67 Tasting Notes


Backlog 2/20/2022

Aroma: Cherries and chocolate.

Flavor: Reminded me of a dark chocolate covered cherry. A little bitter, but not unpleasant.

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Backlog 2/19/2022

Aroma: Licorice up front, pepper, and something that gives the tea a slightly off-putting aroma.

Flavor: Spicy black licorice. Does not remind me of root beer.

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Backlog 2/19/2022

Aroma: Sweet, caramel, and rooibos.

Flavor profile: Rooibos & chocolatey.

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Backlog 2/19/2022

Aroma: Marshmallow & chocolate.

Flavor profile: Right out the gate, I taste the marshmallows. After sipping, I realized that this reminded me of Coco Puff cereal.

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Backlog 2/25/2022

I had to run to OTC today to restock on my wife’s favorites. I was looking around and stumbled upon this one on their wall. I snagged an ounce since it was more expensive than other white teas. The sales associate told me that this was one of the best chai’s in their inventory.

I brewed this at 175F and steeped it for 5 minutes, per the instructions. It was moderately watered down, but I could taste anise, almond, and cinnamon. I added a 1/4 tsb of honey, which only elevated the almond and anise notes. It’s tasty, but I like chai a little stronger and spicier.

Flavors: Licorice

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Sipdown Unknown Sheng from Grandpa Tong (?)

I’ve been a way for a while, but be ready for some backlogs. lol. My wife needed the laptop during work, so it sat at her office for a bit, until her new one arrived.

I really ought to write labels for my teas, but I’ve only realized this now, after 8 years in the tea game. This unknown sheng is absolutely stunning. I knew it was prior to dipping into the remaining 10gs, but I forgot a lot of the notes that jump around during the session.

Dry leaf: apricots, brown sugar,
Wet leaf: plums and black licorice.

Flavor: First few steeps, I noted peaches, pears, plums. I got lost in the the steeps between 4-15. I noted in my notebook (and transferred to IG and here): “An endless session of some of the unknown sheng (acquired in 2018ish?). Astounding longevity. I thought I’d’ve been done with this after an hour in, but I’m still going at 15. Plums & peaches. Sugary sweet on the nose.”

Bonus Poem Entry:
Liquid sugar,
Plum galore,
Keep it steeping,
I want more.



Short and sweet poetry :)


@derk- oftentimes, short and sweet is all that’s necessary.

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Rou Goi from Maunamoku

Grandpa Styled/Gongfu’d

I had two sessions during the shift.

Work notes (grandpa styled): Deep roasted notes. Toasted chestnuts. Warming the body. A lot of energy and great focus while drinking.

Work notes (gongfu’d): Cinnamon, caramel, and fruity (peaches). Roasted note present, but not as intense or noticeable as it was grandpa style.

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Hermits Headstash from Wuji Tea Co.


I think this is a milk oolong, but it lacks that creamy/milky vibe. It’s still a beautiful tea though. It has notes of dandelion and pear. The session lasted approximately 10-12 infusions before the leaf was no longer capable of producing any flavor

Daylon R Thomas

Sounds lovely!


It’s quite a lovely tea. The unfortunate news is that I’m down to 12 more grams, so I have to make myself commit to sipping it down. Haha

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“2007 Bulang-Sheng”

Sample provided by a friend via a swap. This tea has been steeping since 2:00 today. I’m quite tea drunk and been moving around a lot.

Notes: Deep mineral earth and a lingering bitterness that is actually not bad.

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Backlog 2/7/22

Notes: Quite a lovely hit of lavender and spearmint. Chamomile jumps out more when this is cold brewed.

Flavors: Lavender, Spearmint

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