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A light cup today, but full of flavor. Creamy and thick. The aroma is very sweet potato. Tastes of dark chocolate and cocoa with full bodied mouthfeel. It’s better with cooler water. A good choice for after lunch.
I’ll re-order this once I’ve made some progress with my cupboard numbers.

Flavors: Cocoa, Creamy, Dark Chocolate, Sweet Potatoes, Thick, Yams

195 °F / 90 °C

Golden Snail is soooooo good.

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drank Melon Oolong by Lupicia
524 tasting notes

Sipdown. This tea smells great – very melon and very strong. It would make great potpourri for your office. As a drink, the overpowering flavoring is too much. Sometimes it’s melon-y and tastes good for a couple of steeps. And other times, it’s an overdone perfume of death to my tastebuds. I think this would be very good as an iced tea or cold brew, but I finished this off before I could do that. Not a re-purchase for me.

Flavors: Melon, Perfume, Sugar

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White2 Tea tea club – Emerald Buds (might be 2020?, unopened until recently)
Dry leaf – no smell that I can determine.
Cooler water, 1-2min, western.
Subtle, very light, little sweetness, thick, I’m getting a chocolate??? except not chocolate vibe off this. It’s weird. Creamy. Sort of dessert-y.

Flavors: Chocolate, Creamy, Sweet, Thick

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Sipdown. White2Tea – Tea club
Finishing up this green tea from 2021 – I always end up saving these for last. The flavor profile is a no. I brought several to work to use them up due to my tendency of estimating (overleafing!).
Dry leaf smells of little bit floral, very green bean, & vegetal
I think this one has been open to the air too long. I’m getting green bean, spinach-y vegetal. A little bit of lingering sweetness and super minor floral. I feel like I’m trying to make more of it than what it’s giving me. Probably lost to air and oxidation. I don’t mind drinking it.

Flavors: Floral, Green Beans, Spinach, Vegetal

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drank Amber Hwang Cha by Hankook Tea
524 tasting notes

Sipdown. Last of the leaf of this was added to another black to use it up. It added some creaminess to the cup.

Flavors: Creamy

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Sipdown – this was a Christmas present from my sister. We were doing local gifts. So this is local to Arizona (at least the shop).

Pretty good flavored tea with the flavoring lasting into the second steep. Juicy and melon flavored and the base is solid. It would sometimes get astringent when overleafed. I enjoyed it.

Flavors: Juicy, Melon

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drank Obsx Wuyi Yancha by white2tea
524 tasting notes

Tea club sipdown at work – western style
Woodsy, fruity, and comforting. I didn’t pick out any one outstanding flavor. I was just happy it wasn’t roasted. Powered me through mid-Friday afternoon spreadsheets.

Also sipped down this week: Chun Mee ‘precious eyebrow’ Zerama Tea. A Midwest Teafest sample (2019).

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drank Morning Sun by Mandala Tea
524 tasting notes

Tea #3 for the day. I spent some time Friday night updating my spreadsheet with the uncatalogued tea floating around the living room. Final count is over 300!! Which is not great…I’m taking in tea faster than I’m drinking it. And not just in number – weight as well.

My pie chart is interestingly even. Tea count has pretty equal amounts of black, white, oolong, raw, & ripe with little bits of green/herbal. But I mostly drink blacks, oolongs and whites. Therefore, I need to work on drinking ripes and raws.

Tea itself: bright & fruity, citrus?, creamy aftertaste 205F, 2min. Not a lot to it.

Flavors: Fruity

Daylon R Thomas

I am tempted to do one myself. I know for sure I mostly drink black and oolongs too, drinking the oolongs the most often. I used to plow through my whites, but I have a couple that have been sitting for a few years. I really have to be in the mood for them, and find that I drink them more in summer.

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Sipdown. Was a purchase at the Midwest Tea fest through Emilie’s French Teas in KC MO.

Too much bergamot in this for me, plus it’s a green tea. I’ve had some okay cups of this but for the most part very cloying with an aftertaste I did not care for. Finishing this off today probably overleafed, probably too high a temp, but glad to be through it. Smells pretty good – bergamot, violet, floral. Just tastes like you’ve walked into a floral perfume cloud…bleh.

Flavors: Bergamot, Floral, Orange

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195F, 10sec, gaiwan, two steeps per cup
Trying these at a lower temperature to help cut some of the bitterness and the energy?? buildup I get in my lower jaw.

Creamy, thick, sweetness, tingly, little bit of bitterness, greenness

Flavors: Bitter, Creamy, Green, Sweet, Thick

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I started my tea journey with Stash/Celestial Seasonings tea bags years ago. All loose leaf, unless I’m sick or traveling.

I like black, oolong, white, herbals, and raw/ripe pu’erh. I don’t drink green tea often.

I play video games, read, and do pottery. My current favorite tea mug is one I threw and glazed.

I generally review teas twice – initial and final steeps.

My cupboard is completely out of date. I have a spreadsheet (it’s current!!!) that’s over 300 teas. Pretty equal amounts of black, white, oolong, raw, & ripe with a little bit of green/herbal.

85-100 are teas that I loved and want to keep in stock.
71-84 are teas that are good. I may or may not get them again. Source for daily drinkers/work teas.
60-70 are teas that I didn’t like. I’ll finish what I bought.
Anything less than 60…nope.



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