Fuhai 2007 Sheng Pu'er

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Cinnamon, Clove, Medicinal, Moss, Mushrooms, Musty, Sweet, Anise
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  • “Here’s the true confession: In spite of my sometimes brain numbing effects from random puerhs, I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on the Verdant website, taking advantage of his Puerh monday...” Read full tasting note
  • “First Tasting…from a sample I received with my last Verdant order. (Prior to my full cake purchase arriving.) Intro I didn’t realize at first that the sample I received with my order was the same...” Read full tasting note
  • “I only got a sample of this instead of a cake. I was tempted to get a cake due to price but I never tried it and just wanted a sample first. Dry the leaf smelled so good, so sweet! Kind of like a...” Read full tasting note
  • “Hello Steepsters! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to post (or read Steepster) and it’s good to be back. I survived finals and 6 days in Utah (oh the nose bleeds). The day we flew...” Read full tasting note

From Verdant Tea

A creamy nutty sheng incredibly mature for its age with notes of almond, apricot and plantains. . . .
My pu’er mentor Wang Yanxin and I set ourselves a challenge: Find a cake of sheng with deep textural complexity, and aging potential, combined with the smoothness of something that can be brewed up now, but find it at a price accesible to just about anyone. It has been a challenging task to sort through so many pu’ers to find the one, but we found it.

This beautiful Fuhai cake steeps up with strong notes of almond. In fact, it reminds me of one of my favorite desserts: an almond torte with fresh whipped cream and raspberry jam covered in a thick layer of homemade marzipan. The sweet and creamy textures combine with a savory nutty flavor and crisp vegetal undertones to almost perfectly replicate that delicious torte.

In later steepings I get a tingling numbness on the tongue in the same way that nutmeg and anise are slightly numbing. This combines with the whipped cream texture and a growing juiciness to evoke fried plantains, and caramelized apricot. In steeping tests, we haven’t been able to get bitterness out of this incredible find, and can safely recommend it for pu’er lovers and beginners alike.

As an aside, this tea has an intense “chaqi” feeling, a clarity of mind brought about by some really interesting chemical interactions. Read the article I just published on “chaqi” here.

I hope that you enjoy this one as much as I have. I highly recommend picking up a cake if you can so that you will be able to see this tea change over the coming years and grow in complexity.

-David Duckler, Founder

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16 Tasting Notes

3294 tasting notes

Here’s the true confession:

In spite of my sometimes brain numbing effects from random puerhs, I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on the Verdant website, taking advantage of his Puerh monday specials. I should now own stock in the company! I should open a tea house, and call it, “Ms Terri’s Puerh Parlor”, or something like that, LOL.

I still have a little of this Fuhai left, and I’m enjoying the almondiness of it. I plan to sip it all afternoon, but just one cup at a time (and yes, I am feeling a little brain numbing effect…oh well).


I haven’t sampled any of the pu’ers you’ve sent me yet. I wonder if they’ll have a brain numbing effect on me.


Shhhh…I bought pu’er too. It’s all I could get for the weekend…too broke and the price was so good I just had to!

Terri HarpLady

Whatsit: we shall see!
Bonnie: we’re bad girls!


I would visit Ms. Terri’s Puerh Parlor.

Terri HarpLady

LOL, right now it’s just my dining room & sun room. :D

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676 tasting notes

First Tasting…from a sample I received with my last Verdant order. (Prior to my full cake purchase arriving.)

I didn’t realize at first that the sample I received with my order was the same as the 07 cake I later purchased. The label was marked 06 instead of 07.
I thought I had received one of those extra’s that are never going up on the Verdant site, or a future tea that might be released in a few weeks. You never know with tea, things are always changing.

Tasting at H.L.
So I took my little sample to Happy Lucky’s to taste with my tea friends, Sam and Joe, and my granddaughter Schey.
Joe set up a little Gaiwan and 4 cups, then rotated through 7 short steepings.
From the beginning I didn’t think he used enough leaf and the steep time was instant, but he thought otherwise.
The first steeping was tongue numbing, and tasted ashy. The smell was sweet tobacco. The Pu’er was never bitter or harsh, just ashy tasting and vegital.

That didn’t concern me, I knew how a first steeping was so often unreliable in judging what future steepings would taste like.

It took 3 additional steepings for the ash and tobacco taste to subside, finally allowing a lighter, green tea flavor to emerge with a slight astringency.

I determined then to spend time at home brewing this Pu’er ‘MY WAY’. Something wasn’t right.

Curious about my sample, I sent David Duckler an e-mail. He said the handwritten sample said ’06 but was really the 2007 Fuhai Sheng. Aha!

Now I knew how to brew!

I decided to do a Western Style brewing to get a larger amount of tea all at once to envelop myself in the aroma and flavor. I also wanted to use lots of leaf.

I used SPRING WATER!!! (I do believe this made a big difference)

Steep time….1 minute! 8 oz water 5 grams or so leaf

The aroma of the leaves was lightly vegital with a background scent of Grammer School paste.

The color remained pale yellow.

The scent of the tea changed in such a peculiar way. I smelled sweet tobacco in the beginning then sweet spiced pickle, cinnamon, savory and sweet green tea.

Second Tasting Western Style
With the very first sip I was stunned at how instantly the tea numbed my tongue. Not just the tip but under the tongue.
The flavor was an ash-vegital taste that wasn’t too salty. The Pu’er was never bitter or harsh and had a natural sweetness.
I had the sensation of cream without a thick mouth-feel.
As the tea cooled just slightly there was a growing presence of cinnamon.
I was pleased that my choice to brew Western Style using more leaf and longer steep time had worked out so well!

The second steep was like the first and the third was less ashy, dryer and a weaker cup.
I needed to make an adjustment!

At Stepping #4, I changed the time to 1 minute 45 seconds. Perfect!

Always the experimenter, and following a hunch…I took a small break, took a bite of chicken and came back to my tea (just seconds away to keep the tea hot).

By taking that break, I discovered the Pu’er’s Savory personality! Sipping the Pu’er was really good with my light chicken dish in a way that an excellent light savory broth would be.
I could still feel a bit of tingle, that numbing feeling in my mouth that was kind of cool and a green plantain starchy flavor that is a little sweet as it begins to ripen with a hint of cinnamon (super light). (The cinnamon was sometimes only on the nose)

For my first encounters with this Pu’er, I didn’t taste apricot or nut.
The environment often changes what you taste from one day to another too. This is why I seldom eat before tasting tea.
Perhaps in the future my experience will deepen and I will taste many things as the Pu’er itself changes.

My recommendation is to use the best water, don’t skimp on leaf and steep long enough to get good flavor. If at first you don’t succeed try again. I bought a cake and a sample size to play with. Sheng is not like Shu Puerh. This is not earthy, fishy or mushroom tasting.

Sheng are a whole different adventure in the world of Pu’er and I for one have a lot to learn.


nice, I ordered one of these too. ;)

Terri HarpLady

I ordered the sample, which arrived today, but did not order a full cake (although I almost talked myself into it when there was only one left…). I’m looking forward to giving it a try!


Well, today’s the day. I’m going to that tea bar to see what I think. Wish me luck – hopefully I’ll be making friends! =)


Good Luck…have fun…at least we get a story out of you!!!


Okay it was awesome! I’m so glad I went. It was strange because it’s run out of an upstairs apartment so going in you feel like you’re going through someone’s house you don’t know, but once we got inside there was a little bar set up and a friendly guy behind the bar serving gongfu tea. He was very informative and the tea was great! There were 2 other people that were there and they were very friendlly as well. It was so much fun to drink tea with other people who actually enjoy tea and not people I’m forcing to drink tea who have no clue what I’m trying to do when replicating gongfu with stuff in my kitchen lol!! Yeah…I think I’ll make it a regular friday thing. So happy I read your reviews and decided to check my area again because they defintiely were not there before!! =)


Hooray!!! Probably this will be your tea bar or pub! As you get to know people you might even share samples. I take tea to drink with my servers and they give me tea sometimes too or a free pot of tea. You learn so much more that way. Good for you!


I’m so excited I even got to buy some tea from the tea farm he worked on over the summer in Hawaii. I can’t wait to go again next Friday and I feel like he can really teach me a lot about puer because he loves it and I don’t know much about it, so I am hesitant to include it in my online orders. Yay tea friends! Woohoo!

Terri HarpLady

Yay, Mrnixonpants!! Sounds like an awesome experience!


Woo Hoo indeed!


Awesome! I wish there was a place like that around here – I would be all over it.


Sunday I was invited to a Sunday google+ tea chat group that meets at 3pm at a local shop. I was recommended by Eric at Happy Lucky’s…still another benefit of visiting places LIVE and seeking them out!. The group sips tea and blogs about it on google+ just for about an hour.

Terri HarpLady

Well, that’s cool! Fun with tea drinkers!


Still, I’d rather be on a cruise ship riding around with all you guys sippin…


Hehe, that would be awesome!
Teatanic: The unsinkable tea convention… :D

Thomas Smith

About how much leaf was used in the gaiwan and was there a rinse? When I read you used more leaf at 5g/8oz I kinda choked a little on the bran flakes I was eating, hahaha. I always start around 4g/100mL with both sheng and shu, though I vary the time and temp between ’em.


Thomas S- Well, the first time (using a Gaiwan) was about 2g in 4oz water for about 20-30 seconds and weak (remember I said I told the guy he needed more leaf) so I knew that going to 5g in 8oz water would be fine. I did 1 rinse. It was the time that mattered. I increased the time to about 1 minute right off.
(Verdant suggests 4g for 8oz water starting at 30 seconds for Western Style then increasing to 1 minute)

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174 tasting notes

I only got a sample of this instead of a cake. I was tempted to get a cake due to price but I never tried it and just wanted a sample first. Dry the leaf smelled so good, so sweet! Kind of like a mix of brown sugar and caramel…mmmm! There was a hint of a spicy note, like cinnamon, and a hint of pepper with underlying creaminess. It smelled like a nice rich dessert!

I brewed this gaiwan style at boiling after an initial rinse. The wet leaf was more spicy and sweet, it kind of reminded me of a darker oolong rather than a puerh. There was a hint of tobacco I was picking up. The infusion was a lot like the dry smell, nice sweet and creamy.

The first steep was 5 seconds and amazing! It had notes of sweet caramel, it was smooth with a bit of creaminess and a nutty note. It was very similar to almond the way the notes and textures blended together.There was a hint of a floral note that I couldn’t pinpoint, the was also a juicy fruit-like note that I couldn’t pinpoint either with a vegetal note in the background.

The second steep was for 6 seconds and tasted like tobacco but still retained the sweetness from before. But along with the tobacco was now an ash note that was not pleasant. I let it cool off a bit and the ash note faded and the almond note came back with vegetal note in the background again.

The third steep was for 30 seconds and apparently way too long. The ash note was strong and coated my mouth in a very unpleasant way, akin to licking an ashtray…yeah not good.

Fourth and fifth steeps I took back down to 3 seconds and was rewarded with vegetal notes and sweet tobacco notes. I’m afraid that I’m still tasting a little bit of ash, but I can’t tell if it’s from these steeps or lingering from the last one.

I’ll leave unrated for now until I try again.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec
Terri HarpLady

I also watched the buying frenzy, as all the cakes of this tea disappeared. I kept finding myself tempted to buy a cake, but having not tasted it, & also since I have tons of tea around here to drink, I only bought an ounce. I like the tea, but I’m glad I made that choice.

Invader Zim

I’m glad I didn’t cave in and buy a cake myself. But it was fun watching the buying frenzy!


From what O’ve learned, this taste profile is more typical of sheng.

Invader Zim

Dos that include the ash? That note was terrible! There rest of the flavor profile was great, just not the ash part.

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148 tasting notes

Hello Steepsters! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to post (or read Steepster) and it’s good to be back. I survived finals and 6 days in Utah (oh the nose bleeds). The day we flew out I found out my car had been towed. Apparently if you park in the same spot for three days the city can tow you, even though there are no signs posted indicating this law (anywhere). Since we rarely drive, the car was in impound for 5 days before we realized it was gone, and the grand total to get it out was $968. Christmas almost didn’t happen but thankfully we have some amazing family and friends and just made our flight. Now it’s time to sell the car. ;)

I’ve had this and been drinking it for awhile, but I haven’t posted yet because I feel like I don’t have much to say about this puerh! It’s pleasantly smoky to me and a bit nutty, and definitely a high energy tea. I also get the back of the throat scratchy feeling with this one.

How was everyone’s holiday?

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

Welcome back!


So sorry about what happened to you with the car!


It’s a total racket Bonnie! When we picked the car up no one else there knew about the law either, and I know it doesn’t cost nearly that much to tow and store a car. Unfortunately it completely drained our savings but my grandpa helped us with some of the money, and I’m taking an extra TA job for January through March. It stunk but we’re making the best of it!


When my mother-in-law died (I was married at the time) it was Thanksgiving and we had to go to Fairbanks Alaska from California in a hurry (-20 when the plane landed). We had to park one of our cars on the street in front of the house. The car was there more than three days and even though a neighbor told the police and tow truck that we were at a funeral, the car was towed. What a shock! They felt sorry for us when we returned and only charged us half price $600!


Oh my gosh that is awful Bonnie! We were really shocked at our tow too.


I totally sympathize! A racket for sure! Mine wasn’t even on a busy road or one with lots of cars.

Donna A

That’s a shame that this kind of racket is allowed! It would be different if there were signs posted. It’s not like most people would visit a state and read up on all their obscure laws prior to going!! Very unfriendly to tourists especially.

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2816 tasting notes

I decided I needed to get one of these cakes after seeing Verdant tweet about it. And I almost had a heart attack when I thought mine got lost in the mail but it showed up two days after the USPS said it was delivered.

Anyway on to the tea. I broke this up into a small piece and decided to steep it in the yixing teapot. I usually don’t steep my shengs for too long. I used water that was almost boiling.

First steep: After a quick rinse, I inhale and the wet leaf smells of smoke and woods. The tea got a 30 second or so steeping. Perhaps it is the power of suggestion but I am getting the thick, nutty quality which Verdant describes in their tasting note. This seems to be the top note and the finish is slightly bittersweet with a tobacco like quality that lingers on your tongue and gets fizzy. Nice.

The 2nd steep I did for about 10 seconds. I am also getting the plantain sort of flavor described in the tasting notes. But make no mistake, this is definitely a sheng pu-erh, very assertive and bold. Not as bitter as some younger shengs I have tried, but I would recommend keeping your steeping times short.

I am no experts on sheng but I’m enjoying the flavors of this one a lot. It should be really interesting to see how this ages over time…

A nice offering from Verdant, thank you for sharing with us David.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

So, how much did you use? I had some trouble the first time with too little leaf, the second time I used more and increased the time. You did the opposite so I’m guessing you piled on more leaf.


hmmm. I am not sure exactly, about 1 tsb. I am guessing… and I usually don’t steep shengs for too long or they get too bitter for me.


Man, this tea went. David told me he was going to add this tea to the site a week before he did and because I am a college student my time is limited and a week and a half later and what do we have “sold out!” That tea must of been as good as gold. LOL! Thanks Amy for a wonderful review.


I read Davids notes first and he said that this one doesn’t get bitter which is really good and even at 1 minute there wasn’t bitterness. Thanks Amy.

David Duckler

I am so glad that the tea showed up for you Amy! What a relief. @Tea_is_Wisdom: I am working to get in a few more 7 cake tongs of this in my next shipment if possible, so it will likely be back in late autumn / early winter.


David, I was happy!

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812 tasting notes

i started out with a 20 sec steeping, and then kinda just went for 1 min to 1:30 steepings.
i’m not a puerh pro. but i’ve been lucky enough to have a few that have blown my mind. and that made me permanently curious.
i’m sampling 3 puerhs right now. all fairly extremely different. and i have 3 more to sample next. (i find sampling any more than 3 at one time and they tend to get cold)

this one is not creamy for me. even now on the 4th steeping i don’t get a smoothness that the description talks about. though it definitely is a less dirt-esqu puerh than i’m used to. i think i’m just more acquainted with shus. i do taste the nuttiness and plantains dryness described. that part is acurate for me. but nope, no apricot or creaminess in my cup. not yet anyways. maybe a few more steeps will bring it out.

also i may have started my day with a sour ale and a double ipa so my tastebuds could be on the top deck of a cruise boat while i sit here in my kitchen. hah

happy sunday ya’ll!


Sour ale?! Tell me more!


sour beers have a kind of vinegary flavor profile to them. i didn’t like them at first when i had one years ago, but now i love the opportunity to try a new sour. they remind me of kombucha a lot. probably cuz i’m a tea lover AND a beer lover, i tend to compare the two drinks a lot. beer! aka hoppy tea! https://untappd.com/user/shmiracles/checkin/39969765

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13 tasting notes

Patiently waiting on my first cake of puer! Considering the price, I couldn’t resist picking up a cake :) Now I just have to figure out how I want to store this tea…I will break off around probably 15-20 grams, about enough for 4 short steeping sessions(with around 14-18 steepings for each session, it’s by no means “short”) and the rest will go away for around a year. I am hoping I can keep to this plan, and try a little bit each year to see how it changes over time!

I am hoping it comes tomorrow :)

Daisy Chubb

Great plan!


Hopefully I will keep to that plan :)


Well, I am at work right now, and won’t get home till around 6 :( That’s a bit late for me to start a new tea…so I’m not sure if I’m going to take the plunge and try it tonight or tomorrow… Knowing me ill probably have a steep or two, I can’t resist new tea! Luckily I have Laoshan Black at the store with me!


Ok, I will be bringing a bit of the Fuhai sheng to work with me tomorrow for a tasting! But of course, I found a little surprise with my order! A sample of a private reserve Rou Gui Xiang Dancong!! I am sorry to say that I couldn’t control my urge to try this tea as fast as I could…and subsequently burned the heck out of my tongue… ARGH!!! So with my taste buds fried a bit, I can’t get a good taste of the Dancong :( I have to ask David if the Rou Gui Xiang will ever be stocked, because it is something I’ve been interested in trying!!

Bonnie, I would bet you probably got a sample as well? I look forward to your tasting notes!! And I’ll try to put something about the Fuhai up tomorrow…though I’m not really that great at describing Puer…


It’s OK, your notes are fine and don’t ever worry about it. I always thought my notes were crap. (most of the time I second guess myself and have no idea if a review is good enough)…it’s like I said, we all have our say here on Steepster which is very democratic.
Sorry about your tongue! I put up my note on the Sheng because I had an iffy first tasting and a good second one. I hoped that would encourage others to explore when they received their cake or samples or ounce or whatever was coming in the mail. Just steep it long enough and with enough leaf (about a TB or so for 6-8 oz) and you should be fine for 45 sec to a minute and increase later is what I’d do.


Sounds good :) normally for puer I do the short steepings, with two washes, and the 4-6sec steepings. I use around 5grams for 5 oz, so it may be a bit different than how your steepings turned out. But I’ve been trying to push myself! Like you, if I get a so-so steeping, I keep on going. Before, I would have stopped!


Try it both ways. You have enough…pm me because I’d like to know what you did and the results. I let someone else control the first tasting if you read my review. The second time I did it. Also the water I believe needs to be good.

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105 tasting notes

I recently received one of these cakes as a random gift. Never had a chance to check out a pu-erh yet, so it was great that this opportunity came along! I broke all the rules and brewed this up just how I would with a black tea, which is what I usually drink. 13.5 grams of separated leaves and 48 ounces of boiling water in my teapot for a 3 minute steep (no initial rinse). I was kind of worried that it would be overly strong, but that thankfully was not an issue. I cannot compare this to any other pu-erh because this is my first, but I was suprised to find that this was a very mellow and agreeable tea. I drank it straight with no milk or sugar. Definitely has mossy and vegetal aspects, but some sweetness is in the mix plus maybe a “medicinal” quality? Sorry I’m not too good at describing the taste. I did follow up the next day brewing 27 grams in 48 ounces of boiling water for a 5-minute steep, and poured the tea into a pitcher with an equal amount of ice plus 4 tablespoons of white sugar to make an iced tea. So far I think this tea is better iced than hot, but I’ll continue to play around with it until I run out. Not a bad experience, but I probably will not go out of the way to drink pu-erh teas in the future. I’m happy with my black teas.

Update: After drinking my iced tea concoction some more, the cinnamon/clove notes mentioned by others are jumping out at me – I guess they were always there I just didn’t recognize them for what they were. As it often happens, the tea has grown on me and I find it pleasant and interesting. Revising my original score of 70 up to 85.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove, Medicinal, Moss, Mushrooms, Musty, Sweet

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 6 tsp 48 OZ / 1419 ML

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63 tasting notes

Hahahaha. That Verdant description is so tempting! What a way with words, though I’ve never even thought of almonds when drinking any puerhs. This production as aged up considerably since it made itself known to the world. It is extremely tasty. Since I got it, all I do is think about drinking it to learn more. It has such depth, sweetness, and mouth-zinganoids. Lot’s of anise, sarsaparilla in terms of taste and mouthfeel. Next to no detectable bitterness, but the smoke is there. Quite similar to the Wuliang Luck and Longevity Brick by Hai Xin Tang but the 7536 is less smoky and spicier. Definitely strong aroma of mulling spices, a taste that just lingers on the tongue. I’m having it in yixing presently, but prefer it from a glazed vessel, I suppose.

Flavors: Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Medicinal

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 8 g 150 OZ / 4436 ML

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1113 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking this one all day! Thanks Terri

This has a nice bold tangy, tongue tingling flavor! A little stone fruit notes in the middle steeps. Quite nice! There is some very light smoke aroma, but almost no smokey taste is detectable. The chaqi is really great on this one. I’ve been zipping along all day! Go sheng! heh


I have a tea buzzzzz

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