Around 23:00 (11pm), I wanted more tea, but neither sheng nor shou. Puerh will either keep me up too long or at minimum give me the most vivid and obscure dreams.

I steeped 3-4 infusions in a gaiwan, as I multitasked through the end of day reports, etc. This was a warming tea with a nice touch of the roasted process lingering on in the aftertaste. One can always know whether a tea is capable of being pushed based on the roasted notes. Dancong, from my understanding, can or can’t be pushed, all based on the level of roasting (?). I’m still working through the remaining bit of the tea this morning, but it’s petering out after 3 more infusions. It’s an overall short-lived session, but definitely inviting.

I’m certain this was from a Verdant Monthly Tea Club a long while ago. About the time we were in the process of moving. The reason that it may have been is that it was left unopened, in a storage bin with the teas I had obtained during said process and/or nearly toward the start of it.

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