I have the day off work, so upon awakening I made my way to the kitchen, fed the cat, threw the kettle on and looked through my sample collection. I was feeling like rooibos and so I grabbed this one, the only rooibos left in my little Dammann sample bag. And it’s been a while since I reviewed anything.
Upon opening the tea bag smelled strongly of olives in brine – very green, very fruity, and very reminiscent of oregano and thyme as well (please forgive me if I got my herbs mixed up, it is still so early in the morning as I’m writing this…) Given my still very limited experience with unflavoured rooibos, I was quite surprised. Once steeped, the brew has a very reddish robe (unsurprisingly) and a very nice and round smell, the herbaceous side not overpowering its sweetness.
The taste is sweet as well, but not too much, even for someone who likes their drinks unsweetened. This is the moment where the whole bouquet really gets to unfold and shine. At no point does it taste medicinal to me though, it’s really more on the food side of herbs, without tasting like any kind of herb mix I know in particular. And while I can tell that the smell from earlier for sure comes from what I’m drinking, there’s a huge difference between the smell and the taste, both in concentration and in balance. It is enjoyable until the very last sip, which I always appreciate.
The website advertises it as a drink for both adults and kids, to be drunk hot or iced. I definitely think that this could be really nice for either an afternoon tea with kids (although, have something else ready just in case, it’s still rooibos) or for a regular breakfast drink if you want to avoid cafeine. I’d have to see what I think of it when it’s cold – I might go to the shop and get another sample, in which case I’ll add an edit to this review.
All in all I recommend this rooibos to anyone who, like me, is new to rooibos and wants to see if they’d be interested to look into it more. For me that’s definitely the case: I already have a few flavoured rooibos in my all-time favourites, I’m interested in the unflavoured base – and I wonder if what I like in the flavoured ones isn’t actually the rooibos underneath… Exciting!

Flavors: Creamy, Herbs, Sweet

1 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML

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I got into tea-tasting in the summer of 2018 – before that I enjoyed tea without really thinking about it.
I like: Lapsang Souchong, that cheap Earl Grey in the morning, and teas that don’t pretend to be better than they are.
I don’t like: aromas used to hide poor quality, clearly overpriced tea, colonialist aesthetics.

I’m quite fond of a few Dammann Frères blends and I’m obsessed with Fortnum and Mason’s Lapsang.

Hit me up for tea shop recs in Alsace (France)!

My ratings:
100-90: I’m in love and drinking this forever
89-70: very good tea, will gladly drink again
69-50: pretty okay, might drink again
49-30: not convincing, probably won’t drink again
below 30: won’t drink again and do not recommend

Current obsessions: Autumn Tea, Fortnum & Mason



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