6 Tasting Notes

drank Yerba Mate Mix by Custom
6 tasting notes

Overnight Fridge Tea at it’s best!!!

My Overnight Coca Tea technique is what I use for Maté. In Seattle there isn’t much sun, outside of the summer, to make sun porch tea, so I came up with a overnight fridge tech.

Just fill a Gallon or more jug with cold water, immerse stainless steel ball with 4 (four) Tablespoons of Maté, (used two roasted, two raw), place in fridge and try to sleep with the anticipation of tomorrow mornings brew.

This process also is amazing with coffee.


Iced 8 min or more

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Roasted Mate is apparently unheard of outside of South America.

It is completely free of bitterness, and you can tell that it has a high level of Theobromine in it- AS IT TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE ON THE PALATE!!!

Yummy. It is weird to me that regular raw mate would have been introduced to the United States first. I would have brought this to people first as it seems way more palatable, in fact it is much easier to have people try this as their first taste of Mate.


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Delicious and delicate, with a great after taste.

Shorter steeps and lower temps helps this lose astringency and allow for multiple steeping.

Only thing that could make this better is if it had some infused Ginseng! =0


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First some Dead Guy Whiskey, then some Daily Red wine.

How to finish the night?

Some of most delicious tea the great spirit could ferment for us: pu-er, and it’s certified organic!


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I like it. Pu-erh is one of my favorite.

Life is too short to drink tea from a bag.



Truer words have never been spoken!

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What can I say about Ginseng Oolong? Great alternative to coffee when you need a break- great synergy with coffee, as well, cause it keeps the shakes away.

Not to mention that a little of this before any night on the town drinking will stave off hangovers.

Usually get 7 infusions, which leads me to keep infusion 1, 3, 5 and 7 set aside in a jug for the fridge for ice tea, while I drink 2, 4, 6.

Not to mention 7 soaks with some flying saucers mixed in makes a great Saturday night…


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I am nothing more then a temporarily manifested physical nanobot- inhibited by the great spirit; here to process or consume all that I can, before I myself, become food for the things I consume.

Until that day, if it has chemicals in it and I can consume it: Nom Nom Nom!!!


Queen City



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