Egh. it was one of those mornings when you wake up too early and you can’t fall back asleep… well for those deep sleepers out there i guess that is pretty unimaginable, and i am envious. But yes, it was one of those mornings. As a result I ended up eating three cream puff pastries… and was wanting something wheat-like but instead continued on my sweet tooth rage by brewing a fruity black tea.

I was automatically a little off put by the fact that the aroma was not too strong and there were no bits of real fruit in the loose leaf mix. After a slight steep you could smell the hint of apricot more than the peach… and the taste was more black than fruity. I guess that is good for me as those cream pastries were too sweet anyways, but if i grabbed this tea on a day I was craving a fruity kick of goodness I would have been disappointed.

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i have traveled all my life, but the one constant food/drink that has followed me around is tea. now that i am settling down in new york city (settling down meaning for a few years), i have an urge to somehow record and remember all the cups of tea and my thoughts around them.

as i have been lucky to try a diverse range of teas from around the world, my ratings are a bit tough… but they are honest. i always prefer loose leaf teas (as the leaf quality is better) and my favorite pure tea has to be green tea. i enjoy a good blend but it has to be creative!

here are my ranks:

1-10: why is this even labeled as tea?

11-20: okay, at least there is some effort

21-40: i would drink it if there was nothing else in my fridge

41-60: good but not holding my attention.

61-70: flavor and aroma are distracting me in a good way!

71-90: delicious! i come back for a second round

91-100: too good to read while drinking. addicting. like a secret that i want to keep or tell the world. that is how good this tea is!


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