Sakura Allure

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Fruit Green Blend
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Cherry, Sour, Vegetal
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175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 16 oz / 479 ml

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  • “I am surrounded by idiots. If I have to read one more “critique” of my Lapsang poem that says nothing but “Great work” and “I really find no fault with this piece” I’m going to vomit. The point of...” Read full tasting note
  • “I still have lots of this, so I cold brewed it last night as an experiment. Another fruity tea that isn’t too strong on the hibiscus and has a nice cherry flavor. Still, I wont be too sad when it’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “I really need to stop buying stupid tea that I’m pretty much guaranteed not to like. It’s really not entirely unlike walking into a clothing store, making a beeline to the ugliest sweater in a...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is not so much a review of this tea, though it is what I am drinking (see other tasting note), because I don’t feel like trying anything new or brewing gong fu style but I need to write this...” Read full tasting note

From Teavana

Elegantly cut bamboo is the base of this enchanting green tea blend, enhancing the clean refreshing taste of cherry, pineapple, mango, rose and hibiscus. The Kyoto temple’s Sakura blossoms in full bloom make the spiritual coupling of floral and fruit come alive as rose and hibiscus intertwine with lively cherry, mango and candied pineapple. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED

A delicious source of antioxidants & contains EGCG complex
May help support the immune system
Use as part of a healthy diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Superfruit enhanced with cherries, cranberries & mango
Contains pineapple
Contains soothing rose
Contains 5-10% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee
Use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 175 degrees (79 degrees Celsius) and steep for 2 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients: Green tea, hibiscus blossoms, cherries, candied mango pieces(mango, sugar), candied pineapple pieces(pineapple, sugar), bamboo leaves, rose blossom leaves, lemon peels, rosebuds, cranberry pieces

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94 Tasting Notes

323 tasting notes

I am surrounded by idiots.

If I have to read one more “critique” of my Lapsang poem that says nothing but “Great work” and “I really find no fault with this piece” I’m going to vomit. The point of a CRITIQUE is not to bleed rainbows. Tell me what needs work!

Shut up, Shell.

In other words, soothing tea time. This is really light and sweet green, and while I’m not entirely sure I’d call it perfectly cherry, it’s not disgustingly artificial. It’s fruity and calming and a really pretty pink and just what I need right now.


I HATE when people don’t offer any critique for your writings. You kinda wanna say, “Did you even read it??”


Seconded. Once during peer review on a Scarlet Letter essay the only comment I received was “wow, this is good”. Not helpful.


So, where is your poem and I’ll write a scathing report that will curl your hair! At least we’d write fair ones here.


LOL! Hey, post it and I will read it at writers group tomorrow night! We have the same rule as my college voice rep class – first find a compliment, something nice to say about the piece, and then politely express those things that you think need improvement. Sometimes a piece just doesn’t communicate as well as it should and the reader is left confused. (Like when I don’t catch all my autocorrect snafu’s!)


Ashmanra – that sounds fantastic! I’ll message you :) Thank you so much!

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2816 tasting notes

I still have lots of this, so I cold brewed it last night as an experiment. Another fruity tea that isn’t too strong on the hibiscus and has a nice cherry flavor. Still, I wont be too sad when it’s gone.

Iced 8 min or more

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513 tasting notes

I really need to stop buying stupid tea that I’m pretty much guaranteed not to like. It’s really not entirely unlike walking into a clothing store, making a beeline to the ugliest sweater in a colour that makes you look washed out and happily buying it anyway. Because maybe this time it’ll be different. Maybe this time you’ll see what you’ve been missing. No. I keep going to bad tea like an abusive lover.

Like seriously. This tea has cherry in it. I don’t even like that. And I have no idea what the hell in this tea is so bitter that it makes my mouth curl into an instinctive snarl, despite adding two teaspoons of sugar. The hibiscus, perhaps? I felt like I was drinking lemon neo-citron after someone had dumped some cough syrup into it. I can’t really taste any of the other fruits/notes in this blend, and there’ll be no next time, because after a few sips and some very brief contemplation (if my primal reaction counts as such), I dumped it down the drain. The good news, though, if some can be gleaned from this situation, is that I don’t think anything was the green tea’s fault, so it’s still possible I could like other flavoured greens.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Sounds like one hot mess. :/


Oh, and you know what sucks the most? the fact that I wasted a mug and strainer and lid on this tea, and now I have even more dishes to wash!


Definitely a hot mess. definitely.


That is me with Teavana. I know I don’t usually like their teas. And when you buy them, you need to buy so much yet I constantly check out their website and am super tempted by their sales. Lately I have gotten better at resisting. Probably because I have a pretty intense hatred of the store that makes me want to not give them my money. haha.


Yup, I feel similarly about teavana, and really need to stop even sniffing the tea when I go there to get rock sugar. I’ve never liked a tea from there enough to get 50 g of it.


Haha, I am sure it is not green tea’s fault as their flavored teas consist perhaps only in 25-30% of base tea. I’m glad I got some tea from them during the sale because it’s kind of easy to entertain guests with it (even if they are not into tea at all) ;)


You’re right—there probably isn’t much actual tea in here at all, which actually makes greens a bit easier to explore, especially because I’m scared of tasting too much “plant” in my tea. I’m glad you found a few gems during the sale!


LOL re stupid tea you’re guaranteed not to like. V. amusing.

Abby Noelle

Lol at “wasting a mug…..more dishes to wash” true story….


lol, I can relate to “making a beeline to the ugliest sweater.” Having just recently started drinking tea this year, I am constantly trying new teas and testing my taste. After a couple misses in a row it can get discouraging!


That’s it! You start out all hopeful and determined, all open-minded in the hopes that you’ll actually like this garbage, and then you realize you can’t lie to yourself any longer! haha.

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300 tasting notes

This is not so much a review of this tea, though it is what I am drinking (see other tasting note), because I don’t feel like trying anything new or brewing gong fu style but I need to write this and it wouldn’t be right to do it under a tea for any other company. This is just to say that I will not be working at Teavana for the holidays or ever again, I’m not allowed.

I stopped by the store today while I was out, to check the schedule for next week since it wasn’t posted when I called on Saturday. There were guests in the store so I just headed to the back, looked at the schedule and just as I noticed there were no shifts for me, my manager came in behind me and told me I wasn’t on it and asked if anyone from corporate had given me a call, no…

Apparently Teavana has been monitoring and other social networking sites and noticed my activity on the message boards. Besides negativity there are issues with breaking confidentiality agreements and release the names of two teas. I’m fine with not working there, in fact I’m relieved. I tried to quit back in February, then again four months ago but my manager wanted to hang on to me and called me back a month ago to pick up a few shifts. I wanted to help, could use the extra cash and some time away from the toddler, so I agreed.

I felt more like a rouge agent at that point, but I did my job and was gracious to guests. It was during these three shifts that co-workers were telling me about these two new teas that Teavana let slip in some recommended pairing sheet they sent to all the stores. When I shared these two teas in a post about this year’s retiring teas, it was just as an interesting tidbit to generate discussion, I didn’t do it to sabotage the campaign, if anything it could only help create a buzz, just like my co-workers mentioning them to their guests, because their excited, even I was.

But that’s not really what its about, its about the negative things I’ve posted after I had “quit” and I completely agree with their decision, they shouldn’t have someone that feels the way I do working for them. I do hope they leave it at that and not try to pursue some sort of legal action, because really I’m not worth anything. But I also hope, really truly hope that they are not just monitoring Steepster to check up on their employees but to get a pulse on how tea lovers really feel about their company and how they can improve their customer service to stop driving away the very community they should be serving.

Hesper June

Wow! I am sorry:(


Wow, that’s crazy! I do hope they keep tabs on how their customer service is generally perceived with the tea drinking community.
But I also genuinely hope that they don’t pursue you with legal action, and that everything is fine on your end.

Autumn Hearth

Thanks ladies. No reason to be sorry Hesper, just feeling a bit shaken and foolish for not being more careful on social media. Steepster felt like a safe havens, my tea log a place to write and the discussion boards a place to share. As the husband said, that’s what screen names are for, funny that I changed mine on here just three days ago, but it wouldn’t change what shows up in search engines. Aelwyd means Hearth in Welsh and I rather like my name seeing as I chose it.

Autistic Goblin

well that stinks! personally I find that Teavana cesnoring your personal opinion on social media is against your rights to free speech. If they didn’t want a buzz on those two teas they should’ve said something about it being a secret. So I’m pretty sure your not liable for anything :D

Autumn Hearth

As far as I know they are not censoring me, just saying I can’t work there, which I agree with. As for the two teas, they didn’t mean for it to be leaked to the stores at all, it was an accident on their part, not sure what was said after the fact, I haven’t been in the loop, so its all just gossip really. But thanks for the reassurance! Honestly this helps me in not having to break it the manager after the holidays that I would not like to continue my employment (I feel icky working there, but I am actually pretty good at it and they like me so it would have been relatively easy holiday money, internal conflicts aside). For now I’m just trying to reflect on this as a lesson, I worry that it doesn’t speak well for my maturity.


I worry for the same thing. I’m just sticking out at the illusion of the “heaven of tea” for the sake of it looking good on my resume. I will not remove my posts though. In fact, I will continue to defame to the point of a struggle until I’ve had enough or until they fire me. Honestly, it will be a relief when this happens. I hate lying to my guests.

Autumn Hearth

I did always wonder why you stuck with it ;) I am now debating if I still give my former manager’s contact info on new job applications that ask for such things, I feel like she still thinks pretty highly of me, but I don’t know what the regional manager has been telling her.

Tawny Kira

Why don’t you just ask her? It can’t hurt to ask if she would be worth including on future job applications. Especially if she thought highly of you prior to this incident.

Autumn Hearth

I should have, may do, we’ll see, might be a bit raw at this point for everyone.

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1271 tasting notes

This tea is outta the Here’s Hoping Travelling Teabox!

Wow tart! I immediately thought after one sip I need to ice this, so I dumped it into my tumbler and steeped up a little more. With some honey, tasted not too bad. A little fruity cherry syrup, but mostly hibiscusy floral. I’m getting a bit of grassy flat flavor. I swear there’s bamboo leaves in this – looks like it but not listed as an ingredient.

Ehhh, I prefer Steep City’s Blushing Geisha for a green hibiscus tea. Better floral, less flat of a tea and less muddled sugar flavor, but I’m happy to of tried more Teavana stuff.


Have you tried Sakura Blossom by itself? Just curious.

Oolong Owl

Salted sakura blossom, yes. It was interesting and salty! Like floral cherry pickles!


I forgot whom but someone mentioned to be that you had reviewed it. I treated myself to some from Japan but hadn’t really found much information on it. Sounds deliciously interesting!

Oolong Owl

where did I put that review..
ah ha

oh right, totally try it with some sencha (or sake if you are into that)

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200 tasting notes

Originally I wasn’t going to order anything from Teavana, but then I made the mistake of looking at their sale and seeing their awesome prices. And then I caved. My order is still in processing (and I’m still waiting on an e-mail from them). This tea is not from this order.

I thought I had ordered this tea, but I looked at my receipt and saw that I didn’t. I was NOT going to go to the mall, but I really wanted this tea, and customer service was not answering. So, I called up my local Teavana to ask if they still had this tea in stock. Sure enough, they did (and lots of it), so hi-ho to Teavana I go. I probably could have picked up some other teas had I just waited, but eh. Here’s hoping my order ships all right because a few of the teas aren’t even showing up anymore.

I also wanted to go to Teavana because I bought a Yixing mug on black friday at 40%. It was discounted to 50% the day after Christmas, and I wanted to get a price adjustment since I was in my return window. Well, I learned that you can’t return sale items (boo). But the manager took pity on me and gave me free tea (yay!).

I almost didn’t pick this tea up at all. So many of this on sale teas had mixed reviews. This one got not so bad reviews. I was warned that this does not have a strong green tea flavor and I will repeat – it does NOT have a strong green tea flavor. I can’t taste any tea at all. The hibiscus is strong with this one, and it’s definitely a fruity tea. It’s a good tea for people who don’t like tea, but from reading the other reviews it also appears kinda finicky. I bet this would be a really good iced tea. I hot brewed this, but maybe next time I should cold brew it.

It’s not overly tart, though, which is nice. I’ll give it a somewhat higher score and cold brew it and see what I think later..


I really do like this one iced. It is kinda like cranberry juice minus all the sugar.

I know what you mean by the sales they have going. The tiger cast iron pot I have been looking at for a while now is half off, but I don’t have the cash for it. BOOOOO. I am just worried it will be sold out and then I can never buy it. I can’t seem to find it sold anywhere else on the internet.


I think your description of “cranberry juice minus the sugar” is spot on. And yeah, I think I will be icing this one from here on out.

Have you checked World Market at all? They have some very affordable cast iron pots!


True they do, but it is the tiger design that I adore; I really like tigers….

Autumn Hearth

But it’s not a return, it’s a price adjustment. Grr!


Should they have been able to do it? The manager said that it couldn’t be done. I also forgot to mention this was an online order, but it DOES say I can return it in store too.

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470 tasting notes

Thanks to Nicole for this one! The name alone sounds very tasty, and I do love a good sakura tea. Or cherry, which is what most sakura teas really are since it’s hard to find sakura outside of Japan.

I didn’t know how much was going on in this blend until I looked at the listing—mango, pineapple, what? Teavana seems to put pineapple in EVERYTHING. Also… hibiscus. I thought there would be none here but I cold brewed this and opened the fridge in the morning to a bright red brew. Oh nooo!

There is a nice cherry flavor here, but there are just so many competing flavors. I was hoping for a simple blend—cherry, bamboo, green tea. But there are tropical notes, a bit of sourness from the hibiscus, floral from the rose, and then a bit citrusy from the lemon peel. It’s just… so much, my tastebuds are a bit overwhelmed! I think this is a great idea for a blend but it’s bogged down by a lot of extra stuff that doesn’t need to be there.

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615 tasting notes

Tea #1 from HHTTB2

It absolutely looked like there were bamboo leaves in here, but they’re not in the ingredient list and I don’t necessarily taste them. So I’m not sure. There’s a little cherry flavor. It isn’t medicinal, but more of a cherry syrupy kind of flavor. The primary flavor is definitely hibiscus. And the aftertaste definitely has that metallic hibiscus-twang.

Also the flavor is really light, so I couldn’t imagine steeping this for the recommended 2 minutes and expect to get anything out of it. Though that could be more related to its travels in the box than the tea itself.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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297 tasting notes

Received this one from babble

This has a slight medicinal smell.
This brewed up a dark red, it’s got a nice cherry flavour, with just to say a bit of a medicinal taste. I’m getting the green tea base at the end.

I’m also getting a slight tobacco aftertaste?

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec

Try it iced. Doing that knocked up the rating a LOT for me. It’s not too special as a hot tea, but iced, it’s delectable. :) Kind of sad that you have to do that to it, but there it is.

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377 tasting notes

Hmmm very interesting this one. Thank you Tamm for sending me a sample. I’ve had green teas with cherry in them and they are OK to say the least. The dry leaves smell quite nice. You can’t really taste the pinnaple or the cherry but I feel like I’m drinking a rose garden with this one….and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I didn’t find it to be nasty but I don’t know if I would keep this one on hand on a regular basis. Glad to try it though.


When you brewed this did you also get a very strange color? O.o It was off-grayish the first time I tried it.

The DJBooth

It was actually pink when I brewed it.


O.o weird! I wonder what the difference was.

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