loses its appetite for tree. Maybe try some of that bitter spray so she doesn’t like the taste of it?


Does your cat have a history of being interested in cables and such? If not, I don’t think you need to worry. Pull the plug out of the wall when you’re not using it and only have it turned on when you can keep an eye on it. That way at least she won’t electrocute herself. With our cats the lights were never a problem. They were only strung around the top 75% of the tree just to be safe, but other than that, it was left alone. It was the other decorations on it that were in danger. We are avoiding any that are made of glass, so everything on our tree is made of metal, paper or plastic and can stand being played with. Well, the paper things can only take so much playing, obviously, but those are homemade, so they are easy to replace. :)


Turn off tree when you aren’t in the room. Hang bells down low so you know when the cat is messing with the tree. Give kitty a shiny non glass ornament to bat around the floor. Mostly be prepared to grab the cat and tell it NO when it acts up. Don’t stress and just enjoy the antics.


After watching her for a while I figured out it was the blinking lights that were the problem. She loves chasing and eating bugs, so maybe the lights reminded her too much of insects. So I stopped the blinking and she quickly lost interest in the lights. Now she’s more into batting at the ornaments, but that I can handle. :) I will still unplug the lights when we aren’t in the room just to be safe.


Hooray for tree decorating!


Tazo has been wrapping himself around the base of ours. Makes it a little challenging come evening eviction time.


I ran across a video earlier that had me immediately thinking about this thread. Enjoy the cat antics!

Cats vs. Christmas Decorations – http://www.dump.com/catschristmas/

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576 tasting notes

The second tea I’ve tried from Della Terra Teas. Again I love marshmallow and sprinkles, so of course I would love this.

As it’s brewing, OMG – it makes my knees weak!

The taste is amazing too – marshmallow-y and total happy. The sugar sprinkles are a nice touch too (of course). Not sure if I like this more than the Cinnamon Crackle but it’s definitely HAPPY!


I need this tea!


I am hoping that this tea is in the 12 days box. I want to open my box! aaaahhhhhhhrgh!


It’s one is on sale 40% today


I can’t wait to get the order I placed today. This one sounds great.

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2954 tasting notes

A rare caffinated dessert tea for me. I’ve had a lousy day, and the thought of a delicious cup of tea has helped get me through it.
The dry leaf smells amazing. Oooey gooey, and like a smores.
Then, brewed, it had the smallest of coffee notes in the smell. Uh oh. I hate coffee.
But it does not taste it! I’m not sure what marshmallow really tastes like in a tea, but I’m getting a general cup of sweetness. I’m hoping that next steeping will bring out that caramelly goodness that lurks in every sip.
I baked myself a loaf of pumpkin bread for dessert. Work may be hard, and my confidence may be taking some hits, but I have tea and cake tonight. It will be ok.


i’m sorry. bad days aren’t fair. i know they happen to us all, but they still aren’t fair. can i help?


Thank you for offering, but no. I’m just struggling with my current job. It will resolve itself, but until it does I’m going to feel a little small an inadequet. Thank you, JustJames. Steepsers are the best people. :)


i can’t fix big stuff… jobs that make us feel less than suck. but i can send tea. am more than happy to…. =o) sometimes a tea surprise fixes things a bit.


Aww, thank you. I may just take you up on that.


pm me your addy…. =0) shall we go to paris? do you fancy a bit of the arc in your cup?

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807 tasting notes

Simply the best tea from Della Terra Teas to date.
I pray that this is not a seasonal only tea.
If it is going to be seasonal only then I need to really REALLY stock up as this I am in love with.
This is THE most marshmallowy tea I have ever tasted. Yet not just marshmallow but caramel marshmallow!
Full review will be posted on http://sororiteasisters.com/
but for now – GET SOME before I get it all!


This sounds great.


Omg want.


Seriously …. its SO good – Steep two is really nice as well. I doubt I would get a third steep that is very noteworthy BUT steep two is still rockin that marshmallow flavor!

Denise @ Nature's Tea Leaf

Looking forward to the full review!


Eeeee can’t wait to try this one! MARSHMALLOW! Looking forward to your Sororitea Sisters review as well :)


Thank you both!


the name of the tea itself sounds really magic !


just tell me Azzrian, is this Della terra teas different from the DT teas with marshmallows ? I mean do we taste the tea base in this tea ?


Ysaurella – I do not like DT base. Nor do I like how sometimes with some of their teas their sweetener or flavorings leave this oily coating on the top of the cup. To me, there is no comparison between the two – Della Terra is the clear winner. Now there are a FEW DT’s that I love but only a few.


Oh and I am sorry I understand your question more now – yes you can still taste the black tea base – the flavors are strong mind you but they don’t cover the taste entirely of the base.


Also just so you know – there was no problem at all with how you stated your question – it was quite clear – I am just feeling a little tired today so did not read it completely before answering :)

Rachel Sincere

I LOVE marshmallowy teas! Yikes!


no problem Azzrian, however I think I do not like DT tea base (I tasted only 4 but have the same results each time) :)
Did you manage to taste Pleine Lune ?


Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure yet. I will eventually get to though.
I wonder how difficult it would be for us to do a trade? I have never shipping anything to Paris before!


I send you a PM


:) great thanks.


Damn! I didn’t order this one in my Try Me packs :(


this sounds good!


how do you steep this?


Is this better then Love in a Cup? The only thing different is there aren’t any sprinkles…

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1598 tasting notes

Om nom nom.

This is perfect caramel and marshmallow gooeyness. It’s another top-notch win from Della Terra.

Why did I only buy 1 oz? :O
(Oh, because I was greedy and wanted to try a ton of new teas too!)

Relaxing with this tea is helping to take away some of the stress in my neck from knitting troubles. Just… relax. :P I’ll figure this stupid cast-on eventually! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQOZ8GWM9sE)

OMG – I have 146 new notices since last I checked. Staying up to date on steepster is a lot of work!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Would you say based on your response that rating it 79 is low? Or just not as good as some of your favs??


hee, i bet we were drinking this at the same time! (i had mine about 30 minutes ago, had to run an errand before coming back and logging it.) that’s never happened to me on steepster before, neat.


Actually I guess I’d had a sample of it before and only rated it at 72, so I just bumped it up to 79. I might bump it up further, but don’t want to go overboard in case I’m enjoying it more today than I normally would. (If that makes sense? Mood can be a big part of how I rate things…)

And ifjuly – fistbump on having good taste. :P


Does dt usually have this year-round? or only around the holiday season?


I believe it’s a permanent tea!


This makes me happy! (says the girl who hasn’t tried it yet! haha)


gawd della terra’s chocolate and desserty teas are gonna kill me. i just bought 1oz more of this and i wanna drink it every day.

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6440 tasting notes

On my way to Montreal for my graduation and so this morning I tried to think of what teas might travel well in a mug and fit my mood. Somehow I landed on Eight Candles and I am quite pleased at how it is holding up. Gooey marshmallow and rich caramel goodness with no metallic taste in site. I am glad to be using the leaf as this is one of the older teas in my cupboard but I only have one cup with of leaf left and so it is sad to know that a good bye will be happening sooner rather than later.


Happy graduation day! :)


Congrats on your graduation!




Congratulations! Enjoy your day!




Yay! Congrats


Yay congratulations! :)

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14731 tasting notes

This ones not too shabby. Tempted to pick up a holiday order tomorrow so I can try their special tea, since ther are a few other samples I’d pick to try.

Overall this one isn’t bad but it is full of lots of goopy bits that get stuck in my filter.


I have a $27 order made up HAHAHAHAHA I don’t think I should actually place it…


I really need to not place any more orders for a bit….the house is starting to be taken over by the tea…..


I hear you :D I resisted temptation yesterday, go me! I do need to pick up sample sizes of a few more of their teas, but I can wait…….. (I think).


oh man resisting yesterday was hard!


Yep, and I crumbled today. Ah well, I really want to try this tea, and all the others I ordered. My resisting was in not ordering larger sizes of anything. Just 10 samples. Even though I really want more Winter Nog, and Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie.


i have a 2oz pouch of grandma’s pumpkin pie that i can share. I picked it up the other day because i really enjoy their take on pumpkin spice. It’ll take me forever to get through 2oz though


Seriously, watching all the people here and their orders, I don’t know HOW I’ve managed to stay strong. I want to make a Della Terra and Butiki order SO BADLY :/

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219 tasting notes

Just made a foamy tea latte with this delicious tea. This is definitely my favorite dessert tea. PLEASE Della Terra keep this as a regular! I don’t think the 4 ounces I’ve purchased will last long enough and I’m too broke to buy more right now :)


I know!!! I NEED more but can’t purchase right now as I have too many other obligations – Holidays – Daughter’s bday and I owe one of my sororitea sisters for a tea membership we are splitting lol I can’t buy more tea right now BUT OMG I love this stuff it HAS to stay around!
Please Della Terra!


I think we should start a campaign to save Eight Candles :)


Im in! :)


Just made a discussion topic about it :) What else should we do with this campaign??


Going to check it out now :)


We should also write them :) Or facebook comment on it!


I just sent them a message and commented on facebook. I’m totally serious about making this happen!!


We are giving some serious Della Terra love tonight ;)

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1271 tasting notes

I had one of those weird “tea fanatic” experiences this morning. 2 servings of this tea, Eight Candles, left. Do I sip down, when I truly need to get my tea stash under control, or squirrel away a serving for later, cuz I like this tea.

Sigh. My stash insanity won, so sip down it is!

8 Candles came out kind of graham cracker sweet for me today. actually really sweet, since it was the bottom of the package, which was more loaded with sugary bits than usual. Pretty good and s’more like, but with caramel.

(see previous notes for review)


I had exactly this experience this morning with two beloved teas, which are now gone (one forever, I expect.) but its time to control that stash!


I’ve been there, and I understand the appeal of saving that one last cup, but OTOH, if you save it you risk it getting stale. Why not enjoy it now while it’s still really enjoyable?

At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Della Terra Teas

This tea will be coming back out this Holiday season :)

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15115 tasting notes

This was the other tea I drank while finishing Chuck, also from VariaTEA. I know Keychange is planning on sending me some, which is why I didn’t request any in the swap this came in, though VariaTEA was very kind and through it in as one of the many extras. Since there’s more on the way, I really hoped I liked it!

I’ll be honest, it smells very good – nice black base, burnt caramel notes and marshmallow cream (yes, there is a difference between marshmallows and marshmallow cream). I was a little skeptical about the taste, since I wasn’t a fan of Della Terra’s S’mores, which seems a little similar in that they both exploit marshmallow as a key flavour.

My parameters for this mug were 1 1/2 tsp. of tea in 8 oz. of boiling water, steeped for about four minutes. Hot, this tasted very strongly of burnt caramel and the black base with light touches of marshmallow – it was pretty good. But, cold is where this is at! For whatever reason, once this gets cooler the marshmallow flavour is seriously kicked up so it’s more like drinking a cup of sweet, liquefied marshmallow goo with background notes of caramel. Very sweet, but not cloying, and super yummy/creamy!

As a bonus, the aftertaste sticks around for a really nice long time, so it’s easier to draw out the time it takes to drink the cup and really enjoy it.

Thank you VariaTEA – it appears I had no reason to be skeptical, this was delightful. I’m happy there’s more on the way.


Yay! Glad you liked it.


I can’t wait to try this!


Thinking next time I order Della Terra I will be able to talk myself into a sampler… Might have to add this one after reading your note. :)


Great! You get the rest of this then haha.

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