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drank Sakura Allure by Teavana
4 tasting notes

There is a very distinct tartness here but I don’t mind it too much. I think there needs to be a bit more green tea to help round it out some and I’m considering blending it. The fruit flavors are very pronounced and if overstepped (even just a little bit) the fruit flavors (in addition to the green tea) turn bitter; it taste like lemon peels. I found this out the hard way when my roommate steeped it for a minute too long, it was terrible! Adding sugar to it has never done much for me so I just drink it unsweetened. On its own there’s nothing about it that makes me want to re-purchase, but I imagine it would be good blended with other teas so I will give it another chance.

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This blend is sweet with a definite tartness. I think it’s best served sweetened when hot to help tone down the tartness a bit. Just be careful with the sugar, it doesn’t need much because the tea has a natural sweetness. It brews a beautiful grape-ruby-red and the dry leaves smell kind of like a fruit punch kool-aid packet and sweet tart candy. I quite enjoy the smell. :)
I prefer to make this iced because I find the cold temperature cuts some of the tart flavor (of course I use the cold brew method so I don’t know if that makes of difference). I used to love this blend when I was extremely new to tea but now I find it taste too much like juice. In fact there’s not really much tea at all, mostly berries. If you want a low calorie juice drink this is great, but if you want to taste the tea I would steer clear.

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I just read about your experience with Teavana in your review of them.
That sounds horrible. I agree, at the very least they should have resent the package.

Like me, it sounds like you take great notes as to how long you waited, when you called, etc. If you feel so inclined, I invite you to put all of those details in an email (or snail mail) and send it to them. I feel you deserve some kind of credit at least equal to what the package cost you. I wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Here is what I believe is their corporate address: 3630 Peachtree Rd., NE Suite 1480 Atlanta, GA 30326.


Thanks for the tip, I think I will write them a letter. :) At most I’d be out the cost of a postage stamp and never receive a reply.


If you do send them a note, I would be very interested in hearing how they respond. If you wish, you could alert me by posting another comment here, by sending me a personal message (as I am following you), or you could even post it in a Teavana discussion thread that already exists, or start your own.

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I have yet to try a H&S tea that I truly dislike. I picked this out of my samples because I wanted a tea to give me a kick in the pants. I expected it to be harsh and jolting, like coffee, but I was surprised… pleasantly surprised. I always thought Assams were a bit on the harsh, sharp side, but this one is great! It’s bold, smooth and a bit sweet. It’s just strong enough to be a great morning tea without making me cringe. And it doesn’t really need milk or sugar! This is likely to become one of my staple morning teas.

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I haven’t had a H&S tea I have disliked either.

As there is no way to respond or ‘like’ a review of a place I wanted to let you know I appreciate your writing the review of The Persimmon Tree Online store. It’s especially good to read about positive experiences!

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I enjoy this blend. The dry tea leaves have an amazing sweet vanilla smell. I don’t really smell or taste the coconut much though. I really wish the coconut was more pronounced because I adore coconut but this tea is still pretty good. I would agree with some of the other reviewers, it seems to be Irish Breakfast with just a hint of flavor (but I’m a tea newbie so my palate is still new and relatively undeveloped).
I like to let this tea cool a bit because it seems to develop a sweeter, creamier, vanilla flavor after some time has lapsed. And it’s especially tasty with a little bit of cream/milk and some sugar.

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Recent college grad and tea newbie.

I was first introduced into the world of tea by my friend who had Teavana’s Chai/Chai blend in our apartment. I fell in love with it; I never knew tea could be so tasty! I began to explore more Teavana teas and I found Steepster while looking for HONEST tea reviews… I almost never trust reviews on a company’s website they are almost always all positive! Eventually, (in a couple months actually) I got tired of their teas and decided to use Steepster to effectively help me find other tea companies. Wow!! It was like a whole underground world I never knew existed and while I’m not too fond of Teavana anymore (some of their teas are still tasty IMHO, but it really depends on what you’re looking for), I really have to thank them and my friend for introducing me to this lifestyle.

It hasn’t even been a full year yet so my nose and palate are still getting used to exploring the different nuances of tea. And I haven’t yet worked my way into being able to fully appreciate unflavored teas and detect the different flavors and complexities. It’s like my tongue knows that there is more depth or complexity in one tea than the other but I can’t exactly describe what or why. I want to be able to distinguish these things (I can kind of do it with wine but that’s taken me almost two years). Oh great, then I’ll be labeled both a tea AND a wine snob! :P

As for ratings, anything over 60 I enjoy to some degree even though I haven’t tasted a tea I despise, but I have a long journey ahead.


Jersey City, NJ

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