593 Tasting Notes

drank Moroccan Mint by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

I have decided for the month of December, my advent calendar is going to be revisiting a tea everyday that I haven’t had in far too long. I have so many of those in the cupboard and this is one of them.

I made this one up, 3min steep with a PS and it’s actually pretty nice! Even with it being a bit older. I could see enjoying this one in the afternoons around the time that I go get the kids from school. It would be a nice midday treat. I love the mint and the green tea is kind of a nice combo.
I’m going to try and drink this one up soon so I can get some fresh mint. Fresh mint is always better than older mint.


This is a great idea! Looking forward to reading more. :)


Very wise!


I love that idea!

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drank Moroccan Mint by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

This tea is back! I forgot how much i love this one, and this is the OLD recipe that ACTUALLY shimmers, not the new one where it doesn’t.

I shouldn’t have added milk because the milk hides the shimmer, but before I did that, the tea was sparkling and shimmering away and just so beautiful!
I only got 50g of this one because there is a LOT of tea to drink up and it’ll take me a while to get there. But today, yummy yummy!! And it’s a great way to start this christmas-y season!

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drank Nutty & Spice by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

This one is definitely getting a bit on the old side in my cupboard.
I thought I would try this one just straight up after the overly sweet one I just had. I like this one much better as it’s not nearly as sweet. There is a touch of sweetness from the fruit, but there isn’t any stevia in this one (that I’m aware of?) and it makes such a difference. There’s a bit of fruit and nuts coming through. Again, this one is getting old so I know the flavours aren’t as nice as they once were, but as I near the bottom of the cup, I have to say, it does still have some good flavour. I think maybe my tastebuds were just on overdrive after the first tea I had today and couldn’t see how subtle, but pleasant this one is.

I’ve decided I’m not going to let teas get past a certain time old from now on. I need to drink the tons of tea I have and try and keep only fresh stuff in the cupboard. Drinking old tea is always a bit disappointing.

There was someone else here that mentioned they did this one as a hot latte. I might try that! It sounds good and it uses tea up fast too.

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drank Cherry Berry Punch by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

Oh stevia, how I hate you. I know it’s a natural sweetner but it’s so so sweet that it tastes fake to me…

anyways, I forgot this morning that this tea had it in it. I added milk, fully expecting it to curdle, but it didn’t and I added some sugar, which I shouldn’t have done because it is just SO sweet now that I am honestly not even enjoying it at all. I think I’m going to try again without the sugar and see how bad the stevia is. If it’s super bad, I might not keep this one. It’s got a great fruit flavour to it, but it’s just so darn sweet. OR I might try it iced. I like my iced teas sweet, so maybe that’ll work in my favour?

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drank Honey Black by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

Wow! Six years since I reviewed this one!
I ended up with a bunch of this when my store closed. I bought so much because it’s so good!

I’ve been enjoying this one a lot lately as it’s the only straight black tea I have in my cupboard right now. I need to get something else so I don’t plow through this one too fast.
It’s sweet and malty and just delicious. It’s so smooth and yummy.

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drank Mango Fruit Punch by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

If you haven’t tried this one as an iced latte yet, run don’t walk to make one! It is SO good. The orange and mango play off each other so well and when you add milk to it, it’s like drinking a creamsicle. It’s just heaven.
Wish this one wasn’t so heavy, but that’s ok. I’m going to keep this one in the cupboard regardless because everyone in my house loves it.


I just had one with very similar ingredients but didn’t think to add milk to it. I love the idea of a creamsicle tea though! It didn’t curdle with the citrus?


Ooh, that sounds good!


@Shae Nope, but I usually make sure my tea is really cold before adding the milk, which I think helps a bit too

Lexie Aleah

Agreed this is in my top several teas from DT but I always assumed it would curdle. Sounds like a potential experiment when I open my last bag of this.

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drank Almond biscotti by Citizen Tea
593 tasting notes


Again, I like this one, but I won’t be restocking it anytime soon. I’ve enjoyed it, it is a good tea especially if you like the nutty ones, but I’m not sure if it’s one that I would grab all that much. Glad to be drinking this one down.

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It’s funny being the only one that’s reviewed this tea. I found it to be too weak over the last few weeks that I’ve been drinking it, but tonight after my weak tea this morning, I’m finding this one to be so much better. It does have a hint of something like floral, but I don’t mind.


Really good decaf blacks with some muscle are few and far too far between!

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drank Sweet Potato Pie by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

I love this tea, but this morning’s sachet was very disappointing. It felt way too weak. It was one of those boxes with the prepaid sachets. I guess I just like my tea stronger than what they put in them? I decided to empty all my tea sachets into my bag with the other bit I have so it’s all together and now I can use however much I want.
Anyways, I love this tea and I will keep it in my cupboard if I can.

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