First session with a sample from derk. Thank you for sharing this incredibly-much-yapped-about little bugger.

I have to first admit that LP did a big ol’ drop a couple days ago, and I blind-bought a cake of this. I’m not sure how I feel about that decision now, though I think overall I’m looking forward to having more time to explore it.

After doing some digging, I understand it’s a blend (so each chunk is a bit unpredictable); I understand both bamboo and (preferable) paper tongs were produced; I understand that different storages via different vendors are already having a pronounced effect on these cakes. I feel lucky that mine will be a paper tong from Taiwan storage.

The big takeaway is supposedly medicinal cherry, and I honestly picked up none of that during my session. I got apricot, I got crisp astringency. It actually reminded me a LOT of the little Teavivre sample I had yesterday — though I (ironically?) got cherry right off the bat from that one.

Qi, eh. I was post-workout and feeling kind of buzzy/relaxed anyway, so I’ll reserve judgment there.

Since I knew I had more of this coming, I just wanted to sort of sit and get a general feel for the thing. I am of a mixed mind at the moment; I probably would not have sprung for the cake based on this sesh, but the universe has funny ways of bringing us what we need, so. I’m going with it.

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