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I’ve dropped off this site for so long, but I just got back from the Seattle Tea Festival, and looking at my haul has made me realize I need Steepster’s cupboard tool just to keep track of it (along with all the little samples that have been accumulating in the drawers).

This is a very pleasant fall tea, the apple comes through beautifully though I don’t taste a lot of the caramel. Sweet and smooth.

Flavors: Apple

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drank Lemon & Ginger by Ahmad Tea
663 tasting notes

This is awful and I don’t know why. How do you mess up lemon and ginger? But there’s something so chemical going on with it that it gave me a headache.

Flavors: Chemical, Lemon

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Nice but nothing extraordinary. The peach sits nicely with the base (which is decently smooth) and tastes natural.

Flavors: Peach

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This was a lovely blend of tropical flavors, to the point where I couldn’t really pick out the mango, coconut, or passionfruit that were supposedly in here but I definitely got bright, fruity notes. Kind of pricey (at $10 an oz.) for what it is, but the shop caters to tourists and everything on the island seems high.

Flavors: Tropical Fruit

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drank Lemon Kandy by teakruthi
663 tasting notes

Finally got around to drinking some of my accumulating but neglected loose leaf tea, and felt it deserved a note. I quite like how the lemon flavor is handled here, the lemon is convincing but has a touch of sweetness. The teakruthi teas in general seem a little on the weak side though, and I always find myself using more leaf than I normally would, so not sure what that’s about.

In other news, Inktober has started and I’m not sure why I do this to myself, but I guess I just wanted an excuse to draw my favorite book characters. Already tired though. https://www.instagram.com/p/CF2vTUsByKt/


Loved the sketch!


Thank you!


Wow! Cool sketch!


I love that drawing. I really need to read ’Where’d You go Bernadette’ already! It’s on the creaking shelves…


Thank you, @ashmanra & @tea-sipper! And yes, it’s such a cool book, well worth the time!

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drank Southern Malt by teakruthi
663 tasting notes

I have been in a tea-drinking rut for months now (the same things over and over, didn’t really seem worth posting about) but I finally made a little effort and ordered in some new loose leaf. I thought this tea shipped out of Canada, but it actually arrived straight from the source, Sri Lanka.

I’ve been enjoying this one a lot. It’s slightly on the light side, but still has a rich malty flavor. I couldn’t really pick up the raisin notes that others have commented on, but I just started the bag and it often takes me a few attempts to taste all the aspects of a tea.

Also, shameless plug: I got a tea tray printed up with one of my digital paintings and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I’m always dubious about ordering things from the printers but they did a great job. https://www.instagram.com/p/CB6RTMeharK/


Your tea tray is so beautiful! I love the colors.


Thank you, @Shae & @mrmopar! I’m pretty psyched about it :)


That is a beautifully calming photo!


Welcome back!

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drank Earl Grey by Harney & Sons
663 tasting notes

I’ve been terrible for months about logging my teas, work distracts me, not just from logging in but from being adventurous in my tea drinking. This is an old stand by that I keep coming back to, easy to steep and hard to mess up. I hope everyone in the community is well and, trite as this may sound under the circumstances, that we can all keep getting our favorite teas. A comforting beverage helps a lot in stressful times.


Comfort teas, comfort books, comfort TV … all good and very necessary right now! I’ve been going heavy on the old faithful cuppas myself.


Glad to hear it!

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Picked this up in a boxed collection from T.J.Maxx. While I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, it’s pretty decent for bagged tea, and considering what a hodgepodge T.J.Maxx is, I think I lucked out.

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This was kindly sent as a sample in my recent order. I don’t think I’m ever going to be an Assam convert — honestly, I guess I LIKE a bit of bitterness and heft in my black tea — but this was very smooth and seemed (in my very non-expert opinion) like a nicely-done Assam.

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Just got the fresh spring harvest of this in, and as always it’s a soothing delight. I’m not really noticing any different notes from previous harvests, but my stash of those are LONG gone, so it’s not like I can compare them side by side. Glad to have this in the cupboard again.

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