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This was one of our blends from April. It turned out so much better than I ever imagined it would. Sweet, slightly nutty (from the toasty notes of the genmaicha) and silky smooth – it actually tastes like liquid toffee! I’m going to be sad when I run out of this tea!

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drank Banana Pudding Black Tea by 52teas
248 tasting notes

I’m glad to have Steepster back – and I’m glad that I have this tea back in my cupboard (if only for a short while because this tea ends up disappearing way too fast!)

This was the featured reblend last month. Yum! sweet, creamy with lots of banana flavor & a pleasantly creamy coconut-y note.

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drank Honeyed Orange by 52teas
248 tasting notes

One of April’s Teas (Tea of the Week for April 10) – this is lovely! Sweet honey notes, bright orange notes & a creamy vanilla note plus a rich black tea base. It’s smooth, sweet & satisfying.

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This blend was crafted in March 2023 as part of the Reblend Month selections. It was inspired by Frank’s blend Lemon-AID. I had originally planned on crafting Lemon-AID, but when I got to the studio, I didn’t have enough of the herbs to create Lemon-AID – so I added Marshmallow Leaf & Root – and created Lemon Dream Herbal Tisane!

This tea also has a name that is extremely similar to another blend (aka Lemon Dreams Chamomile/Rooibos). I guess after having over 900 different blends, this company is bound to have a similar name? Yeah, I guess I’ll go with that excuse.

Anyway – sorry about it – I hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion.

Now, about this tisane! It is SO GOOD! It’s one of my favorite herbal tisanes I’ve ever crafted – granted, I don’t usually make an herbal tisane, usually, I use either rooibos, green rooibos or honeybush in my blends – which, technically, I guess these are actually herbs – so what I’m trying to say is that usually, I go with one of these herbs as a base for my herbal blends, this is an exception to that, as it is all lemony & marshmallow-y herbs – no rooibos or honeybush!

This is lightly lemon-y with a sweet, fluffy, marshmallow-y note. It’s not a tart lemon, but more of a sweeter lemon, evoking thoughts of a fluffy lemon curd. Imagine marshmallows marbled with lemon curd. Sweet, creamy & so good!

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drank The Smoking Coconut by 52teas
248 tasting notes

Another reblend from last month (March 2023) and another one I was really excited for because this is the first time I’m reblending this tea. I originally blended it back in 2016 (I think it was 2016 but I’m too lazy to look up at the moment) and I loved it back then and I think I love it even more now. Not sure if it’s just nostalgia or if this blend just turned out better this time around – but it’s really good. I love the way the smoked quality of the tea base melds with the coconut to produce a kind of caramelized coconut flavor.

I made a full pot of this tea today, enough for 3 cups of tea – the first two were served straight up for my s/o and myself, and the third cup, I turned into a latte using the last of the milk cap that I had stored in the fridge – and while this is good served without any additions, it makes a fantastic latte! A definite DO TRY if you like lattes!


I really enjoyed this one!


@Kelmishka – so happy to hear it! :)

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This tea was reblended as part of March’s teas of the week (which were all reblends except for 1 – which was a last minute creation because I lacked the ingredients for the reblend I had planned) – anyway, this tea was the one I was probably most excited about because I loved the original batch – and I think i might love this reblend even more!

LOTS of vanilla & marshmallow-y notes which lends a nice sweet creaminess to the sharp, tangy bergamot (softens it beautifully!). Let’s also not overlook that Lavender + vanilla = true love & when you include some bergamot, it becomes the most awesome 3some imaginable.

I love this tea & it’s going fast! I better grab myself an extra pouch before it sells out!


This sounds like one I would love!

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drank Cashew Turtle by 52teas
248 tasting notes

March was a reblend month and this is one of the teas I chose to reblend. I had held off reblending it (I haven’t blended it since 2016 & Frank’s original blend of this tea was crafted in 2011) because I needed to find a suitable substitute for the sunflower seeds that I used in the 2016 reblend – which replaced the cashews from Frank’s original blend.

I finally decided to try it with some big flakes of sea salt and it worked out nice! The salt is just enough to bring out the saltiness of the cashew – because while the essence I use does in fact taste like cashew, it doesn’t taste like a salted cashew – which is why I used the sunflower seeds in the first place, to give the cup some salt notes.

Anyway – I also changed up the base of the blend because I had some Gu Zhang – and I thought that the natural chocolate-y notes of the Gu Zhang would play nicely to this confectionary tea.

It’s yummy! Chocolate notes (not just from the tea, but also cacao shells & nibs & vegan chocolate chips) with notes of caramel (vegan) & cashew (nut-free) and just a hint of salt!

Also: the link on the “buy now” does not lead you to 52Teas. It leads you to an Adagio tea that IS NOT a similar tea. Not at all.

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drank The Earl of Chocolate by 52teas
248 tasting notes

I just finished sipping this tea a little bit ago. Yes, It’s 3am – my sleep schedule is way off right now: I’m up all night and sleeping all day. It’s actually – not “off” for me, because I’m generally a night owl, but it’s gotten a bit more extreme over the last couple of weeks.

Anyway – I love how this tea came together. It’s one that I’ve been wanting to create for a while now, because I love chocolate and orange together. Since bergamot is an exotic orange with a fancy moniker, I thought chocolate would be a good choice for a blending companion of one of my very favorite tea flavors (aka bergamot).

I overleafed this particular pot of tea, because I had just a little bit left in the pouch after I measured it out – and rather than keeping less than enough leaf for another pot, I figured I’d just add more tea to this pot. I found that with the overleafing, the chocolate flavor really intensified. It tasted like dark cocoa powder – like a really, rich chocolate fudge flavor of a brownie batter – no complaints.

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drank Strawberry Fizzy by 52teas
248 tasting notes

This is a tea from February. I was inspired by the cocktail – which I’ve never actually tried, but I found a recipe for it & it sounded tasty. It sounded like it would make a tasty tea – so I decided to use the recipe for inspiration and craft a tea. Did I manage to recreate the cocktail but in tea form? I don’t know because – as I said – I’ve never tried it, but I do like what I’m tasting.

I cold-brewed this overnight & it’s so good. The flavor is primarily grape-y champagne (don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic) but there’s a nice note of lime & strawberry. The spearmint adds a bit of crispness to the overall tea without adding a strong minty presence. Really nice.


I am excited about trying this one! It will be here soon!


I was not really sure how it would turn out until I tried it – but I am really happy with it. It’s a nice “spring” tea.

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I had a cup of this earlier today finishing off the last of my personal stash of it. (Sipdown!) I love this blend – I might have to reblend it at some point.

Earlier this week when I did inventory, I did manage to find one single taster pouch of this blend – so I do have it available on the website for those of you who love this one! Hurry – because my s/o might just talk me into putting it in my stash. He loves it too!

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