22 Tasting Notes

drank Orange Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
22 tasting notes

Decided to try another tea at my girlfriends house and I had just bought this for her so I thought I try it :)
The dry smell is exactly like orange creamsicles/ orange creamsicles candies. The taste of this tea is more like a watered down creamsicle mixed with tea which is kinda weird because its a roobois..
It’s actually a really nice tea if you want a refreshing cup
Sorry for the short tasting notes as when I’m at my girlfriends house I don’t have too much time

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drank Pink Passionfruit by DAVIDsTEA
22 tasting notes

Brewed up a quick cup of this at my girlfriends house as a quick and easy caffeine free cup and wow I chose a good tea. I’ve had this one iced and hot and personally I like it as a hot tea right before bed :) it’s definitely can taste some of the flavourings but it is very subtle and doesn’t distract from the flavour of the tea.
All in all a great tea that I would buy to keep as a yea for bedtime :)

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so im not usually a big fan of black teas but ive started to come to appreciate black teas so i took a trip down to davidstea and grabbed a few blacks to try
this was the first one i decided to have as my morning wake up cupe :)
first smell: definitely some honey and earthy notes. i took a sip and right away you could taste the earthy undertones. there might be some floral and honey notes but none that are jump-in-your-face noticeable. this one is a very nice black tea with very little astringency which is nice :)
ive tried a few blacks lately and so far ive liked most of them so wish me luck on my journey!!
if you have any suggestions let me know :)

ps: i had a mixup on teas :/ oops!!

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drank Wild Black Yunnan by DAVIDsTEA
22 tasting notes

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got this on my latest trip over to murchies :)
i was really excited for this one because i havent had alot of tea thats been bagged but i have high hopes for this little one. i got back from work and decided id try something new so i threw a bag of this into my mug and headed to my room and here i am. theres definitely a subtle mango taste amidst the greens but not much is shown. the greens are very nicely balanced and it all blends into a light airy mix of mango and green tea. and theres no astringency whatsoever which is nice :)

i feel like this would definitely be better cold steeped so ill try that tomorrow and get back to you on that! overall a nice bagged tea and definitely one id keep around for on the go cups :)

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drank Coconut Grove by DAVIDsTEA
22 tasting notes

this is just gonna be a short one as i have to leave for work in 5
i got this in the summer collection from davids tea
the first flavour that hits you is a massive wave of sweet coconut followed by a nice undertone of white tea
no astringency whatsoever and overall an awesome tea :)
i think ill ice the rest as i feel it would be awesome iced and get on my way to work
more reviews to come!!

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so as i was taking a sip of this awesome tea i had a very horrible realization
i have not posted on steepster in close to A YEAR!!
this year has been crazy with so many changes
ive found an awesome girl who i have been dating for the past 9 months, ive taken up climbing, and started slacklining more
all in all its been an awesome year but i have not been keeping up with my tea reviews and keeping up with all of you guys!!!!!
i will be trying to post daily or every other day with new reviews of the teas i am drinking

now onto the tea
i brewed this up this morning as i was trying to eliminate some of my stash (which just grew in size with my latest murchies visit ;)
i am not a huge fan of black teas so im fairly hesitant but i found this to be a great intro into black teas!!
i had this with a little bit of milk and honey and i realized that i might be able to start drinking black teas more! :)
it was a fairly plain tea so unfortunately theres not much to write about it but i should have some more reviews up soon
sorry for the lack of reviews and contact!!!
i hope to talk to everyone soon!


welcome back and congrats on the awesome year!



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so just a brief summary of my past week
so as alot of you probably do not know i am an avid mountain biker
so on friday last week me and a couple friends decide to go biking on the local hill
so since there is no lift we ride our bikes up switchbacks in order to get to the trails
so me and one of my friends started biking up and we got to the very top and then rode back down a little bit to meet up with two of my other friends
we met up with them and started down the trail
i like to kick up the rear so i waited a little bit before following after them
i very easily caught up to one of my 3 friends and passed him
i caught up to my next friend an stopped for a little bit to wait for the friend i had passed and then kept on going
i go to a place where the trail split into 4 parts and i was not sure where they had gone so i waited for my other friend to show me where to go then started biking again.

this is where it gets a little gruesome/interesting
my friend was 50 metres behind me and we were talking and riding and i hit a rock and my feet slipped of my pedals and i sacked myself very hard.
if your a guy you know how it feels so i hopped off my bike and started hopping around in pain. eventually the pain subsided and i hopped on my bike and kept going.
30 seconds later i felt a liquid in my pants and i screamed to my friend behind me " hahaha i pissed myself"
i looked down
there was blood all over my jersey and all over my shorts.
(since i am a downhill mountain biker not alot of things scare me but this
this scared me)
i told my friend and we decided it would be best to keep going out until we got on the road.
i called my dad and he picked me up and took me to the hospital. it was a very short wait at the hospital and then i went into a room
ill skip all the disgusting details and get to the point
i ended up rupturing my urethra and i have to wear a catheter for a month which means no biking for a month
that sucks

now to the tea

i stepped out of my comfort zone today as i am not a big fan of black teas
i brewed this one up and the smell of honey hit me instantly
steeped it for 3 minutes and its a browny reddish liqeur
i took a sip and its good
the thing i dont like about blacks teas is the sharp taste and maybe thats because i do not drink alot of black teas
i have yet to learn how to distinguish the flavor notes in a tea and that is something i will have to work on
in all a really good black tea

thats my story for the day

3 min, 0 sec

OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH! Well, that settles it. No mountain biking for grandma Bonnie! (be well!)


Haha thanks Bonnie


Ouchie….I used to bike alot, but in the ‘burbs. and even though I’m a girl…..I can kinda empathize….Anyways.

I am not a fan of alot of black teas either, there there a few I’d like to try just to say that I did.


Im more of a fan of whites and oolongs


I know this note is nearly a year old, but I couldn’t help myself saying that: you mountain bikers are CRAZY! my brother is one of you. how many times I thought he was a goner. . . when we were teenagers and my parents we out, he was outside practicing jumps on a ramp and I open to door to say lunch is ready only to see him flying through the air sans bike landing face down on the electrical box. Oh the anxiety he caused! And when he was out and about on the real trails, he came hobbling home with broken bones cursing about his broken bike rather than himself, while everyone else just wanted to get him to the hospital and he wanted to go salvage his bike first. see, CRAZY. LOL


haha yea when i crash the first thing i do is check my bike ;)
just by habit now

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pretty good
im not a massive fan of black teas but this one was fairly good
it had a little bit of agave in it and that really helped bring out the lemony notes
in all a good tea

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