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Walking home yesterday my umbrella busted in a windgust, and so I used it as an excuse to justify popping into the mall to pick up this tea. Blueberries are a favourite of mine and I tend to love them in tea, so I was super excited about it. It was my first cup this morning and mmmm what a nice way to wake up. This is a true blueberry flavour, and it is a strong one. There is still a hint of tea flavour to it, as well. The girls in the store were drinking it today as a latte. Ugly as sin colour, but it tasted delicious! This by far surpasses any other blueberry black I’ve tried. Thank you, Davids, for finally bringing us good teas again. I was getting worried!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Pear-Lemon Panache by Teavana
440 tasting notes

Another pear tea that doesn’t stink! And it has hibiscus and yet still doesn’t suck! It doesn’t even brew pink, it brews up a pale yellow colour. The flavour to me is mostly pear, with hints of lemon. Think if you’ve cut up a pear and put it in lemon juice so it wasn’t brown by the time you at your lunch at work that afternoon. It tastes like that. I’m looking forward to trying this one iced, I think it may be even lovelier.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Swampwater by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

I think I’m addicted to this tea. In the last week I’ve made about ten liters of this and drank it all. Cold steeped, hot steeped on ice, hot, it doesn’t matter. With a dash of sugar it tastes like koolaid to me and that? Is drink heaven.

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drank Mamma Mia by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

Tried this one, hoping that the hibiscus wouldn’t kill the cinnamon baked good smell that it has dry. So far I’m not impressed, but I have some cold steeping to see if that saves it. We shall see!

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This has become one of my favourite teas, because I discovered the joy of making it into a latte with the addition of strawberry matcha. Seriously, strawberry milkshake of deliciousness and health. Double strength tea, a third a cup of milk, and one perfect matcha scoop in the blender. Yum.


Yum indeed! That sounds amazing.

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drank Raspberry Matcha by Matcha Outlet
440 tasting notes

Made this to try and kickstart my morning. While the matcha failed on that account, it was delicious enough that I could drink it as matcha rather than having to latte it. Yum.

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drank Luscious Watermelon by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

Cold steeped perfection in a cup. Yum. Had about a litre of this tonight, and didn’t even need to sweeten it since the melon is already so delicious. So very very glad that this one came back for the summer, and I am making sure I get about a pound of it before it disappears on me again!

Daisy Chubb

mm that’s something I didn’t get to do last year – cold steep!

Tina S.

It’s SO delicious done that way, especially if you let it sit a couple days first. just drained the pitcher

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drank Moroccan Mint by The Tea Haus
440 tasting notes

Brewed this one up tonight to split with De, since she’s here a-visiting this weekend. It was exactly what I needed after eating too much beef at Five Guys. The mint and green worked together to soothe and relax. Mmmm. This is still my favourite of the mint teas, no matter how many I try.

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Perfect Pear by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

I don’t hate this one! A pear tea I don’t hate! Sadly though, I don’t love it either. There is something . . . chemical in this one that I could only remove with liberal amounts of sugar. Sweetened, it was definitely a lovely pear flavour, but I am on the lookout for teas that I don’t need to sweeten to enjoy and sadly this one doesn’t quality. So no, Perfect Pear, you aren’t perfect, but you were much more pleasant than I expected.


I usually love how DT’s flavored teas taste so good without a bunch of artificial ingredients but they have disapointed me with the latest blends I have tried (refering to the cake series) Although this one claims all natural ingredients, it does have a chemical aftertaste… having said that, they have so many other good teas that I am hooked on, can’t hold a grudge!

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drank Strawberry Shortcake by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

Tried this one again, both hot and iced. Nope, not for me. The first of the sip is lovely and berry-ish but I find that it is chased after by a very strong fake chemical flavour. Looks like I’ll be ordering more Blazing Strawberries instead for my strawberry fix this year.

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An avid tea addict in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. I’m always looking for new teas and new tea addicted friends!

My preference is loose leaf of all varieties, however the occasional bagged tea can come along and charm me. Flavoured or straight, there is a good chance that I will be falling in love.


My ratings system is based on the smiley faces above the ratings scale.

0-10 — This tea didn’t get past the initial sip process. I just couldn’t bring myself to drink more, I found it so horrible.

11-50 — It made it past first sips, but as I drank a bit more I realized I really wasn’t enjoying the tea, and would never drink it again.

51-60 — I probably made it through the cup, but won’t be trying another one.

61-69 — Either it’s a mystery tea and I can’t decide if I like it or not, or it is one that I felt was purely adequate.

70-85 — These are the teas that I appreciate and/or like. If they are falling in this area they are ones that I would definitely re-buy, however are not ones that I must always have on hand. The good, but not the amazing.

86-94 — These are the favourites. My cupboard feels empty if they aren’t inside.

95-100 — Tea perfection!


GTA, Ontario, Canada

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