wow, so glad i decided to spring for some of this in my first Lupicia order! it’s effing delicious. it smells beyond divine. like apples so fresh and juicy you just wanna cold-steep this in an ice bath and chug the pitcher when it’s done.

the smell of the dry leaf. i can’t even talk about the smell. so appley luscious and rosy. i wouldn’t normally consider myself an apple fiend, especially when it comes to flavored things but this is by far the exception.

i mean i’m always open to wonderfully scented and flavored teas that are fruity, gourmand/sweet and what have you, but i really like this one. now i wanna give their Apple & Berry green a try as well….and of course their Grapefruit Green. i’m a grapefruit fiend & every now and again, i crave grapefruit like i crave oxygen. anyway, if Tsugaru Green is any indication of the quality of Lupicia’s flavored greens, i should have no trouble exploring their other green offerings! (Not least of all their matcha, hehe.)

i also got their Strawberry & Vanilla green which smelled so amazing i could have passed out. so yea, totally looking forward to fainting.

ETA my brother’s on vacation right now in Japan & he just climbed Mount Fuji with his friend! he said it was one of the most challenging yet rewarding things he’s ever done in his life. i told him about this tea & the famed San Tsugaru apples from Aomori Prefecture and said he should try and procure some if there are any in Tokyo!

how i wish i had a bowl of them in front of me right now, i would not cease to attack it and eat at least 3!!

Flavors: Apple, Fruity


I had a sample of it a while back. It really is quite good.

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I had a sample of it a while back. It really is quite good.

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love tea in every form- from bagged to loose leaf..commercial to niche. i am intrigued by it all & want to learn as much as i can through my 5 senses (tho with tea i’ll presumably be using 3)..am a very sensorial person. love music, perfume, poetry, graphic design, India, Malaysia, Moorish architecture, oh….and tea!

apparently i’m really out of the loop here since i appear to be among the only ones who have not yet tried Golden Moon, Butiki, 52teas, Mandala, Teavivre or Della Terra. i mean REALLY. i need to start lifting this rock up over my head y’all. from the looks of things, i’ve been reenacting Groundhog’s Day every hour on the hour with my uniformed choices. i seek to be anointed!

also, don’t take my numbers too literally; they can’t possibly speak to the actual quality of the tea, much less to the constancy of my own perceptions! what i may feel to be an 88 one day, could very well be a 91 the next, or even 100, depending on my taste buds, blood sugar levels, neuronal firings or planetary alignment ;)

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