I’m a fan of vanilla on all facets of its existence: the smell, the oddness of the pod, the picturesque orchid on which it grows. The history and mystique of the vanilla bean is as rich as its aroma; one of my favorite books is a history of the vanilla trade. And of course the taste! I used to make coconut milk ice cream with Madagascan vanilla beans every month for my family.
Despite its extremely difficult growing conditions and scarcity on a global scale, Madagascan vanilla is so soothing and ever present it is “plain vanilla.” It is the safe and sure option in western desserts. Challenged to pick a starting point in the dizzying array of Red Leaf Flavors, I naturally picked vanilla. Aren’t I a brave little toad? And I only spent twenty minutes picking between French or Madagascar!
This the real deal. The real vanilla bean! Every latte and crème cookie hints at the reality of this sleek and pure vanilla, matched by the clean grassiness of the matcha. I got the regular strength of flavoring since I love matcha as much as vanilla. The two most distinct flavors of my strange childhood of mixed heritage in powdered bliss! It’s just as sweet as ice cream too. Most people think matcha is quite bitter, this version is great for those who need to limit their sugar, like me.
I got into the habit of sprinkling matcha on my post-ride ice cream but I can’t enjoy ice cream in the winter. Red Leaf’s Madagascan Vanilla Matcha (available at http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/madagascar-vanilla-matcha.html) is my cold weather vanilla fix. Unfortunately hot ice cream is sickening syrupy and overwhelming. This matcha, however, it as comforting and delightful as summer ice cream. I find it interesting that Red Leaf says it’s therapeutic for anxiety, as I’ve long held the same belief, but never seen it listed as anti-anxiety in herbals. Can fault this matcha at all? Nope. This matcha is a wonderful reminder of the sweet and simple things in life that make it worth the effort.

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Daisy Chubb

This one is SO so good! Great review, I’ll have to pick some more up!

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Daisy Chubb

This one is SO so good! Great review, I’ll have to pick some more up!

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