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drank Vanilla Chai by Bigelow
157 tasting notes

I bought this on a whim but it may just be one of my absolute favorite teas I’ve ever had. The vanilla flavor mixed in with the chai spices works really well here and all of the different components complement each other perfectly, creating a smooth, silky, delicious blend. I also like that it’s not overtly sweet but does have some notes of it coming through in just the right amounts. I adore this tea and will be buying more of it.

Flavors: Spices, Vanilla

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drank Calming by Yogi Tea
157 tasting notes

Well, it’s that time of year again…the MLB post-season has officially started and I’m already on the edge of my seat hoping (but not holding my breath) for a Brewers WS victory. Currently watching Game 1 of the NL Wild Card and…I definitely needed something to help me relax, so I decided to break out this little number I’ve had in my cupboard. On my second cup now. Is it helping me relax? Maybe. But it tastes really good, which is helping to distract me a little bit at least. Sweet but not overwhelming, fruity but not obnoxious, everything just works well with this blend.

Here’s hoping the Brew Crew can do the improbable!


Brewers winning the WS? There’s a first time for everything :)
I am a cubs fan, but I think it’s time to root for our rivals to the north to win it all!


We’re overdue! Appreciate your support! :D

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drank Maple Creme Oolong by Adagio Teas
157 tasting notes

This one is really nice! There are strong notes of the spices but not so much as to completely overwhelm the flavors. I would have preferred a slightly stronger note of maple creme, but overall I think everything works quite well here.

Edit: I love that someone previously listed “autumn leaf pile” as a flavor for this, haha! I like to think this tastes better than leaves, but I adore the comparison.

Flavors: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Cream, Maple, Spices


The only maple-oolong combo I’ve ever tried is a David’s Tea version, which had so many additional ingredients, my taste buds had trouble sorting it all out. This version sounds more tasty and straightforward.

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There’s a lot that I like about this tea. The flavors are all ones I enjoy and make for a chai-like taste. There are spices, cinnamon, and some notes of citrus. Overall, this could have been an amazing tea, but sadly I just wasn’t a fan of the overwhelming sweetness that seemed to completely overpower everything else in this tea. Was the blend dipped in sugar prior to packaging? It sure tastes like it. I’m not big on sweet tea to begin with, but this honestly tasted as though I’d dropped several tablespoons of sugar into the water. Definitely feels like a missed opportunity.


This sounds a bit like Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. I once gave a cup of it to a friend and she said that she liked it but it had way too much sugar in it. There was absolutely no sugar or sweetener of any kind in it. Supposedly it is the combination of several types of cinnamon together that give that effect.

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
157 tasting notes

This is pretty good. I’ve had this sitting my tea drawer for an indeterminate amount of time, so I think if it were fresh it would likely be even better. Of course, what better time of year to drink a Pumpkin Chai than now? Although honestly, I’m not getting a whole lot of either pumpkin or chai – again, could be because this tea is a few years old at this point. Overall the flavors are mild but pleasant, and the tea feels smooth, silky, and malty.

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drank Gingerbread by DAVIDsTEA
157 tasting notes

Yuck. I feel like I taste something of an artificial sweetener in the mix, but I can’t quite pinpoint if that’s accurate. I wish some of the notes were more prominent – there’s a disappointing lack of ginger, pineapple, and cinnamon. Maybe the goal was for the flavors to be more muted so that the overall sweetness of the honey and molasses could be at the center of the profile, but I found it not only lackluster but also not to my liking at all. The aftertaste is particularly unpalatable for my tastes.

Flavors: Artificial, Honey, Molasses

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Meh, not really a fan. Vegetal notes, bitter, and seems to lack the complexity of flavor that a lot of similar teas have. The aftertaste is quite good, though. Just wish the rest of the tea was similar.

Edit: Lowering my rating because it seems this tea gave me a TERRIBLE migraine.

Flavors: Bitter, Vegetal

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drank Spiced Chai by Bigelow
157 tasting notes

Huh, looks like I previously rated this before and gave it a ghastly 32! I think my tastes have changed quite a bit since then because, while this tea isn’t fantastic, I don’t think it’s terrible by any means, and it’s certainly worthy of a higher score than that. The spices and flavors are all kind of dull and muted – I would have liked them to be more prominent. But overall, this isn’t nearly as bad as I apparently once thought. For a rainy fall day, it actually hits the spot rather well.

Flavors: Spices

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drank Maple Chocolate by Canada True
157 tasting notes

Received this as a gift from someone who visited Niagara Falls. I’ve been there once myself, albeit years ago, and I have fond memories of eating these little maple-flavored chocolates called “Moose Droppings.” Anyway, the color of this tea is on point. I used a clear glass mug and it could definitely pass for a glass of just straight up maple syrup. The flavors are actually fairly mild but are bathed in this vast sweet profile. I taste more of the chocolate than the maple, but I suppose that was the idea for this blend. They have another one which is just maple without chocolate, so I’ll try that one soon. But overall this tea is tasty.

Flavors: Chocolate, Maple, Maple Syrup

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drank Christmas by Adagio Teas
157 tasting notes

I’m amazed this doesn’t have a higher rating on here. Then again, if a tea is marketed as any kind of “fall-winter-holiday-xmas” type, there’s a great chance I’m going to adore it. This one was no exception – I thoroughly enjoy the blend of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and whatever other spices are included. It might be 90 degrees here today but this tea brings me back to cool winds and fall scarves.

Flavors: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Spices

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