Okay, that… is a nice Earl Grey. There are some tiny tippy light notes like lemon and florals that play through the tannin and malt of the base, which holds its own but really does let the bergamot shine. I’m not sure anything can trump Whispering Pines’ Earl Gold Reserve for me now that it’s touched the wrinkles of my soul, but this is truly a nice — classic, traditional — cuppa. 3 good western steeps from 3g in 8oz, but the bergamot was pretty well gone by the third.

My curiosity piqued, I then followed Eric1665’s example and put the other 3g on the stove to see what magic there was to make. Malt came through like whoaaaa — toasty pumpernickel bread and umami roasted nuts. Like a whole different tea. I do think it killed the bergamot, though. Oopy dadie.

Thanks, derk!

Flavors: Bergamot, Bread, Floral, Lemon, Malt, Roasted Nuts, Tannin, Umami

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