85 Tasting Notes

drank Sunset In Seattle by Market Spice
85 tasting notes

One of my favorites. Both times i recieved it in a tea swap from inkling. thank you! i love it so much. i am not usually into anything that contains mint, but it doesnt overpower the other flavors here, the vanilla adds this delicious sweet creaminess that is truly divine. even if you dont like mint or dont generally like herbals, you just may like this! i just am bummed it contains hyssop because that isnt recommended during pregnancy so i can only have a few sips :/

Flavors: Cream, Herbs, Vanilla

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drank Caramel Shortbread by DAVIDsTEA
85 tasting notes

Soooo after reading all the reviews, I decided to be little miss innovative! I went through my entire sample and picked out all the fruits that looked like sour cherries (they looked like craisins) lol. There werent many, but what was left was mostly nuts and apple pieces I think. I then added agave. YUM YUM YUM. It tastes exactly how it smells! There is a small small bite to it from the apple/fruit, but the buttery nutty yumminess is there! YAY! I steeped a small sample bag (the kind that comes with the order when you order online) in a 10-12oz mug with near-boiling water for 6 mins. Perfection !

Flavors: Butter, Caramel, Cookie, Fruity, Nutty


I just want to add, I didnt realize what willow bark is. Apparently its a component in this tea. It is described as being similar to aspirin. Im allergic to aspirin….so I dont think I can drink anymore of this tea according to what I googled. Just wanted to throw that out there to warn others who have an allergy. I hope to God I dont break out in hives lol.

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drank Wake Me Up, Scotty! by 52teas
85 tasting notes

I can’t believe I never reviewed this when it was around! Ive been thinking about this tea lately, because it was SO yummy. I miss it :( I hope it makes a return someday. The butterscotch, vanilla, and marshmallow flavors definitely came through. The black tea used was bold, I personally would request a lighter variety so that the flavors could come out even more- but either way it was great. I hope I get a chance to taste it again someday!

Flavors: Astringent, Butterscotch, Cream, Marshmallow, Vanilla

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drank Chestnut by Adagio Teas
85 tasting notes

I love chestnuts. I wanted so much more from this tea. Its so bland and lacking to me. I still dont know what people are smelling, because the smell to me is extremely faint. Maybe I’m just used to DAVIDsTEA, 52 Teas, A Quarter to Tea—-theyre so much bolder with their flavoring than Adagio is. And I think I’m not a fan of Adagio’s black tea, like the leaves they use- for me it just overpowers the flavors! Its too bold. They either need to use a different type of black tea or up their flavoring. Idk but this just wasn’t that great. Oh and the picture of the blend here on Steepster isn’t accurate. There are no chestnuts in the actual blend- its just black tea leaves.

Flavors: Astringent, Tea

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Adagio has been disappointing me lately. They dont add enough flavor to the flavored blends! For example Earl Grey Moonlight- the black tea totally overpowers the vanilla/cream component. Their black tea is STRONG and bitter and bold. And the vanilla/cream just gets lost! Adagio has great prices and I love the ability to make your own custom blends, but their flavor is just lacking. They need to add more flavoring to these because it just gets lost.

Mastress Alita

I have been really disappointed by Adagio lately, too. I’m finding the teas hit or miss, and often the flavor is either waaaaay too strong and overpowering to the point of being syrupy and sickening sweet and offputting, or as you say here, there isn’t enough, and it’s this shot-in-the-dark gamble every time. Some of the custom blends are all right, but it seems that is because the blends hold up better to that “gamble”… and even then, sometimes the custom blends don’t always come out the same, with one tea in the blend dominating all the others one time, but not the next time I order it. I’ve been overall really disappointed with the Adagio teas I’ve been trying lately… and this is one of the ones I had been curious about!

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drank Toffee Popcorn by True Tea Club
85 tasting notes

Holy crap. The smell of this tea is good enough to eat. Nutty, sweet, salty, with the tiniest faint hint of fruity but just barely. Mostly nutty/salty/caramel…And omg you guys…please listen to me…PLEASE listen. This is the most delicious tasting tea I’ve ever had in my entire life. I dont say that lightly. Please try this..please. I paid for international shipping and I’m gonna do it again because this is so good. It tastes like an actual biscotti cookie- not like biscotti flavored tea, but like the actual cookie- not cherry-like…but more of like that vanilla almond flavor but then with caramel mixed with this salty sweet smell its just unbelievable. Ive never seen anything like it. This company is pretty dang great. This is my first tea from them and i WILL be ordering more.

Flavors: Almond, Caramel, Cookie, Cream, Popcorn, Salty, Vanilla

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Normally I enjoy rooibos teas, especially because usually you can’t really detect it much. But there is something very herbal tasting or maybe savory tasting about this blend that I’m going to attribute to the rooibos. I personally think it would be better with honeybush. The smell of the dry leaf is literally as if I’m smelling a box of chocolate orange truffles. So dang good. But there is something in the taste, I think the rooibos that is off-putting to me. I think the orange is there, and I think cocoa is there, and in that respect its good. I just think the rooibos itself is bothering me. Maybe ill play around with the steep times/leaf amount next time!

UPDATE- i used a little less leaf the next time, added milk and some agave and that weird taste I was experiencing definitely faded. I must have been having an off day lol. I give this a thumbs up, when brewed correctly and mixed with milk & sugar!

Flavors: Chocolate, Orange, Rooibos, Wood

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drank Foggy Coconut by 52teas
85 tasting notes

So before I start reviewing this I want to write a disclaimer: My nose is stuffy, my throat is iffy, and my tongue is burnt. So my tastebuds are seriously dulled right now. I really like this tea though, even though I dont think the flavor is strong. I had my boyfriend taste it though, and he said he could definitely taste the coconut. The earl grey was nice though- again, dulled. But thats not the tea’s fault. Even so, its there- and I dont know why but to me earl grey kind of tastes like lemon cake. And then there’s a creamy hint of vanilla. And I know the coconut is there I just can’t taste it right now. Im definitely saving the rest of my sample though, and try it again after I’m feeling better.

Update- Yes, my tastes were off because this blend is really good. Its funny because I tried an earl grey vanilla/cream from a different company and dumped it without even finishing the cup because wow the black tea was so bold and bitter and there was NOT enough vanilla or cream flavor. So after being disappointed by that I decided to try Foggy Coconut again. And I’m really glad I did because its much better than the first time! Im still getting that yummy lemony/citrus cake flavor that I usually get with Earl Grey’s and I love. But the coconut has come through MUCH more than the first time around. I do add a drop of milk along with a little agave to add some creaminess. My ONLY suggestion here would be to keep to the original recipe, but add just a SMIDGE more vanilla and coconut. But I feel like I’m one of those people that ALWAYS thinks something needs “more” flavor. Im the same way with candles lol, I always say that they could have added more scent to them. I guess I’m one of those people thats always like “more more more” haha. Thats my only complaint though, otherwise, its a great tea and I did order more!

Flavors: Cake, Citrus, Coconut, Cream, Lemon, Vanilla

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My name is Sophia and I’m a mother to a beautiful baby girl, with another girl on the way Feb 2018 !

My Favorite Kinds of Flavors- Nuts, Spice, Almond/Sweet Almond, Vanilla, butterscotch, Coconut, Pumpkin, Marshmallow, Matcha/Green/Vegetal, Rooibos/honeybush, fruit infusions, chamomile

Things I dislike- Cherry, Lapsang Souchong, hot/peppery/peppercorn, bitter black tea, dark chocolate, turmeric, ginger, cumin


Portsmouth, NH



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