30 Tasting Notes

drank Raspberry Vanilla by Yumchaa
30 tasting notes

Finally getting to one of my samples from EmilyGee. Thanks for sending this to me.

Sad to say I tried to make this at work and I a. dumped a bunch of the leaves on my desk and b. got distracted with customers and might have oversteeped….

Smells yummy in the bag… HOWEVER I took one sip of this and immediately regretted it. Maybe I don’t like raspberry flavouring (I hope not… just bought 50g of a raspberry vanilla from a local tea shop), but all I could taste was robitussin cough syrup. YUCK. I attempted a second sip and just couldn’t do it. Down the drain this goes!

I appreciate the sample Emily! However I just cant do this tea :(

Flavors: Medicinal


Oh no </3 I’m sorry you didn’t like it! :(

Megan Low

Its no worries! I’ve heard of people thinking rooibos tasted medicinal. Its never happened to me before until this one! But its no big deal! I’ve gotta have a few bad teas or else I would buy all the teas everywhere haha!

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drank Apple Custard by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

One of my favourites from the winter collection this year! So delicious. Its fruity, sweet and such a good dessert tea. I actually cold steeped this in milk the other night… OH MY GOODNSSAMAZING! I’m not a huge milk drinker, but with this tea steeped with milk I could drink milk all day. It was a sweet delicious milky treat!

Wishing I had bought more of this. I’m going to need to savour my 50g.

Flavors: Apple, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla

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Another one from my tea desire advent calender! I find these are easy to take to work as theyre already made into a tea bag, however this one is kinda yuck tasting to me. Don’t know how else to describe it… haha

The tea bag it self smelled nice and orange like. However upon steeping the orange turned into what I would consider an orange cleaner/medicine like smell and the taste was just odd. I mean it wasnt undrinkable but I would NOT drink it again. Also left a weird after tate in my mouth that I need to steep another tea to get rid of.

Flavors: Orange Zest

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So sad this is no longer available at Starbucks. This has been my go to tea latte for years!! And of course being a tea newb back then it never occurred to me that instead of paying $4+ per drink, to just buy the tin and make them myself. The fact that Teavana took over Starbucks recently and swapped out the Tazo tea was the ‘kick in the butt’ I needed to purchase the tin. To be honest I have 3 tins of this at home… Whoops. It was hard to come by so I wanted to stock up!

I’m happy I stocked up as I love this tea! I tried it as just a straight plain tea tonight and it was still delicious (even though I’m used to the latte version). Its got sort of an apple=y taste. Not just straight vanilla but delicious none the less and will always be a favourite. Going to try it as a home made latte next time :)

It tastes rather sweet and most of all like … Vanilla Rooibos Parfait: one of a kind!

Flavors: Apple, Rooibos, Vanilla

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drank Vanilla Deluxe by Tea Desire
30 tasting notes


Found this in my tea desire advent calendar and its just straight up black tea. I steeped for the 3 to 5 mins, closer to 5 as I’m at work and easily get distracted. However I know it was no more than 5. Sad, this was bitter and gross, no vanilla what so ever. A definite tea fail. I couldn’t even finish the cup :(

5 min, 0 sec

:( I’m hunting for the perfect vanilla tea, and it seems most turn out less than even tolerable. Apparently vanilla is a hard tea flavour to pin down?

Megan Low

I’ve heard that as well! I’m on the hunt for a good one. I picked up about 3 other vanilla teas that I need to test out. I enjoy tazo vanilla rooibos, however its more like appley pie sorta flavour. Hard to describe but its definitely not like vanilla vanilla. But I enjoy that one :)

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drank Baked Apple by Tea Desire
30 tasting notes

So upon cleaning out my tea cupboard I found a Tea desire advent calendar tucked into the back. This advent calendar is from last year and I clearly forgot about it. Excited I opened it up and dumped all the packets into my ‘tea sample bowl’.

I didn’t fish too much as this one was on top and caught my eye. Baked apple. I immediately thought of baked apple pie and upon steeping this is exactly what it smelled like! Cinnamon and apple. Mmm so good!Simple but delicious. I feel like nothing over powered the other and this was a really enjoyable cup of tea.

I’m sure this is a holiday tea, and I highly doubt any is left at my local store, so looks like I’ll need to remember and purchase this for next winter.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon

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Found this in my cupboard today… no idea how old it is, but its bagged tea. Bagged tea cant go bad right… right?!

Anyways I took two tea bags to work and threw them both into a cup. This tea is so-so, no wonder its been hiding in my cupboard. This is a take it or leave it kinda tea. Its weak and I had to add both sugar and milk to make it drinkable. I really like teas that I can drink straight. I mean its fine for a bagged black tea and with milk and sugar, however I guess I’m a tea snob now and like my loose leaf. Loose leaf is just way more flavourful. Sorry bagged tea! I couldn’t taste any vanilla in this :(

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Okay no rating for this yet. I want to try it at home (I’m at work at the moment) and possibly as a latte…

This tea smells AMAZING! And its so adorable. I love the little stars, shiny balls and marshmallows. However once I steeped this I got a coffee smell… weird! And uh oh cause I HATE coffee :( So disappointing. I’m not sure if I over steeped as I got distracted with a customer for a few mins, or if that’s just how this tea goes. Upon tasting it I got small hints of marshmallow and very little caramel and a whole lotta black tea. Boo!

I really wanted to love this because it smells amazing and its adorable! Upon reading some reviews It seems that others have noted it can be finicky. So maybe on the next steep It’ll be better.

Nevertheless thank you Ost for the sample!

Side Note: I’m starting to notice my taste buds aren’t too fond of black tea lately… I honestly thought black tea was a favourite, however with experimenting more and branching out, lately I’m finding myself enjoying rooibos and herbals much more and finding that blacks are all tasting the same… And by the same I mean over powering base, and somewhat bitter :(

Flavors: Caramel, Coffee, Marshmallow

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drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
30 tasting notes

I’m not an eggnog fan, and I’m glad I didn’t know this was supposed to be eggnog related because I might have shyed away (even though the name clearly has NOG in it… blonde moment for sure). MMM this is yummy! Thanks Ost for the sample, love being able to try these Della Terra Teas!

For taste, I am getting a slight woody taste, rooibos so understandable, and some cream and spices. Definitely a nice tea for the winter.

EDIT: Finished this sample up! I added some cream to my last cup and it made it so much more creamy and delicious!

Flavors: Creamy, Spices, Wood

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

OMG I forgot I had this one in the cupboard!! I got this tea almost exactly a year ago today! January 14th, 2014! Crazy!

Lets just say I was super excited when I found this the other day. Sipping on a cup at work and I just LOVE the glitter. I enjoy that my tea is sparkly! Makes the tea so fun. Its like a fairy in a cup… if that makes any sense at all. As for taste I’ve mentioned before I’m not a chai drinker and this reminds me of chai but not at the same time. To me its like a yummy chai! I really enjoy the clovey, orangey, vanilla taste. MMMM good!

However I wouldn’t drink this all the time, its a nice surprise to be in my cupboard and I will savour the last few cups randomly throughout this month and next.

Flavors: Clove, Orange, Vanilla


Oooh I love chai tea, I’ll have to try this time the next time I’m in David’s – sounds delicious!

Megan Low

Definitely try it! Its delicious and so pretty with the sparkles. I’m pretty positive when I bought it the only reason I bought it was because the girl told me it sparkled and I was pretty new to tea last year :P Sparkly tea count me in! Haha.

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Open to Tea Swaps :)

I’m a 23 year old tea drinking travel enthusiast. Currently I am finishing my bachelor of tourism management degree, due to graduate June 2015. Along with travelling & tea, I LOVE dogs!

Currently I am a mom to 2 ‘fur babies’. I have a blue heeler border collie cross who will be 2 at the end of February 2015, and a 8 month old red heeler (born May, 2014). Technically the red is only half mine as she is really my fathers dog, however I take care of her about 70% of the time :). My dogs are my world! However someday I would love to have human children as well. My boyfriend of 5 years doesn’t understand my need for real babies and/or my obsession with tea!

As for tea, I have slowly become an addict over the past year. My addiction all started with my first purchase at DavidsTea, and well the rest is history… Lets just say I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard and overflowing to the counter.

I am still fairly new to tea, however I have come to discover that my favourite kinds are:
1. Rooibos
2. Herbal
3. Black (however just recently I’ve come to find these teas not as flavourful as I would like)

I mainly shop DavidsTea as I have not been able to branch myself out much further, however I am open to suggestions and also TEA SWAPS!

Rating scale:

1 to 25 —> Undrinkable. YUCK!

26 to 50 —> Really not a fan.

51 to 69 —> Decent. Not something I will need to keep on hand.

70 to 85 —> Yummmmm! Definitely drinkable and potential for permanent shelf stock.

86 to 100 —> AMAZING. Always keeping on stock on my shelf!!


Vancouver Island, BC



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