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Great googly moogly, this was yummy! I wish I had more!

Flavors: Cranberry, Orange

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I had this tonight to sit down and relax after a long day – I’d been in the mood for Chai tea for hours – I was excited to play with my new tea :)
On my way home from a long road trip, I found this amazing tea store with over 1,000 teas – I stopped myself at 13 boxes of tea….
This was my choice tonight, and my friend and I both loved it! I still am experiencing the after taste of one of the spices, I can’t figure out what it is, but it’s pleasant. There is thankfully no stevia to ruin the flavor of the tea :)
I love apple teas, and I’m really glad I bought this – it still has a ton of flavor, even though I added half and half to it!

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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My tea ball opened and dumped all the leaves in the cup, so I had to what I think is the term grandpa style it? I saw this tea was from five years ago, but it still tasted good! Doesn’t it sound great! It seemed a little weak at seven minutes, so I didn’t steep it twice, but I’m enjoying this cup!

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I reblended this one last year – so I don’t know if you got one of the newer reblends or if you got the original blend?

Devon Bartholomew

It had a date of 2017 on it, so I guess I got your older one! I got it in a tea swap with someone, I saw they had it and I asked for a cup, cause the blend sounded like a fantastic combination! :)


Ah – OK – I reblended this for the 2019 Holiday box (I’m pretty sure I did, anyway, unless I’m losing my marbles – which is actually – quite possible too.) I’m happy that it’s something that continues to hold up after several years! Thanks!

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I saw this in a friend’s cupboard and asked to swap – glad she had some left! This tea snarls great. I never heard of the jobs if tea it was, so I had to Google it. I didn’t know it was a white tea, so was worried when the color was not that deep. I frothed up some half and half and added a teaspoon of erythritol and made it as a large. I enjoyed it. I’m glad I have more than one cup’s worth! The little snowflake sprinkles were a fun addition.

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I was excited about the concept of this one, but I brewed a pot and I wasn’t a fan – it was too watered down – maybe you’re not supposed to double steep this? I’ll give it another try and just steep it once, and see if I like it any better.

4 tsp 27 OZ / 798 ML
Cameron B.

I always find myself having to use a lot more “tea” for fruit tisanes…

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Lawd a mercy, I hope they still make this tea! I got this in a tea swap – I can’t really taste the cheesecake part, but the maple and the oolong go so well together – I made a giant pot and I’ve been sipping this tea over the last two days, one small tea cup at a time – what a treat!

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I’m honestly not sure I can say I was a fan of this one – I think the cinnamon was a bit overkill. I liked the concept and love the smell of raisins – I thought this might remind me of a Thanksgiving dinner kind of drink. I was excited to receive it in a swap, though – my roommate loved it and she finished the pot.

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Ohhh I love apple teas. I drank it after dinner and it kept me awake till 3am though, I guess who’s tea has not caffeine than I realized. This is a sweet apple flavor – great for a winter night. It isn’t a spicy kind of tea, it is sweet and mild. It is a nice change from cloves and Cinnamon.


Glad you enjoyed it, but so sorry it kept you up!

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I just joined, and figured I would introduce myself! I am Devon, 42. I travel a ton for work and for fun, and I always collect a box of tea from every city that I visit. I do not consider myself a tea snob, so to speak, as I will buy teas from specialty shops, as well as tea bags from stores that are not sold in my hometown of Wilmington, NC, USA. I am a diabetic, and am so glad I can still enjoy the fruity and bakery flavors of tea without damaging my organs, haha!
I am looking to join an advent calendar and a traveling tea box on here! I have over 50 teas so share. I am always up for a Facebook Messenger or Zoom tea date!
I am always on the hunt for individual tea cups and saucers at garage sales, flea markets, and antique store – I must be picky, cause it took me four years to get enough to host my own tea party – tea just seems to taste better when you are drinking it from a fancy cup!
I have not found many green and white teas that I have liked, but I am open to trying suggestions if they are flavored. I love black, herbal, fruity (except peach, mango and lychee), bakery, holiday, Oolong, Ceylon, and Rooibos teas! I do not like ginger or anise/licorice flavors. Say hi! I am a friend you have not met yet!


Wilmington, NC USA

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