Flavor profile is dominated by savory notes that hint at sweetness, but never quite get there. Primary flavors of carob, raw hazelnut, and peanut skins. Persistent slight nutty bitterness chased by carob savory and half-hearted sweetness.

There is a little whisper of dried date in there, along with coffee grounds and maybe even hints of bread pudding.

Can’t say that I recommend this one, but probably worth exploring if you are into liu bao.


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Rating info:
100 – I haven’t found the perfect tea yet!

92-95 – So good that I will purchase this tea again, guaranteed. Excellent flavor and value.

88-91 – A tea that I would consider purchasing again at some point. Great flavor and value.

85-87 – Tea that was worth the purchase and that I enjoyed drinking, although I probably won’t be purchasing it again any time soon. Flavor may have slight drawbacks, or the price might be a little expensive.

80-84 – A tea that has some good points, but falls a bit short on its price:quality ratio. Flavor is a bit mediocre.

No rating – I did not like this tea and would not drink it, given other options.


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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