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  • “Hello June! I love summer – and I love that I have at least 5 more days off. To celebrate I’m considering placing a tea order….that french toast black from 52 teas looks to die for! It’s been a...” Read full tasting note
  • “Dry, it’s sweet, caramelly, and nutty-smelling. A bit of strawberry, but it’s not too prominent. Steeped, the aroma is sweet and caramelly, with a distinct strawberry note. Well, more like a...” Read full tasting note
  • “This SO smells like a Kellogg’s Nutri Grain bar, it’s not even funny. Steeped, the strawberry is tarter, and unsurprisingly, the liquor is murky due to the brittle overkill. And brittle overkill,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I got samples of the rest of the summer teas when I ordered Tropicalia and Luscious Watermelon (though I already have a bag of Swampwater but who wouldn’t accept more) and this one had intrigued me...” Read full tasting note


Sweet anticipation

Is there anything more summery than a big bowl of strawberry shortcake? We look forward to strawberry season all year, just for that familiar dish of ripe, juicy berries, golden pastry and a cloud of whipped cream. But with this sweet, juicy blend, you can enjoy the taste of summer anytime, anywhere. It’s a dreamy mix of black tea with sweet strawberries and toasty pieces of brittle – ice it with a bit of cream for the full experience.

Ingredients: Black tea, brittle pieces, strawberry.

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

82 Tasting Notes

863 tasting notes

Hello June!

I love summer – and I love that I have at least 5 more days off. To celebrate I’m considering placing a tea order….that french toast black from 52 teas looks to die for!

It’s been a while since I’ve had this and I’m holding steady with my rating for it – it does have strawberry and it does have that brittle/cake sweetness but it’s lacking any kind of complexity. It’s also lacking consistency – sometimes this blows me away, and other times it’s just okay. Today, it’s just okay.

It’s a good thing it’s not a must-have though, since DAVID’s apparently doesn’t stock it anymore… a couple of cups of this and then it will be gone for good.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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6079 tasting notes

Dry, it’s sweet, caramelly, and nutty-smelling. A bit of strawberry, but it’s not too prominent. Steeped, the aroma is sweet and caramelly, with a distinct strawberry note. Well, more like a strawberry song. Delicious.

I was a bit wary of a 5-minute infusion, but have realized that DavidsTea’s blacks tend not to steep up quite as harshly as others, so my standard three minutes isn’t long enough. Turns out 5 minutes was not bad (although perhaps 4 would have eliminated the astringency I’m getting). The base is malty and somewhat astringent, with a lovely caramelly flavour. The strawberry isn’t as prominent as I would have expected. It’s funny though – this combination does actually make me think Strawberry Shortcake! Not my favourite dessert though, but it reminds me of Thinking Day celebrations in Girl Guides.

I’ll have to try again with a bit of a reduced infusion time, as astringency is not my friend, but this one’s pretty decent. Not likely something I’d pick up again, but a perfectly good tea.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

yayyyyy!!! congrats on the scholarship =D




O K what is Thinking Day!?! And Congratulations!!!!


Thanks :D

And Bonnie, Thinking Day is February 22, the day that the founder of Girl Guides (& Girl Scouts) and his wife were born. Lord & Lady Baden-Powell. There’s usually a celebration of sorts in the Guiding community centred around this day; in Saskatoon we would have a family celebration that involved games, bake sales, cake walks, and of course, strawberry shortcake. This particular celebration is no more though; I guess it was outdated, so they do other things now. But it’s firmly implanted in my memory as that was what we did through my years as a girl member!


Ah I was a Girl Scout but maybe we called the day by a different name.Thank you!


Oh It wasn’t called World Thinking Day Till 1999 maybe it was hit or miss before that time I remember the penny drive part.


Probably also differences between Canada and the US :) IIRC it has been Thinking Day in Canada since I was a Brownie, which would have been in 1992-ish?


Congratulations on your scholarship!






Yay! Congratulations!


‘’with a distinct strawberry note. Well, more like a strawberry song.’’ Very poetic. I had to stop and comment. (That’s why I love to read reviews)


A bit belated, but thanks everyone :) Need to talk to the supervisor and hopefully it does translate into a bit more money for me than I would have received otherwise, but it’s another line on my CV regardless :)


And thanks Mélissa :)

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1792 tasting notes

This SO smells like a Kellogg’s Nutri Grain bar, it’s not even funny.

Steeped, the strawberry is tarter, and unsurprisingly, the liquor is murky due to the brittle overkill. And brittle overkill, is right. Much too sweet for my tastes.

When this is hot, the strawberry is so tart that it mimics hibiscus. But once this cools off, the hibiscus wannabe dies off and you’re left with a clear strawberry again.

The base is very weak. Granted I steeped this for not quite four minutes. Perhaps this would make a better cold brew? I should save the rest to try that out sometime.

Instead of brittle, this should have a cakey note. I demand strawberry shortcake, not strawberry brittle!


They should do what Della Terra did with pineapple upside down cake and substitute strawberry for the pineapple!


Oooh, I’ve read that it has the best cake note ever. I can’t wait for mine to get in the mail! But that’s totally what I was thinking, an sort of infused flavour and not chunks of candy.

Oolong Owl

lol kellogg’s nutrigrain bar tea!

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1220 tasting notes

I got samples of the rest of the summer teas when I ordered Tropicalia and Luscious Watermelon (though I already have a bag of Swampwater but who wouldn’t accept more) and this one had intrigued me so I am finally trying it. Yesterday I had no time for tea, we went to this animal rehabilitation center called Noah’s Ark, which is well known for a tiger, lion, and bear that live together. They were all kind of relaxing on their own but it was still amusing because the bear had the best napping position. We stopped at this state farmers market (which is MASSIVE) on the way and bought the animals a big watermelon, some blackberries, and also brought some marshmallows for the bears and the lady at the visitors center was so amazed. I can’t figure out if it was because the blackberries were so big and gorgeous or because we brought donations, which makes me sad if most people come there with nothing (it’s free to visit).

I would have fought animals for those blackberries though. At least I got some peaches that are AMAZING but I was sad that I missed strawberry season I guess. Not that it matters, I have a few berries growing outside but I really was in the mood for them! But I had this sample with me today so I decided to try it out iced.

When I opened the bag, it really smelled like granola bars. I steeped it hot for about 3 or 4 minutes since 5-7 sounds a bit too much, then I put it in the fridge for later.

I love the strawberry flavor but the brittle to me just doesn’t make me think shortcake. I still get granola bar. It’s a bit caramel tasting but for the most part just isn’t coming off as creamy to me. And I’m glad I stopped steeping it when I did because the brittle definitely sweetens the tea up. In any case, it’s still tasty once I can get beyond the granola similarities, and it’s quite good iced. I wasn’t expecting much since it seemed like an odd choice for a cold tea.

Now I can’t decide if I should try the other half of the sample hot or cold brew it.


COLD! :)


I vote cold too!


Will do then! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try it hot or see how the brittle flavored it with no hot water involved.

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408 tasting notes

This is my third David’s Teasane, oops meant David’s tea.
As I had difficulty to taste the tea base with this brand, I decided to sacrifice the whole generous sample kindly given by Darby for only one cup (4 ts)

I mentioned there was still few tea leaves in this blend so decided to cure this by having an heavy blend.

So, verdict…hummmm ! …can mean yummy , mmmmmmm or meah but really meah. Here you already guessed it’s hummm like meeeaaaaahhhhhh.

To me it’s definitively not a tea, I cannot taste the tea base. I am just drinking a warm tisane.

I get the nuts very distinctly + something which probably can be strawberry
This is sweet ,a nice tisane but the problem is this rating is supposed to be for a tea.

This is probably a fantastic iced beverage

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

This was not good hot, but putting the “leaves” in water overnight made a much better drink. Not good enough to ever want it again, though.


I had issues with this one too; I thought it was just me. I even tried it iced and it was a no-go. I giggled at your “tisane” comment – it’s true! Or at least it feels that way!


Wow, we got the same opinion from this tea!

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357 tasting notes

I’ve been a bit busy over the last few days, visiting and helping family and friends and dealing with a minor catastrophe. Well, I wouldn’t really call it a catastrophe, but that’s just what’s written on my invoice for repairs. It makes me laugh – so dramatic.

A few days ago our next door neighbor was trimming the grass with his weed whacker and he must have kicked something up because it set off our car alarm. When we went out we discovered the driver’s side glass absolutely shattered. boooo! that was no fun to deal with, but unlike the insurance company, I wouldn’t call it a catastrophe…just an unfortunate accident and an inconvenience. Oh well, C’est la vie!

Between the car troubles (my Dad’s van axle also snapped) and the excitement of Easter visits with family and friends, I haven’t had much time for Steepster, or for much online funtertainment as a whole. So today I break for Muppets and Steepster…hmmm…that kind of sounds like a bumper sticker? If you’d enjoy a little Muppet break with me, here’s the link to my pick of the day

As for the tea, I’m finishing this sample today. BYE! BYE! I won’t miss it. For a black tea it’s just too weak for my taste. I expect my black teas to be robust and flavorful. This one was lacking. It’s just as well, I can only drink caffeinated tea in a small time span per day, so I need to wean down my samples…to make room for new ones. I already have some on the way – you know what it’s like ;)

Rachel Sincere

I have a sample of that one and I also found it just too thin in flavor.


Thanks for the muppet break! Awesome!! :)


@Rachel – Did you do a little good riddance happy dance when you finished your sample also…or am I the only one that does things like that? :D

@Tealizzy – The muppets are awesome – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just posted a comment on one of your lastn logs and it posted multiple times. I tried to delete the extra ones but I think there is still a duplicate message. I must have been having a muppet (Animal) moment: “post comment! POST COMMENT! POST COMMENT!” lol – many apologies for the unintentional spam

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516 tasting notes

mm So far I am very happy with the Summer collection! I’m a Swamp Water fan, and ready for another season of Luscious Watermelon, so bringing those 2 back was okay by me :)

Knowing the summer collection is being marketed as an iced tea collection, I had to try it hot first! har har, no really, I had to try it hot. See?

It’s raining! Cold and damp.

Although, this tea is freaking amazing and I can see how it would be delicious iced! Can’t wait to try it :)
Until it gets nice out, however, this tea is such a sweet treat. The strawberries taste real – like you made shortcake from scratch and sliced up some strawberries with a simple syrup on top real! It really comes out in the front of the sip. There’s a freshness there, almost tart but not quite.. but something akin to a real strawberry. Then there’s some awesome creaminess, and a smooth black tea base. Ah, yum.


You did a had a have it hot!


Yummy yummy! I JUST placed my first DavidsTea order and was wondering if I should wait until reviews pop up about this tea. I’m happy I included it in my order after reading your review.

Pretty picture of the rain! Looks like the perfect time to drink tea.

Daisy Chubb

I think so too :) I enjoy the rain – it sure does rain a LOT here in the maritimes, well, a lot more than I was used to in the dry prairies.


DT seems to have turned a corner in the right direction!


Looking forward to the summer collection, though more importantly, looking for summer. Might get a minor taste this weekend though! :)


@Daisy, it will stop raining eventually – historically May is a rainy month here in Hali. As long as we don’t have a 40 degree streak in August again, I don’t mind! : )

Daisy Chubb

haha thanks! Good to know :) The rain certainly makes everything super green the next day


It was alright iced, but I think it will be better hot, with milk and sugar.

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1473 tasting notes

Amazing. Utterly amazing. Took a mug of this iced to see The Avengers yesterday and I was distracted from the movie several times by the tastiness of it. So good, so creamy, so perfect. I look forward to trying this at home with my own steeping parameters, I still don’t like the “make double strong and then ice” method, but I understand that’s how they have to do it to be able to make iced tea on demand.


How do you make it? I’m trying to learn more about making iced tea and don’t know any other ways than “make double strong then ice” and cold-brewing.

Daisy Chubb

Ah exciting! Any tips for sneaking tea into The Avengers? I’m interested ;)


Erin, in the past I’ve made it up the night before and placed it in the fridge, but now my preferred method is cold steeping. Daisy, I have one of those vacuum-sealed travel mugs, so I just threw it in my purse.

Daisy Chubb

Brilliance. I always go to bulk barn for my movie candies, I’ll have to start bring tea too haha. Thanks :)

Buy the Stars

I’m with you on not being a fan of the “brew double strong and then ice” method; I like making my tea ahead and then chilling it in the fridge, pouring it over ice just dilutes it too much for me most of the time. Really excited to try this tea, though! I think I might like the summer collection more than the spring collection.


I kinda feel silly for asking, but what do you mean by cold steeping?


No worries, Kesser, I’m new to it myself! For me, cold steeping is tossing some tea in a mug or pot, filling it with cold water, and then letting it sit in the fridge for a good long while, usually at least overnight. It brews the tea without ever burning it and brings out all kinds of new flavors!


I’ve never cold brewed, just because here in Australia when you really need a cold drink, immediacy is the over-riding factor! Perhaps I’ll give it a try in spring. Last summer I went with “double strong, half/two thirds water over ice” instead of the normal amount of water in the steeper. It certainly prevented any watering down when adding to ice.


I think that the double the amount and pour over ice might have been why mine wasn’t as good today. I mean, it was tasty, but I think I would have been happier with Tropicalia or Perfect Pear iced instead. I think that SS will be brilliant hot, with a touch of milk and sugar to bring out the creamy sweetness. And I’ll have to look at trying it iced my way too.

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709 tasting notes

Picked up some of this and Perfect Pear today as a Sunday treat – Happy long weekend to any fellow Nova Scotians!! The smell of this was quite appetizing, though not quite shortcake. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never had brittle (other than peanut brittle) and I don’t understand what its place would be in strawberry shortcake.

We steeped this about three minutes, to avoid potential bitterness and also to avoid too much sweetness. This smells like a sweet assault in the dry leaf, even though the sales girl said this is one that isn’t too sweet – I find my opinion on that note tends to differ. Anyway, it smelled lovely when steeped, though still not what I think of as shortcake.

The flavour was quite tasty. There was a great dael of sweetness (more than I would prefer) but I assume that all comes from the brittle. The beau and I both agreed that this might be a bit better with extra TEA under it all, so I think that the next time I will try it with a bit of extra black tea from one of my many samples and see if that lessens the sugar load. There was strawberry flavour, which was great, and if the sugary taste could be diminished, this could be a re-buy. I will need to work with it first, but I hope this can be redeemed a bit more.

This is one of those very rare teas that I would love to try iced – I think the sweetness of the brittle would lend itself to iced tea. Might try it cold brewed if there is enough left after a bit of re-working.

By the way, strawberry shortcake at my house tends to be a homemade biscuit topped with fresh mashed strawberries (a hint of sugar in them if they are too tart) and freshly whipped cream. I want some!!

Daisy Chubb

Whoo – Happy Long Weekend indeed!

I’ll have some of that homemade shortcake too if there’s any left? ;)

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137 tasting notes

I’ve fallen out of love with this, a bit. I think next time I’ll do a 4 min steep, because at 5 min it was pretty bitter. I like my black tea to be strong, so 5 min is my standard, but this one can’t handle it. I added a bit of cream and sugar and it was drinkable.

Aside from the bitterness, I’m starting to find the nutty brittle taste a little fakey and overwhelming. I wish they had have gone for a cream note rather than the brittle to get the feeling of strawberry shortcake.

I’m almost done my packet, and I won’t be overly sad to see it go. It’s tasty, and I enjoyed it for a while, but it’s not something I’d want to drink regularly.

Daniel Scott

I agree. It took me a few cups, but I wasn’t a fan of this one in the end.


I ended up with a sample of this one in my past two orders. I liked it soooo much better cold steeped, but I wouldn’t buy it still.


Not a fan either! You are right, all I get is that fake bitter aftertaste. I don’t even mind bitterness in a good tea but this one is part of the latest chimichal tasting teas I did not enjoy from DT’s…Though I still enjoy many teas from them, they have put on the market a great deal of new teas that I really dislike, way too much artificial flavors. But I can’t help keep on trying them all as they come out for some reason. I still love DT but aside from a few exceptions such as Blueberry Jam, I much prefer their older teas, that I sill buy and have on regular basis.


Thanks for the tip, Amanda! I think I’ll try cold steeping the rest of what I have, and see if I like it any better.

I agree, bitterness isn’t always the worst thing but I HATE when bitterness clashes with sweet flavours. Ugh, it gives me the shudders just thinking about it. I too wish DT would stop with all the weird floaties and artificial flavours! I had almost given up on trying their new blends because they were all just too much, but then every once in a while a real gem comes along, like the blueberry jam that you mentioned! I could swim in that stuff. You never really know when they’re going to come out with something really great. Have you tried any of the new mate or guayusa blends yet? I’m intrigued, but wary…

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