Pink Passionfruit

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Fruit Herbal Blend
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Fruity, Peach, Strawberry, Sweet, Apple, Blackberry, Citrus, Floral, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Hibiscus, Honey, Nectar, Pineapple
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  • “Sorry for the rant, but I’m 99% sure my prof wants me to have a stroke. Every paragraph of this final paper, it’s why this and how so that, expecting me to elaborate on stuff that not a single...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sad, tragic sipdown (199/201)… Well, I guess I’m happy this is the tea that puts me under 200 again, but I’m heartbroken because my love affair with this blend has reached a horrible end for all...” Read full tasting note
  • “I finished the Nana’s Fruit Garden today, and decided to make this! So tasty. I hot brewed, then “flash” chilled with not enough ice cubes. It’s cool instead of warm, at least. :) I actually...” Read full tasting note
  • “My mouth hurts like a sonofabitch (for those who just started following, I had oral surgery yesterday) even with all the ibuprofen I’m taking. So I sent my partner and temporary nurse to the liquor...” Read full tasting note


Passion fruits are pretty aptly named: all it takes is one taste to fall completely head over heels. Take this juicy, fruit-packed tisane. From its seductively tropical aroma to its blushing pink colour,it’s guaranteed to get your heart racing right from the get go. And once you finish your first glass, you’ll know you’ve found The One. Sweet, tangy and addictively refreshing, it has all the makings of the perfect summer fling.

Ingredients: Apple, apple pomace, rosehip, sweet blackberry leaves, hibiscus, passionfruit, artificial passionfruit flavouring*.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

106 Tasting Notes

1792 tasting notes

Sorry for the rant, but I’m 99% sure my prof wants me to have a stroke. Every paragraph of this final paper, it’s why this and how so that, expecting me to elaborate on stuff that not a single source even does. Like uh ok, if already a bunch of articles published in scientific journals don’t say why or how, then how am I expected to.

So I need a ray of sunshine in my life, and Pink Passionfruit is just it. Cold-brewed as usual. So bright and fruity, a little tart, and there’s a yummy sparkly note in there too. This kind of flavour profile would make an excellent wine cooler.


this was me yesterday. i’m so sorry. can i send you something to sip the frustration away?

if i don’t get a certain mark then i’m fighting. that;s it. politely, but i’ll challenge it.


That is so frustrating! I’m heading home to pack up the Victoria teas, so I’ll be sure to add some stuff in for you. :)


Aww James, thanks for the concern. How is everything going for you with final papers this term?

So you’ve actually then appealed a grade? If so, did it ever work in your favour? That sounds too scary!

At least I know I’m not crazy or delusional since my brother has a degree in this field and is ridiculously well-read on this stuff, and he thinks she’s being unreasonable and just flat out unrealistic.


OMGsrsly, you’re too kind. :) Remember if there is anything in my cupboard that catches your fancy, give me a shout and I’ll make sure to leave some aside for you. I need to just say SCREW YOU to academia one of these days and finally get together with the West Coast group for some tea. :)


Incendiare it was a GONG show. 2 months of my life. sincerely committed to this project….. circumstances/timing cut me off 1/4 of the way through my presentation. done. gone. no other chance. it was the last class.

i am the only person that provided data. i debunked HUGE corporation with measurable EMPIRICAL evidence because they refsed to return my phone calls….. so i took them apart from the perspective of my other major: psychology.

i haven’t challenged yet. when i got cut off i followed my poor prof back to his office and did the whole presentation for him. um, i didn’t really ask….. lol.

his feedback? to be more focussed. ???? i was focused. sigh.

if i get a mark that lowers my average in that class (which is 89%) i will challenge.



you know you want to send me your address…. cough


That’s horrible, James. That’s what I hate about time limits on presentations, especially when the project you’re presenting on has 4938203 things to discuss. It’s a paradox because you’re clearly going to have to cut SOME stuff out, and no matter what you choose to cut out you get criticized for it. I’m crossing my fingers for you that you will get the grade you deserve since it sounds like you put a monstrously huge amount of time and effort into this.

I’m crossing my fingers for an A in this course, especially since it’s my last one and I’ve gotten all A’s and A+’s, so I’m hoping to achieve that 4.0 (although grades don’t really matter). Just that this prof admitted to being one of the toughest markers in the department (and takes pride in it), plus told me straight up that she marks me even harder because she’s my thesis supervisor. Lucky me. I have a low A+ going into the final paper but it’s worth 45%, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I get slaughtered and end up with an A-.

And Sil, damnit, YOU WIN. :p


you know, sometimes sil just has to win. did she tell you i grabbed a quote from her to finish up my stupid project? when sil wins nice smelling stuff surprises you in the mail… and if she’s nagging it means she’s probably been planning.

i have faith in you incendiare. i’ve been reading your reviews, comments, stories for months. you don’t give up easily. and it’s a compliment if she grades you harder, albeit pesky, lol. oof. let sil spoil you with her magic sil-ometric directional device…. something magical and A producing will arrive. i refuse to drink mine, lol. not until that stupid project mark is confirmed!!!

i think it’s time for christmas break. i feel like i’m about to crack, and tonight i’m feeling tremendously sad which is very unlike me. stress, exams, the passing of an icon (nelson mandela)…. heavy night.

cross your fingers incendiare, BUT…. recognize that it’s only superstition… that the magic comes from you and aaaaaaaaaaaaaall of YOUR hard work. but if crossing your fingers is the fast way to remind yourself of that, cross away….

Sil glad you’re saving it to spoil yourself just don’t save it too long haha.


(I also sent Incendiare tasty and magical A producing treats in the mail, C/O ShayneBear. :) )


Can I join the obnoxious paper-comments and end-of-semester stress club too?


@Shelley_Lorraine… the more the merrier! lol. what tea are you drinking to recover?


okay…. a thought….. i think a new discussion thread needs to start….. one sec.


Sil is indeed mightily good at spoiling people. That Sil!

Haha James, I don’t actually believe in crossing fingers anyway. I hope you’ll be able to hang in there by the time the holiday break commences. We all need a virtual party once we’re all done with exams and papers.

And please do join in, Shelley! Sorry you’re also a victim to the obnoxiousness. I hope you’ll be done soon! Virtual party is muchly needed, and James’ new thread I think will be a great place for that. :D


David’s has pink passion fruit on web specials right now, in case you wanted 250 grams of it. I am tempted. Summer will be here before you know it! Goji pop is king for me but when there’s no goji pop, this is a pretty close second.


Thanks for the heads up, Nxtdoor! I almost never check the web specials. That is indeed tempting, and Goji Pop is my other favourite David’s tea for cold brewing.

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14850 tasting notes

Sad, tragic sipdown (199/201)…

Well, I guess I’m happy this is the tea that puts me under 200 again, but I’m heartbroken because my love affair with this blend has reached a horrible end for all parties; kind of like the conclusion of The Great Gatbsy (I just finished rereading the book, so I have Gatsby Brain right now). My wife Tropicalia caught me cheating with Pink Passion fruit and had the tisane brutally ended in a pool of hot, boiling water…

Oh, and I guess sorry for any Gatsby spoilers, there…

Anyway, thanks Aimee Popovacki for introducing me with this one. It’s been on my shopping list since trying it, so I’ll be sure to keep a good eye out.


I don’t think you can worry about spoilers on a book that has been around since 1925 :P.


What VariaTEA said! :D Although I avoided the book in high school. And the movie. I’m not sure how I managed that.

Roswell Strange

It was required reading for my advanced English course in Grade 12, and I just absolutely loved it. I adored the movie too, despite it not getting great reviews (I own it, actually; like I actually payed for it because I liked it that much) – I thought the casting was perfect and they captured the setting and all the very detailed and complex symbolism perfectly (also, they didn’t cut any important plot at all).


I, umm, can’t stand Robert Redford OR Mia Farrow. Made it maybe 10 minutes in. The newer films might be better, but that’s what I had to work with!


So I have a fair bit of this left, and I’ve kind of fallen out of love with it, I much prefer Pink Dragonfruit from Tealish. Do you want the rest of mine?

Roswell Strange

Oh sweet merciful Zeus, yes! Except, I can’t return the favour right now unfortunately – and wouldn’t want to be a trouble or cause you unnecessary shipping costs.


Oh please, I have 400+ teas in my cupboard, do you think I really need more samples? XD Have a stroll through my cupboard, pick out some more to try, if you like. Hate to only send one tea!


it’s baaaack….

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2291 tasting notes

I finished the Nana’s Fruit Garden today, and decided to make this!

So tasty. I hot brewed, then “flash” chilled with not enough ice cubes. It’s cool instead of warm, at least. :) I actually steeped in a 1L canning jar, then poured it into the “2 quart” Takeya jug. HA! It only filled it 1/3 of the way. 2 quarts = baloney.

This tea is almost done, too. One more jug of it and then I can refill the tin with Redberry Tonic! Whee!

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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284 tasting notes

My mouth hurts like a sonofabitch (for those who just started following, I had oral surgery yesterday) even with all the ibuprofen I’m taking. So I sent my partner and temporary nurse to the liquor store to get some vodka. Imma brew this hot, ice it and booze it up for a nice anesthetic. :)

Will let you know how it goes.

18 hours later

This tea promises Passionfruit and it does give you just that starting with the nose of the dry leaf to the aroma, colour and flavour of the liquor. Aided slightly by artificial Passionfruit flavour and a little tangy for me because of the hibiscus. Before you write this off because of the hibiscus, I’ll tell you it doesn’t bother too much. Personally I don’t mind hibiscus but for those who do, its presence is not agressive. As i mentioned, it lends a tangy-ness to the blend but that’s what sweeteners are for. Brewed following label instructions and poured over ice does make a pretty good cocktail should you happen to have vodka lying around.


Surprised they didn’t send you home with something stronger. Hope you feel better soon!


I have T3s from my last oral surgery in November (I’m on an ongoing quest to line the pockets of oral surgeons everywhere) but to tell you the truth ibuprofen works better for me because it reduces inflammation as well, not just painkiller.


ibuprofen works best for me to. My sympathies about the pain it can’t be pleasant. Best of luck riding it out and hope it is over soon.


i was going to write and ask how you were feeling! not sure this tea would help…. its awesome but pretty acidic. a chamomile might help because its a diuretic and will eliminate some swelling…. feel better.


I’m ok. cranky but I’ll make it! How are you feeling, justjames ? Surprised to hear from you already. Speedy recovery?


surprisingly well! pain meds muddle things a bit, but drinking tea helps to clarify. all in all not bad for all the stitches! did this tea help?


The vodka did. I don’t like chamomile so I don’t have any such tea in the house anyway. As for you, hope you’re going home soon if you haven’t already.


Nxtdoor – tea infused vodka is also quite nice….I “brewed” one of my blueberry teas in vodka as a cold brew….and then I just added the vodka to other things heh


Genius. Thanks!


no, i can’t abide camomile either. vodka is brilliant, and i never considered steeping my tea in booze… thank you Sil!


NP there’s a discussion somewhere about cocktails as well that was started by someone… Makes for MUCH better flavoured vodka than you buy in the stores imo haha


Tea flavored alcohol – how clever! Hope you’re feeling better soon


I’m late on the news, but I sure hope you feel better! Oh la, la, mouth surgery is nasty and so painful…Boozing it up sounds like a plan :-)

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6073 tasting notes

Sipdown, 824.

Thanks for sending this along, Courtney! I figured it would be best cold, so hot-brewed & iced it (instead of a cold-brew, to ensure the hibiscus didn’t cause problems). The result? Deliciousness! Tons of passionfruit, minimal to zero hibiscus…. soooo delicious. I wonder if the boy would like this one?! It tastes exactly like juice :D Minus some sugar, though it’s certainly sweet in its own right.

Anyhow – this one’s great! Might pick up some more if I ever let myself make it over to DT (I really need to try some of the new blends before they’re gone!)

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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871 tasting notes

Made this one hot, iced and cold brewed. The dry mix smells strongly of passionfruit.

Hot: Brewed 1tsp for 4 minutes in boiling water. Primary flavour is passionfruit, followed by sweet apple, and bitter hibiscus. The liquor is dark red and thick. It is sweet enough on its own. Moreso tart than sweet.

Iced: Brewed 2 tsp for 10 minutes, added ice cube then put in fridge. Primary flavour is passionfruit, followed by strong tart hibiscus, then unripe apple. Mostly tart with minimal sweetness. The liquor is the darkest out of the three, it is quite thick.

Cold brewed: Brewed for 13 hours. The primary flabour is passionfruit, followed by strong apple. There is a slight rose flavour. Some tartness but is mostly sweet. The liquor is think and light pink.

Over all I prefer this one cold brewed, then hot, and do not like it much iced. I might have made it too strong iced and that is why it is so bitter/hibiscus.

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464 tasting notes

This is a really good one! Sweet, juicy, and tastes like real passionfruit with a little bit of apple.

My sister liked this one because she “didn’t need to add sugar!” Imagine that! Tea without sugar! ;-)


Hahaha, I remember when I was like that. ;)


I’ve never been fond of overly sugary drinks, but she certainly loves them!

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254 tasting notes

This is the first sample DAVIDsTEA has sent me that tempts me to actually go out and get the tea! I think I’m going to try to wring all the re-steeps I can out of this, because it’s just perfect for this evening. I’m fighting off my allergies something horrible, and its sweet tang allows me to release some of the tension that’s been riding my shoulders.

At first this reminded me of Teavana’s Dragonfruit Devotion but its aftertaste is fresher than the slightly perfumey note that plagues theirs. I have no firsthand knowledge of passionfruit or dragonfruit (other than the fact they sound like sci-fi tropes) but judging by these teas I’m left wondering if they taste similar.

We’ve been steadily replacing our Teavana teas with better (and less expensive!) versions from other sellers, so I’m glad this fell onto our radar. My husband absconded with half my cup, so I think he agrees with me!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
BrewTEAlly Sweet

It’s pretty good iced as well :)


I’ll have to order more so I can try it that way, thanks!

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107 tasting notes

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Hi, guys. Still here. So sorry I have not been around at all. About mid-way through the winter school semester, life sort of collapsed around my ears. Turns out that a full-time job with full-time school and learning issues was just a dumb thing to attempt. Pretty much any part of my life that was not school or work closed down, and I have been very depressed for a while from the stress. There was a period in there where I actually even doubted that I still like tea.

After the semester finished, I took a good MONTH off from EVERYTHING (well, except work because I like to eat). I didn’t go on Steepster, barely glanced at Facebook, took a LOT of time to myself to recover and come out of a very black bout.

But I am back! I have something of a plan for next year, and life is back in a better swing. I am my usual chipper self again, and back to lots of tea drinking. I will start reviewing again soon, I promise, and will check in on all the people who added me in my absence. My, you people had faith!

So hello again everybody! Missed you all, and sorry I have not been around to celebrate awesome teas you found and lattes you made. Let me know in comments anything you think I should know that I missed!


That’s stress for you. Not such a trivial matter as some people seem to still want to believe. Do try not to let it go quite so far again.


Glad you’re back! Good for you for taking some time to find your balance again. It’s not an easy thing to do sometimes.

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251 tasting notes

Dry: This one smells just like sweet and tart passionfruit. Really deliciously fragrant! Lovely dry blend of fruits, leaves, and flowers. As much as I like Harney, right off the bat this one blows the Harney raspberry herbal from last week right out of the park.

Steeped: Bright pink-red slightly cloudy liquor. Smells just like juicy passionfruit. I made this one hot, but I think it would be divine iced.

Taste: Lovely tangy blend where passionfruit meets apple. Tiny hint of sour hibiscus, but really everything goes together nicely to my palate. As it cooled, I was getting more of an apple juice note and less passionfruit, but still very good. I am apparently picky about tisanes from previous experiences, but if you like passionfruit flavors like I do, then this one is a keeper for sure. Not much of a fan of artificial ingredients, but happy to have found a caffiene-free herbal that I like so much.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

apple…. hmm, i’ll have to dip into my supply again, never got apple before!


Yup! I just had David’s Big Apple and it was not so great. But with this one I can enjoy passionfruit and then apple as it cools. Yum!

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