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As I enjoy Floating Leaves oolongs thought I’d try one of their black teas.

I expect Keemun/Qimen leaves to be tiny having purchased previously from a different source, but I was taken back by the coffee grind size of these leaves. As it is really bitty I am using a filter when pouring from a small Nixing teapot to cup. So far I am not a fan but I don’t want to waste tea.

If anyone else has had this tea recently perhaps they’d share their method of brewing and tasting notes.

Edit: A small porcelain teapot worked well so I had a few sessions with this tea.

Perhaps it is just this particular production but I found it to be very sour.


What about the tea do you not like? I had a 2019 pre qing ming Keemun recently that I think might’ve been oxidized just shy of proper (whatever that is) because it has a sour taste and the wet leaf shows a green undertone. The only method that I enjoy for that tea is western with low leaf:water.


Many of my black (red) teas tend to be robust Yunnan’s. I think I must have over leafed my pot with the keemun, it just became muddled. Your brewing tip makes sense, thank you derk I will use the western method in the morning.

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I’d been meaning to try this tea so when I placed a teaware order with Yuuki-Cha I added it to my cart and glad I did.

The description is apt, “The taste of this Kyobancha is clean, smooth, sweet, refreshing, and perfectly roasted without any astringency or bitterness.”

The wet leaves smell like coffee, great tea to sip on all day. First time out I prepared it in a Tokoname kyusu with boiling water.

The traditional method to prepare it is to put leaves in a kettle and bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for around 5-10 minutes.

Next time.

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I received a sample of Mingjian Organic #18 “Red Lion” with my oolong order.

Brewed in a large gaiwan I immediately noticed a fresh minty aroma and taste.

I have had other Ruby #18 teas but this was the first time I experienced this. Perhaps my taste buds were off before, who knows but finally …

Usually I buy Chinese blacks (reds) but enjoyed this fresh clean Mingjian Ruby #18 enough that I will place an order.

First I want to try their Yuchi Organic Ruby 18 “Agate Pond”

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This is a nice tea but I was expecting something memorable.

Perhaps I will find that in a higher grade.

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The tea is pleasant enough but left me uncertain if I’d re-order. I have other inexpensive teas that I do repeat so it’s not that.

There was an interesting aroma of grapefruit which grew on me.

“This year’s pick is a 2 leaf to 1 bud ratio, whereas the Spring 2017 pick was 1 leaf to 1 bud. They are going to look and taste a bit different, but they are from the same garden and processed by the same person (Mr. Duan).”

So no luck comparing to previous reviews. I’d like to try an Autumn production.

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It was the description and oolong aspect that interested me.

Clearly I enjoyed the tea as I sipped down three years, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 productions. The plan was for 2017 to be the last, as the tea doesn’t wow me, but on auto-pilot I included the 2018 in my order.

When one is trying to get through a bag rather than savoring how much is left it is time to move on. I tend to enjoy bigger profile blacks and Oolongs.

I might order a first flush Darjeeling from India next year and see if it bears any resemblance to my memories of Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang.

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My black tea samplers are usually 50 gram packs, that way even if I don’t favorite a tea I will use it up.

This High Mountain “Tu Cha” Black Tea from Wu Yi Mountains is a nice surprise, it is inexpensive but delivers a sweet viscous tea soup that hits the spot.

The description is of a slight coffee roasted taste but for me it has a rummy note. Either way I will be ordering more.

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Delicious Fujian black tea at a low price.

The description is right on, " full-bodied, aromatic, yammy, sweet and slightly toasty (just like a baked sweet potato).

I got through 100g quickly and refilled with 250g.

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I’ve enjoyed teas stored in Guangdong and this sample was no exception.

Yiwu honey with a slight bitterness.

The price of the 400g cake is up there but some might say a fair price per gram for decent Yiwu.

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Nice leaves which separated easily and served sweet delicious infusions.

By the time I’d had enough for the day the leaf was still delivering so I kept them overnight.

Resuming in the morning the soup was very bitter.

Drink up or store a little longer to mature.

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