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Sushi and a solid green tea on a Saturday night . Can’t really say more I mean it had a strong more consistant taste than other greens I’ve had before. It didn’t really smell too strong but it did smell good. Can’t go wrong with green tea and sushi , just a stellar combination, these japenese people are so smart.


That’s an old standard.


LOL what are you saying? Japanese people lost their credibility to smartness?


I know this comment was written a while ago…but fyi, gunpowder tea is a Chinese green tea. I’m half Japanese and like gunpowder tea.

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drank Citron Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

BLEH BLEH BLEH! This was gross and left the worst after taste in my mouth… Hated it. This was served and recommended to me by the person working at David ‘s tea and I mean it sounds intriguing everything about it. They said it was a perfect iced tea, so I went ahead and trusted their advice. Definitely not perfect. The taste of bitter jasmine and tart lemon ( but like not a zesty lemon, just a pungent grossness ) over rode the oolong to the point that it didn’t even taste like tea any more. Honestly, I love davids tea and the usually give great advice, but I strongly dislike this tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Consider the “like” a virtual “hug” Sorry for the epic BLEH :(


aww thanks :) This was just AWFUL!


Oh no! Sorry to hear about your fataliTEA!


awww :(

J. Sterling Smith

I completely agree. This was just one putrid tea. One of the worst I’ve had from them.

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

If your looking for a very nutty tea, this isn’t the one you should be looking at. Try forever nuts. This one is mildly nutty but not super nutty. The walnut flavor is present but still a bit empty of yo ask me. The tartiness of the pineapple over rides the nuttiness along side the coconut smell and taste. I liked it. But I was quite disapointed with the lack of nuttiness, that is all. Coconut and pineapple combine very smoothly in this one as oppsed to piña colada ( another davids tea) .

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Dangerously Toasty! Recieved this sample with the Shin-Cha that I won from the Steepster contest! Thanks for shipping to Canada Maeda-En! Why did I choose this one to try first? Because Houji-cha seemed fun to say at the time. So the tea smelled very roastey toastey a bit like coffee. It seemed very thin and seemed to seep out of the tea bag a little bit. The taste was as toasty as the pungent smell, a tad bitter and at times grassy. Very good for coffee and tea lovers a like because it has a bit of both in terms of flavoring. For a tea bag pretty impressed with the variety of flavors makes me intrigued to try the other samples sent to me!
Funny Dialogue I had with my mom after enjoying this tea:
Me: "Houji-Cha is fun to say! Houji-Cha Houji-Cha Houji-Cha!!! :) "
Mom: Well that’s nice just put your cup in the dishwash-Cha!
LOL I love my mom


I love fun-to-say tea names :) And your mom sounds like she’s absolutely wonderful :D


lmao me too thats what inticed me to drink this one first! :) she is :) haha thanks :D


Dishwash-CHALOVE IT!


LOL! Sounds like the sort of thing my mom would have said.


lol Dishwash-Cha the up and coming tea watch out! LOL :P
ahha :D

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What an interesting take on green tea! So refreshing yet so unique. It had a delicate flavor depending on how much you steep it which I believe you could play around with. The description is very true as if you over steep it gets very grassy and bitter but not in that much of a bad way, its good lightly steeped and over steeped :)
The taste was nice and elegant all around and a very floral green, which I enjoyed very much! Actually had this one while watching the sunset last night it was simply a great moment with a great tea. It had the “fried green” back taste which usually I’m not the biggest fan of but it just worked. This is my 2/4 auratea samples and I must say so far I am very pleased with how this company deals with tea. I learned so much the last couple days about teas from the regions of Taiwan it’s crazy! This particular tea is like a Taiwanese version of (Dragon Well) the popular chinese fried green. All in all this one’s up there and I drank many teas. My first steepster PERFECT score!

165 °F / 73 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hooray for a perfect score! :D

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Recieved this one today ( 1/4 ) aurateas samples! Very generous sample sizes I must add as well. Lets start with the appearance of this tea: it had big juicy looking leaves that left me curious about the flavor of the particular taiwanese oolong. The scent smelled neutral nothing really stuck out – just a normal tea smell. I began to steep as I later enjoyed this tea with my mom. The tea had a medium flavor that wasn’t too delicate yet not too pronounced. It went well as a digestive and had a nice color too it. It was a beautiful honey color that inticed me extremly! As for the flavor, it was present and pleasing. Very impressed with this taiwanese oolong! My mom enjoyed it as well which is always fun to see :) I have been drinking a lot of berry and floral teavana teas recently and this one was really a great change from that! definately not floral and berry like, just a flat out solid tea!

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One of my favorite teavana discoveries this trip! As you might know I had a week trip in Florida this past week and arrived home today. Before I left I made a stop at teavana and grabbed me one of this babies! I like it because it’s not too chaish and it wakes you up better than a red bull! Very robust and definatly great flavor! Might attempt this blending at home :) sooooo good :) if your lucky Enough to have a teavana in your area. Get one now! Haha I lovez it

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
51 tasting notes

Looks like the haters delight… However I see how this one could be decent. It has a licorice backtaste which for me is a turn on when it comes to tea. The citrus was really strong but some might think too strong. For the mood i was in this morning, I liked it however the citrus was too overpowering. This tea tried to do a lot of things, it fit the mood for this morning but any other mood and I would hate it. Well another travel day.. Talk to you guys later

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drank Wild Orange Blossom by Teavana
51 tasting notes

Backlog from yesterday:

Wayyyyyy too fruity and flowery. it was decent in flavor as it had a bold citrus flavor but at times where the tea got concentrated it was almost soooo ctirussy that it got to your nose ( does that even make sense?) i dont know but it just over powered everything. didnt really enjoy this one but i heard that it blends really well with blueberry bliss and other fruity rooibos which i dont doubt because it has a nice citrus kick. so mostly a blendable : dont reccomend alone.

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drank Mixed Berry Green by Lipton
51 tasting notes

Good balance between a quality green and a super fruity berriness. I digged this one, for a bagged tea it was pretty decent. Not much to write about it really, mostly as advertised. The fruity had a sweet berriness that went down smooth and not acidy at all. If your looking for a green and that is all, then dont get this one because the mixed berry over rides the green tea even though you sense the presence all the way through.

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