Alright ! We’re on to The August Tealog Catchup ! (Which will hopefully be completed in August instead of mid-September. =P )

My first cup in August was of this one as an iced tea. Well, actually no, it was a cup of Rishi’s Wuyi oolong leftover from the night before. But, this one was my first new tea of August.

Okay, so this was my second time hot steeping this Earl Grey and chilling it for iced tea. This time I steeped 3 slightly rounded teaspoons in 16oz of water then added 14oz more. I made two steeps and combined them. I think this is pretty close to the right process for hot steeping this for iced tea for me, with maybe some minor tweaks if needed.

It came out stronger. Maybe a touch too strong. I’m unsure yet. Distinctly Earl Grey and refreshing.

This will prolly be the way I use most of the rest of this Earl Grey up. It’s definitely less my cup of tea when hot. I’d had other Earls I prefer more, though this one is just fine itself. But I down it iced!


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I’m 33 years old, studying pharmacy, and have a surly cat named Bin. I love tea, coffee, beer, wine, and most things food and beverage related. I also love music, movies, reading, writing, and learning new things.

I’ve drank tea all my life but about five to six years ago, my close friend Spautz got into tea and got me more into tea. I drink black teas and tisanes/herbals most. Since receiving a variable temperature kettle from my parents for Xmas this past year, I’ve been drinking more greens, oolongs, and whites. I’m very very new to puerh. That is, I’ve had only one.

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Charleston, SC

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