drank Tropical Guava by TeBella
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Sipdown theme: Oceanic flavored tea
Sipdowns and tasting notes have been much slower and less lately. The packages are larger and I have been drinking an older matcha and the nozomi a lot lately. For herbals, I have been enjoying this one, Peach Parfait, Keylime Sublime from TeBella and a couple 52teas. All have been nice so far and are lasting longer than expected especially the herbals. (Maybe because John isnt asking for tea as frequently?)

Anyways, I chose this one for the sea buckthorn in it. I don’t really know if it is a Oceanic flavor but it has sea in the name so the reminds me of an ocean… haha :)

Prep: Western
Tasting Note: Hot this one has that sour taste of chokeberry. Not as intense but definitely there. I think all the other ingredients work to mellow it out. The package reccommends this tea as iced but I have yet to try it like thst. I kind of like this sourness, it reminds me of a sour soup and that it soothing somehow.

When I bought this tea though, I thought it would taste more like P.O.G. which is heavy on the sweet pineapple orange which it definitely does not taste like that. I think I have come to terms that the ingredients are definitely doing something different.

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