This one smells very floral almost perfumy even.
I don’t really care for this one myself, not because it is bad but just because it don’t fit my liking, i’m sure others would enjoy it.
Its floral and fruity and tart and slightly sweet,not really bad but just NOT my cup of tea.
Honestly to me it had some strange soapy taste to it but thats just my opinion tho, kinda tastes like somebody washed my cup out with soap and failed to get all the soap out and I know for sure that didn’t happen lol.
I tried to keep drinking it and as i did i realized that the soapy taste was just on the front for some reason, I could taste it while the tea was in my mouth but it didn’t linger or anything after swallowing, I likes to hold tea in my mouth and swish it around and enjoy it as much as i can so this didn’t really work out for me. I even tried it again the next day but still the same thing, at least it didn’t linger in my mouth all day.
Other than the soap it wasn’t really that bad, the tart was most likely from the hibiscus which i’m also not really fond of But this one is not quite as tart as many hibiscus teas that i have had, it had an ok flavor, I was hoping to be able to taste Pineapple in there but I couldn’t really….Oh Wait! theres Rosemary in there? hhhmmm i like rosemary but….. now it makes sense actually, come to think about it the Rosemary may have played a part in that soapy taste, working against the other ingredients and I also use a pretty strong Rosemary soap so I’m sure that dont help either.
Not bad, still Not My cup of tea tho.

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, Soap, Tart

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)
Really???? Blah Blah Blah lmfao!!!



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