205 Tasting Notes

drank Firebolt by 52teas
205 tasting notes

First, I’d like to wish all the moms, moms-to-be & moms to fur babies a very happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t do the scavenger hunt prompts last month because a) last month was pretty crazy for me, and b) several of the scavenger hunt prompts for April didn’t actually fit for my particular “cupboard” (my cupboard is much, much larger than a cupboard) so I decided to forgo the scavenger hunt last month. But I’m excited to play along this month.

Also, I would like to add that the “buy now” button on this tea goes to the caramel tea for adagio tea – and that tea is NOTHING like this tea. I don’t even have to try adagio’s caramel blend to know it’s nothing like this tea and it really irritates me that my teas have buttons on them that lead them to adagio’s site – I’m sorry, but I am of the belief that my teas are infinitely better than theirs. Maybe it’s ego, but, it irritates me.

Now that I’m finished with that rant – this tea is a “geeky tea” for May’s scavenger hunt. I created this tea originally as a Harry Potter inspired blend so I think it definitely qualifies. The base of this tea is a Yunnan grown Wild Arbor Assamica – which has a natural caramel-y taste & the caramel essence plays well to those notes. The cinnamon is soft & warming but not overly spicy. It’s cozy & comforting. I love the way the two flavors play together. This tea isn’t quite gone yet – but I now have a one-pot measurement less of these leaves – and this tea went really nicely with the horchata cream filled donut that I just devoured. (Voodoo donuts, I have a difficult time passing that place – and this time I couldn’t resist it). YUM!


(I should have said sorry – not sorry – because I’m not even sorry that my teas are infinitely better than adagio’s.)


I think most of us on Steepster are using “cupboard” for our teas sarcastically. :D

Mastress Alita

My “cupboard” is a 12-compartment “cube” shelf just outside the kitchen… >_> (Though I do have one cupboard actually IN the kitchen filled with teabag boxes, pouches of matcha, and teaware, so at least some actual “cupboard” is in use, heh.)


My cupboard consists of four shelves in the kitchen, one two tier Chippendale wall shelf in the living room, one large stock pot in a drawer filled with shu, one box, one basket, and a small chest in the kitchen, as well as a little cabinet space for tea bags. I was so embarrassed when a student saw my twelve tins of Harney in the living room and said, “Wow, you really do have a lot of tea!” And then I took her in the kitchen…oof.


Well, I have an entire studio – full of tea – so there’s that. Other than that, I have 2 dozen plus one (yes, 25) large tins (2 kilo size tins) full of smaller pouches & containers of tea in the kitchen. Plus a shelf in a kitchen cabinet. Plus – a full counter space dedicated to my tea steeping (here, you’ll find my one touch brewer as well as a few smaller tins (in other words, not 2 kilo size) with smaller pouches tucked inside. So, yeah, I have some tea. Not enough because I would argue – just how much tea is enough tea? I say that the words “enough” and “tea” do not go together in one sentence unless the sentence is something like: I don’t have enough tea. That works. But if it’s something like my S/O would say: You have enough tea – that sentence just does not make sense. It’s like he’s speaking a completely different language.


Adagio linking to one of their teas directly from another vendor’s ‘BUY NOW’ button begs for some sleuthing.
Could be an error in code, though if not, pardon me, that’s fucked.


Looks like all your teas that have BUY NOW buttons on the 1st page of https://steepster.com/companies/52teas link directly to a similar Adagio teas


Clicking around on other companies’ buy now buttons which mostly lead to broken links on their websites…

I tried a few active companies’ (DAVIDSTEA and Whispering Pines) BUY NOW links for their teas that had em. Not one led to Adagio.


@derk: Yep – nearly all of my teas have links to them to go to Adagio. It really irritates me. I have written to them to ask them to simply take the ‘buy now’ buttons off my pages, but they have failed to respond.

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drank Black(berry) Rose by 52teas
205 tasting notes

My final entry for this month’s scavenger hunt, this is my “floral tea”. Not a true sipdown because I still have a little bit of this tea left, just enough for a pitcher of cold-brewed iced tea which I think I’ll put into the fridge tonight because this tea is really good. (Even better than I remember and I expected it not to be because it’s a little old at this point.)

Lots of blackberry flavor, notes of rose – I love this tea.

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drank Blueberrie-zzz by 52teas
205 tasting notes

I had this tea last night as my entry for a “sleepytime tea” in this month’s Scavenger Hunt. And it is a sipdown. I really enjoy this as a before bedtime tea, it’s a tasty blend that is blueberry heavy. I’m not usually a big chamomile fan which is why I don’t make a lot of chamomile bends. This one works for me.

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drank Pineapple Sencha by 52teas
205 tasting notes

So, this isn’t a sipdown (thankfully because I love this tea) but it is the tea that I’m going to log as a Green Tea from this month’s Scavenger Hunt. It’s a brand new tea from 52Teas (just added it to the website, actually) and it’s a tea that was inspired by my morning matcha drink which is pineapple juice & matcha – shaken, not stirred. :)

I love that morning matcha drink & I wanted to duplicate it as close as I could to be something I could drink later in the day (because Matcha is much too invigorating for me to drink too late in the day.)

I think I managed to put something together here that works for my cravings for my pineapple tea. The Japanese Sencha is smooth & fresh while the pineapple gives it just the right sweet-tart flavor I want. I love this tea. I hope others like it as well because I’m already thinking that I’ll need to reblend this when it’s gone from my pantry.

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drank Mont Blanc Green Tea by 52teas
205 tasting notes

I’m logging this tea as my prompt for “a French Tea” on the scavenger hunt for this month. Granted, the tea itself – is not French. But the desert that inspired it – is a Parisian dessert that was first created in Italy. I’m not sure how that works, but – I’m rolling with it because I guess I don’t have to know everything. Which is a good thing, because I do not know everything. Not even close.

I crafted this tea as a tea of the week for December 7, 2020. I know that the people who have reviewed it mentioned they couldn’t taste the nutmeg, but for me, it’s one of the most prevalent flavors. (I guess it goes to show that all our palates are different.) It’s smooth & creamy, a nice nutty undertone – I taste less chestnut here than I remember tasting a year or so ago. Then, it was a well-defined flavor for me, now, it’s more of an undertone that hints at chestnut nuttiness. A pleasant creaminess to it – but again, the strongest note I’m getting here is the nutmeg. Which is perfectly fine for me because I love nutmeg (probably my favorite spice – right up there with allspice – if I were to rank my top three, it would go: nutmeg, allspice, anise with an honorable mention for cumin. But now that I read that, I realize I forgot cardamom. It belongs in that top three too. So, I have five spices in my top 3 and I no longer stand by that top three ranking because I think cardamom would tie with allspice and I’m not willing to drop anise from the top 3.)

Anyway, a lovely cup, I’m enjoying it. Thank you to Mastress Alita for putting together the scavenger hunt every month because I’m enjoying the prompts to find teas that I have stashed in many locations throughout my house & tea studio.

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
205 tasting notes

OK – so this may seem like a bit of a stretch – but I’m logging this tea as my “tea with a flavor note/ingredient from a favorite Girl Scout Cookie” – because one of my favorite cookies from GS are thin mints. They’re a nostalgic favorite for me – because this was the cookie that I enjoyed as a girl scout. This was the cookie that my stepmother would always buy like 12 boxes of from both me and my stepsister and would keep in the freezer. Now, I think that I prefer Samoa – but I don’t have any more of the Calico & Black Cat tea in my cupboard so, this is gonna have to do.

Also, this tea is back in stock. (Yay!) I love it when I blend this tea, because when it’s time to taste test it, and I open the containment after the tea has cured – it smells so amazing. It reminds me of Spearmint gum which is also a nostalgic flavor for me.

Anyway, the sweet of the marshmallow & the vibrant note of spearmint evokes thoughts of thin mints to me, because they were always more mint than chocolate (the chocolate notes were always a bit waxy to me, which I didn’t hate, but a thin mint wasn’t my favorite “chocolatey” thing, but it was my favorite “minty” thing and since this tea has a wonderful mint note, that’s what evokes those thin mint vibes from me.)

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drank Mermaid by 52teas
205 tasting notes

I cold-brewed the very last bit of this tea that I have for my “Tea with spinach/artichoke notes” for the Steepster Scavenger Hunt. When I blended this, I went with an amazing Japanese Tamaryokucha tea for the base which has a strong vegetal note that reminded me vaguely of seaweed. Although, generally speaking, I don’t care for seaweed, I did enjoy the vegetal notes of this tea that is somewhere between broccoli, asparagus and cooked spinach & I thought that it would work well as a “Mermaid”/Oceanic type of base for a tea. (On a side note, after I blended this tea, I found some cool little mermaid tail sprinkles that would have been cool in this blend, so maybe someday I will need to do something else mermaid-y so I can get those sprinkles. Or maybe I’ll just make cupcakes for my daughter.)

Anyway, I was a little worried that maybe this tea wouldn’t hold up because it IS almost 3 years old now & coconut. But, I was hopeful that maybe, because the package was still sealed, that maybe, just maybe it’d be OK. And it is. I get a strong vegetal taste from it, but I still get a soft creaminess from the coconut, notes of pineapple, a touch of blueberry and a kiss of lime. Actually, it’s more like a combination of these flavors rather – like a medley – than one specific flavor that is particularly strong. The strongest flavor here is the green tea – I don’t know if that’s because I cold-brewed it or that the flavors have softened because of age. That’s not meant to be a slight on the tea because I am enjoying it & this turns out to be a really good choice for the tea with spinach/artichoke notes. Also – it is a tea – so I don’t really dislike it when I can taste the tea.


I just came across this one as I sorted out teas for my alphabet challenge! I’ll have to make sure to include this one – cannot remember my thoughts on it but you sure make it sound appealing :)


I like the way it came out as a cold brew – the green tea is definitely the strongest flavor here – it definitely has a strong vegetal Japanese green taste. But the fruit notes did come through despite the strong vegetal notes. I really love the Tamaryokucha base – but it’s not one that I’ve used except for this tea because it is a strong green tea (and it’s also a bit more costly than other green teas I typically use). anyway thank you for your kind words!

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So, I’m sipping this tea down as my “Tea That Makes Me Happy” – this tea makes me happy for so many reasons. First, banana. BANANA! Second, Marshmallow. Third, Genmaicha. Fourth – it’s a tea that I created that has been reblended several times – and it sells quickly every single time which says to me that this tea makes other people happy – not just me. And that makes me very happy!

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So, this tea will be my “Tea from a Woman Owned Company” for this month’s Scavenger Hunt. I figured that today is a good day to fulfill this category since it’s International Women’s Day. :)

I really love how this tea turned out. The cranberry is bright & crisp – it really pops – thanks to, in no small part, the natural crisp, fruity notes from the Singbulli Oolong. The nuttiness from the chestnut essence (as well as the nutty tones from the Singbulli) are more of a background note, but I love the way the two flavor profiles play on the palate. It turned out WAY better than I anticipated.

Not a total sipdown for me, I still have enough for one more pot of this tea. I will miss it when it’s gone.

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Since this is the first tea that sold out from our 12 Teas of Christmas for 2021, I decided to drink this as a tea that is “discountinued/otherwise unavailable-for-purchase tea” on this month’s Scavenger Hunt. I could also drink this as a tea that makes me happy – it makes me very happy not only to drink it (I love this tea!) but also makes me very happy that it earned a spot in the box for 2021. I guess it could also be a tea from a woman-owned company.

I wrote about this tea not too long ago when I did the 12 Teas of Christmas countdown, so there’s not a lot more that I can say about this tea except that this is a sipdown, the last that I have of this tea.

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