A few months ago, a friend had been gifted two teas from Moychay, and unfortunately, was allergic to ginseng. They asked if I wanted to take the tea off their hands—I, of course said that I would. I’ll admit that I’ve not had ginseng often. Maybe twice in my life. I’m indifferent to the flavor, but I don’t go out of my way to grab it.

I was expecting a lot of ginseng to be found in this tea, but it’s not as heavy as I expected. The flavor is subtle at the back of the mouth/lingering on, but what really drives the tea is the shou. It’s heavy and thick mouthfeel is something else. The body of the liquor is almost the color of mud. No light shall penetrate it. I brewed it grandpa style and it was way different than when gongfu’d; it’ll knock you down. I’ve not experienced tea drunkenness with any shou in my life until now. It’s a power punch of energy (grandpa styled). When I drank it gongfu’d, I never got this much energy before. Maybe I just need to get more food in me or maybe letting it sit in the thermos for longer extracts that caffeine more….Either way, this was a fun tea.

Flavors: Earth

Boiling 15 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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