24 Tasting Notes

drank Geisha Beauty by Sanctuary T
24 tasting notes

had a nice bowl of pasta for lunch and was hoping to wash it down with something sweet and refreshing! i bought this tin of tea a few months ago and have been looking for a good time to try it out. i love the blend of green and black teas with the subtle fruit flavor. whereas some artisinal blends loose the essential flavors of the tea itself, this one did not shame the leaves while also adding a touch of floral and fruit!

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After lunch (or if I am quite frank, all day), I have been craving something sweeet! So attempting to practice some self control, I grabbed myself a cup of tea. As it is summer, I am trying a bunch of fruity “herbal infusions,” which is something I try to stay away from in all other seasons.

So I tried out this sample that I had of German tea. I wasn’t sure how it would taste but the first thing i noticed were the freeze dried oranges! I was happy to actually see fruit in this infusion… .nonetheless the flavor itself was disappointing… it wasn’t bad (don’t get me wrong) it just did not live up to its smell…

Although the citrus was nice it could have used a little more grapefruit flavor… the orange was dominating. Not ecstatic but this will do for now. A different cup in the afternoon…

Sanctuary T

Hey jessica! If you want a good citrus tea that does not sacrifice any flavor try out our Tangerine Dream tea which is actually a green tea with a nice citrus flavor.

So rather than sacrificing tea for fruitiness, why don’t you try getting the best of both worlds! http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/leaf/tangerine-dream.html

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drank Coconut by Adagio Teas
24 tasting notes

i was craving something sweet and cold so i brewed this tea and added a dash of coconut milk. it was nice and refreshing but i feel like there could have been more of a punch…


Just saw your post here.. never thought of using coconut milk. Which brand do you use, fresh or canned, and how is it different/better than milk/cream?

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i have many thoughts but for sake of simplicity and honesty, i am keeping the description to this tea in one phrase:

this is why you drink loose leaf.

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drank Berryblossom White by Tazo
24 tasting notes

i am not a fan of tazo at all. when it first came out i was impressed with its packaging and interesting flavors (particularly passion tea), but later as starbucks continued to push the line… my enjoyment of the tea declined. more importantly the quality of the leaf is lacking….

regardless, i did enjoy this tea’s ability to conjure up a strong blueberry flavor that reminded me of blueberry muffins! i couldn’t taste the cranberries so much, but i do think that it did its job as a fruity white tea… and pretty good for tazo

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Egh. it was one of those mornings when you wake up too early and you can’t fall back asleep… well for those deep sleepers out there i guess that is pretty unimaginable, and i am envious. But yes, it was one of those mornings. As a result I ended up eating three cream puff pastries… and was wanting something wheat-like but instead continued on my sweet tooth rage by brewing a fruity black tea.

I was automatically a little off put by the fact that the aroma was not too strong and there were no bits of real fruit in the loose leaf mix. After a slight steep you could smell the hint of apricot more than the peach… and the taste was more black than fruity. I guess that is good for me as those cream pastries were too sweet anyways, but if i grabbed this tea on a day I was craving a fruity kick of goodness I would have been disappointed.

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drank Market Spice Tea by Market Spice
24 tasting notes

There is one spice in the world that will always make me smile and that I will always crave…. dum dum dum CINNAMON! gah! i love cinnamon anything and everything so perhaps that is why my rating for this tea is a bit biased. Nonetheless I must say that this tea is a delicious dessert for the day! No sweetening needed because it is naturally so sweet… And let me tell you if you smell the box well you are going to get a big strong whiff of a cinnamon stick… in a good way.

Although I loved the smell, which was reminiscent of the holidays, and I loved the packaging, I think that the quality of the leaves could have been better. But all in all it was the perfect afternoon cup


Interesting that you crave something you only give a 64. I miss Seattle SO MUCH!


Ha ha I know I think it is because I eat/drink so many cinnamon things that my standard for cinnamon is high! in particular i have been adding cinnamon to my peanut butter sandwiches and then washing it down with a cup of ginger tea!

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drank Sakurambo by Lupicia
24 tasting notes

Lupicia is probably one of my favorite tea bag companies because they do not sacrifice the quality of the leaf because of the packaging. I wanted something strong but fruity. The first thing that I noticed was the red cherries. I enjoyed the smell but I must agree with the other posts that the competing flavors was a bit too much for me. The first few sips were enjoyable but after that I think that my tastebuds were a bit confused.

The tea overall was okay but I feel like it could have been a more simple blend.

2 min, 45 sec

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drank Watermelon by Sanctuary T
24 tasting notes

So, I am not normally an herbal infusion fanatic (fruit blends that have no tea leaves in them whatsoever) but since the weather is hot and I can’t eat icecream all the time, I have been trying out some fruity ways to make a refreshing tea drink.

I tried this out with a friend after shopping in Soho and I really loved it. Rather than adding a splash of lemonade I added sprite and some wine to make a sangria like watermelon tea…. the tea on its own is also delicious but this a great mix up!

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drank Iced Green Teabags by Den's Tea
24 tasting notes

So, I am not a big tea bag person because you can tell that most of the tea bag leaves have gone through the crush and tear process…. but I was impressed that the tea leaves (for green tea) were at a moderate to good level.

I must say this was a convenient way to have an iced tea ready to go during my morning rush! It was great not sweetened but surely a different quality from drinking loose leaf green tea. Still, if you need a quick iced green tea with a good flavor I would recommend this teabag


Question for you! :)
I recently tried one of these iced tea bags…the first time I glanced at it I thought it said 60 seconds! Come to find out it said 60 MINUTES…what did you do for yours!? Just curious…


I actually had that problem the first time I tried an iced tea bag that said only 60 seconds… egh (completely not true!).. so I did a half and half… of warmer water then let it steep for 4 minutes and then added freezing water. I think the warmer water simply helped open up the leaves a bit

but yeah, I must say that was one qualm I had that I should have mentioned in my note.

p.s. I love all your postings! I just joined and I have been doing a summer project/adventure of my own where I try out at least one tea a day and write about it… sort of a journal of my own! But your posts give me so many ideas


Welcome!!! You will LOVE it here!!! :P

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i have traveled all my life, but the one constant food/drink that has followed me around is tea. now that i am settling down in new york city (settling down meaning for a few years), i have an urge to somehow record and remember all the cups of tea and my thoughts around them.

as i have been lucky to try a diverse range of teas from around the world, my ratings are a bit tough… but they are honest. i always prefer loose leaf teas (as the leaf quality is better) and my favorite pure tea has to be green tea. i enjoy a good blend but it has to be creative!

here are my ranks:

1-10: why is this even labeled as tea?

11-20: okay, at least there is some effort

21-40: i would drink it if there was nothing else in my fridge

41-60: good but not holding my attention.

61-70: flavor and aroma are distracting me in a good way!

71-90: delicious! i come back for a second round

91-100: too good to read while drinking. addicting. like a secret that i want to keep or tell the world. that is how good this tea is!


new york city

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