24 Tasting Notes

drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
24 tasting notes

so after leaving the country for a bit, i am glad to say i am back to my dear tea journals on steepster! i really had to take a personal break from this type of writing, so i thought my summer break was a perfect way to do so!

i am extremely happy to say that this was a great tea to revive my steepster tasting notes with. although august is just beginning i can sense autumn on it’s way… or perhaps that is my own itching for autumn weather with warm mugs of tea…

perhaps it is that nostalgia that has driven me to make this cozy tea with a splash of soy milk! delicious!

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drank Masala Chai by Rishi Tea
24 tasting notes

mid afternoon mini monsoon calls for a nice milky, warm blend of masala chai! sure summer isn’t the typical time people think of undertones of cinni, cloves, carda… but then again my tea cravings are far from typical. so hah.

lovely with a steep brew and whole milk. and of course brown sugar!

yes, summer rain is now movie worthy! :)


I agree! My cravings (all things, not just tea) do not change w/ the seasons… which makes me miserable temperature wise lol. There’s always iced:)

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it was 100 degrees in nyc! someone please give me frost bite! with no AC in my office i thought i was going to pass out. no worries though a quick pitcher of peppermint brought back my sanity as well as my coworkers’!

sure you can have any peppermint tea because it is such a “typical” tea. but honestly this tea is different. pure. clear. crisp. like a breeze of fresh winter in a good way.

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after my 4 day hiatus from tea note writing, this tea makes me want to jot down some comments. first of all, the tin was a pain to open. upon prying it with a kitchen knife, i was floored to smell a mix of fruity and floral flavor! with the weather in nyc rising to 100, i decided to ice this white tea and enjoyed myself a solid cup of iced tea.

this is noteworthy! midnight blue is quite lovely

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a middle ground okay lukewarm whole leaf green tea…
i enjoyed a nice warm cup of this right before lunch, but after 3 sips i realized that this tea was sort of like bland cereal—it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. yes, that grassy flavor was there but it wasn’t really the I CANT STOP DRINKING THIS (in a good way) type of reaction i was hoping for.

not bad. but not good.
bland cereal tea.
at least it is fair trade

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monday morning blues after quite a weekend: ze solution :::::: green tea powder? rushed out the door and didn’t have time to steep a tea so i tried this sample out.
while the flavor did not rival that of true loose leaf greens, this gave me a quick boost and made my mood a little more jovial…

good taste for powder. i can imagine that this would taste deeelicious sprinkled onto vanilla icecream! i guess i will save that for tonight’s dessert!

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after the disappointing floral taste in the “oasis” green tea floral blend, this conventional tea bag looking tea has a nice kick of jasmine. good thing i do love jasmine tea although i was a bit disappointed with the overpowering of the more earthy flavors of the green tea…

all in all though a nice afternoon booster.

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yes! nomnomnom. 3 rounds necessary


Hooray! Better tea :D

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drank Oasis by Tea Forte
24 tasting notes

wow! welcome to nyc’s horrible transit line. woke up with 3 snoozes, the subway didn’t stop at my normal stop so i had to grab a cab so i wouldn’t be late to work. i know this is supposed to be a “tea note” but of course i am ranting because who wants a thursday morning like that ! geez. so to calm myself down i listened to some good old david bowie and am making myself a cup o tea.

hmmm maybe this wasn’t the best choice to brighten my day. i thought the floral would do a nice pick me up but i wasn’t too stunned with the flavor. it wasn’t really green and it wasn’t really floral. it was hardly and oasis… meh i guess i will have to revert to my favorite genmaicha later.


So sorry about the crap day :( I hope that it got better and that you did indeedy-doodle have some better tea!

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Funny how I mention every time that i don’t really love fruit infusions, but end up drinking them constantly in the summer. I think it is because after a good hardy meal I want something light, crisp and sweet. So of course today I opted for a “mango” flavored tea. I don’t know how many people have tried Indian Mango Lassi (a type of mango smoothing that is typically served in many Indian restaurants), but I was craving one and so I decided to go for the mango tea instead.

To my sad dismay this tea was more sour than sweet. Mayhaps the sourness was coming from the attempt to imitate “yoghurt” but nonetheless it was a disappointment. I ended up drinking it iced any ways…. O well


I was wondering if Lassi was a smoothie, I just know I wasn’t thrilled w/ the cuisine and the chai was nasty.


aww that is sad; if you enjoy mangoes i must recommend mango black by thepuritea it’s juicy tasting!


Now you’ve got me wanting to get mango lassi the next time I’m at the nice Indian restaurant the boyfriend and I go to often. :D


@ amazonV: i will definitely try that! maybe splash in a bit of coconut milk! i have been obsessed with adding coconut milk to my tea lately!

@jillian: mango lassi deprivation. be wary… once you crave, it must be appeased!


I’ll consider myself warned. :D

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i have traveled all my life, but the one constant food/drink that has followed me around is tea. now that i am settling down in new york city (settling down meaning for a few years), i have an urge to somehow record and remember all the cups of tea and my thoughts around them.

as i have been lucky to try a diverse range of teas from around the world, my ratings are a bit tough… but they are honest. i always prefer loose leaf teas (as the leaf quality is better) and my favorite pure tea has to be green tea. i enjoy a good blend but it has to be creative!

here are my ranks:

1-10: why is this even labeled as tea?

11-20: okay, at least there is some effort

21-40: i would drink it if there was nothing else in my fridge

41-60: good but not holding my attention.

61-70: flavor and aroma are distracting me in a good way!

71-90: delicious! i come back for a second round

91-100: too good to read while drinking. addicting. like a secret that i want to keep or tell the world. that is how good this tea is!


new york city

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