Eight Treasures Yabao

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Honeysuckle, Rosehips
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From Verdant Tea

“A rich, velvety blend inspired by traditional ‘Eight Treasures’ tea, incorporating the cooling qualities of yabao with creamy vanilla bean, and sweet goji berry…”

Yabao is an incredibly intriguing tea, evoking marshmallow sweetness, spice, and even cooling cedar notes. By combining it with a light sun dried green jasmine from Yunnan, and whole vanilla bean, this brew steeps up perfectly smooth, thick and velvety. The floral elements of the vanilla and honeysuckle are extended to the aftertaste with marigold and rose petals, and the spice of the yabao is sharpened with goji berry. This well-integrated take on the traditional “Eight Treasures” is sweet but nuanced, and great hot or iced.

Ingredients: Yunnan Green Jasmine, Silver Buds Yabao, Organic Goji Berry, Organic Marigold, Organic Whole Vanilla Bean, Organic Honeysuckle, Organic Rose Petal, Organic Elderberry.

ICED: Notes of strawberry and kiwi. Shaved ice. Soft, round, smooth texture. Super refreshing!

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63 Tasting Notes

3294 tasting notes

It’s been a long & busy day. Lots of black teas in the morning, lots of running around in the afternoon, & then I played for a wedding this evening. I just got home, unloaded my harp & gear, & am ready to settle down, but I wanted something with a little lift, as I don’t plan to sleep for awhile, just to chill.

The description of this tea, & the photo, did not originally appeal to me. It’s a little to happy, confetti, pastel party time looking. I know, that sounds ridiculous…. When I found out the Verdant blends were getting ready to change, a part of me said, “You know, you have to try them all, at least a sample”. “ok”, I said, because I was sort of looking for an excuse to place another verdant order anyway.

I’ve been kind of out of sorts for a few days, so when I opened this tea & took a whiff, it was aromatherapy for me. Sweet, cotton candy marshallow dreams, with jasmine, vanilla, & other yummy flavors. And it is a much more beautiful tea than the photo on the website lets on, very fairy-like (& I like my fairie stuff), very happy looking, which is what I needed this evening.

After steeping, it is a really nice, mildly flavored cup of lightness, like a nice deep relaxed breath. I feel like it’s so well balanced that none of the flavors are really in the forefront, everything is nicely blended. I’m probably going to wish I’d ordered more of this (I think I got 1 oz), but it’s not like I don’t have enough tea around here (if you only knew). I will savor this, probably as a bubble bath time tea, a tea to drink while journaling, & I’ll be sure to have a cup in my sunroom when it snows.


I just bought my first whole cake of puerh from verdant and I was going to get some of this but it will have to wait. I was afraid the new puerh would be all gone!

Terri HarpLady

I only ordered an oz of the new puerh….I was really tempted to order a whole cake for the same reason, (still thinking about it), but I ended up joining the tea club instead! We’re hopeless, Bonnie!

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1186 tasting notes

I have been considering a verdant order lately… There’s just so many new teas out by them that I am soooo tempted. In preparation, i was going to have the laoshan black chocolate Genmaicha tonight in case I loveee it (very likely) and want to add it to my pending order lol. But it’s just too nice our for a cozy tea. Instead, I made a cup of this, my favorite. Gosh, i just love this tea. I’ve said it too many times already haha, but it’s just so wonderful. :) see previous notes.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

It must be tempting! I actually stopped looking at their site because there’s too much going on that’s tempting me too, and I need to finish some stuff first. :)


Haha yep, I’ve been good with a few sipdowns this week though so I might have to treat myself :) I’ll see how long I can hold out lol

Terri HarpLady

Confession: I placed a verdant order tonight


^ I approve :D

Terri HarpLady

Oh good! Thanks! :)


This tea is super tempting, and I have a Verdant order sitting open. I’ll see how much tea I buy tomorrow (I’m checking out all the tea shops in Vancouver!), and adjust as necessary. :)


Bad Terri! Bad!


Yeah Verdant is so bad for tempting me :( I have at least 5 I want to try from them, but I know my order could easily go up to probably double the number of teas, there’s some I have been wanting and haven’t had in stock..sigh. I might wait to see if I can get the $10 off voucher, I’m really close to getting it haha, another like 800 points :D

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, Sil, I know, but I ordered enough of the Zhu Rong that we could use it as the first tea in the ‘box’, if you know what I mean…

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174 tasting notes

Good golly Miss Molly, this is delicious! That was my first thought upon the initial sip, and it hasn’t changed much.

The appearance of this tea is very pleasing to the eye. There are the big silvery, fuzzy buds mixed with dried goji berries, green tea leaves, marigold petals, rose petals, citrus peels, and dried elder berries.

The dry smell of this tea is wonderful. It’s fresh and crisp yet creamy, with cedar and pine notes and floral notes. It’s like a forest on the edge of a wonderful flower garden. Wet the leaves smell mostly of cedar, pine and floral; while the infusion smells of cedar, rose and jasmine.

Taste is wonderful. Cedar and pine notes with rose and jasmine floral notes. It’s creamy yet is light. It’s sweet and sparkling. There is a sparkling feeling on the tip of the tongue at the beginning of the sip and moves to the back of the tongue and touches the throat at the end of the sip and lingers for the aftertaste. I get the goji berry and citrus notes mostly in the aftertaste.

In further steepings the tea takes on mostly cedar and pine notes with the sparkling quality and still retains some creaminess. It loses the floral notes by the third steep, being predominant in the first steep. It gains some spiciness in further steepings mostly in the aftertaste.

I steeped this gaiwanish-style. I don’t have a gaiwan, which is why I say gaiwanish. I used a 5 oz cup with a infuser basket with 205F water. The first steep was only about 5 seconds and now I’m up to about a minute.

I can’t recall what steeping I’m currently on, somewhere around 8 I believe, and I don’t intend on stopping. This is one tea that I will definitely be reordering. It is absolutely wonderful and I suggest everyone to try it if it is geared toward their tastes, but don’t ask me for any, I am not sharing this treasure!!

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

This is interesting, since this is an alchemy blend and is intended for western style brewing or iced tea…that you figured out your own gaiwanish method. Western Style (suggested by Verdant) would be 2tsp for 8oz and 2min steep. I’d be interested in knowing how you compare the two methods…taste difference wise. I also love all the alchemy blends I’ve tried!

Invader Zim

I will have to try that method out tomorrow since I’m STILL steeping…#12 I believe I’m on now! Since I don’t know about the caffeine levels in this tea I should probably call it quits soon so I can sleep tonight. Even though it doesn’t feel like there is any caffeine in it, better safe than sorry.


With all the other ingredients it should be fairly low. Most of the alchemy blends are way way lower than the full blown tea’s.


Another tea I’m intrigued by. If I cave and order Golden Fleece before it sells out I might pick this one up. Bad Krystaleyn, bad.

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470 tasting notes

I’ve had my eye on this tea for ages—in fact, it was the first Verdant product to make me go “OH GOD I need to order from here immediately.” Sadly, the second tea that almost pushed me over the edge (Thai Ginger Fire) is now discontinued. But hey, at least I finally got my paws on some of this! That $10 off coupon was just too tempting.

I made this two ways: I cold brewed some leaves (buds?) last night and then steeped them Western style this evening. I wanted to do fancy gaiwan style but I had to do a photoshoot and there were lamps all over the table where the tea setup would go. Oh well, I got a full 2 ounces of this so I definitely have tons to play around with! I actually drank the hot tea before the cold brew, so I’ll start there.

Hot: This smells like pure, heavenly jasmine. Given that it’s the first ingredient, not surprising! I was a bit worried because it smells like JUST a jasmine tea, but the floral scent was hiding a lot of depth. Yes, there’s jasmine—sweet, lightly perfumey and perfect—but there’s a whole lot more going on as well! There’s a soft sweetness and an underlying berry taste (probably from the goji berries, but I don’t have enough experience with them to go “oh, this is goji!”), and a strong plant-y presence. It’s not grassy or even vegetal, it tastes like… plants. Like fresh leaves! It’s really interesting, especially with the jasmine, and it gives the tea kind of an outdoorsy feel. Like one should drink this on the porch of a cabin in the woods, overlooking golden fields as the sun goes down through the trees. Lastly, there’s a bit of a bite at the end of the sip—grapefruit, though it took me a while to identify it as such. It’s got that hint of acidity that brings everything together!

Cold Brew: This was done before the hot, so I suppose it got the majority of the flavor…. not that the hot tea was lacking in any of that! This is quite different cold, more softly floral and grassy. The grapefruit does add bitterness, moreso than in the hot tea for sure. But it’s cut by an almost creamy sweetness, possibly the vanilla? I didn’t get any berry taste this way (which is odd, they sat in water for 12 hours!) so I think it is definitely the vanilla beans. And oddly enough, while the floral taste hot was all jasmine the rose comes into play more this way.

I honestly don’t know which way I like it more—both bring out different flavor profiles, and I adore them both! This tea is definitely a keeper. Like, an “I must have this in my cupboard at all times, I’ll eat ramen for a week to afford it” kind of keeper.


I know, there needs to be an AA group for tea addiction. I have mine too! So good!


Tea Drinkers Anonymous, I’d join!


Yeah, TDA member, count me in! But what would we drink then at the meetings?


Tea, of course! TDA meetings seem the perfect place to do swaps haha

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1271 tasting notes

I had this tea in my travel mug today.

I went on a drive to a few cities over to a “create your own lotion/bath stuff” kind of place. It was pretty funky as you can combine the essential oils they had to scent your lotion. I ended up doing one tea inspired scent for body lotion “Strawberry, Cucumber Melon, Honeydew” and a salt scrub that was rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus. I tried doing a Moroccan mint and failed.

Anyways, this tea in a tumbler.. BLECK! Just did not work. At first, it was fine on the drive to shopping, though despite looking fantastic in my tumbler, the floral got too strong and soapy for me. I had to dump it out and drink some raspberry iced tea stuff during lunch.

Lesson: do not oversteep 8TY.


Oooo! I love rosemary mint scented bath things.


Wooooo, that bath place sounds like fun. I would love to make my own lotion and bath salts.

Yeah 8TY should not be brewed over 2:30 min at max. Any over and it gets weird.

Oolong Owl

the bath place was super fun, easy to get into trouble – luckily just $45 damage. You can get so many things like shampoo, face stuff, creams, masks, room sprays.. and yeah, sitting down making your own fragrance was the best part.


Ooh, was it Sinfulicious? I was at the San Diego location a few weeks ago! Lots of fun! I ended up with a guava, grapefruit, and vanilla salt scrub and oil! Smells like candy!!

Oolong Owl

I went to The Bath Workshop, though googling Sinfulicious, it’s very similar – and ooh, not too bad of a drive for me too. I need more customized bath products in my life!

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2201 tasting notes

Sipdown, 162. I used the rest of my sample of this one as a cold brew.

Unsurprisingly, this one was quite good as a cold brew. At the specs I used (about 3tsp, 12oz water, 8 hour steep), it was very light and refreshing, with enough flavor to make for a tasty drink. I found the cold steep with way less vanilla and more florals, but all the notes were there, just subtly interacting. I realized once I was most of the way through my bottle of it that it reminded me strongly of some of the gewurtztraminer white wines I’ve had… rose and jasmine notes, with light citrus and goji berry, which is almost standing in for the grape here. In particular I had a dry gewurtztraminer once and this is very similar, but without any alcohol, obviously. Quite lovely, and definitely an iced tea I’d like to have again. Maybe I’ll eventually pick more of this one up!


Good luck on your sipdown adventure! 162!!! Phew!


Haha, thanks! I’m down 100 teas from where I started at the beginning of the year so I’m feeling pretty good. :D


I’m so jealous… my tea cupboard envies yours.


Haha Sil… I spent too long with a huge cupboard that never seemed to shrink. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. And your cupboard can feel better about itself by looking at Kittena’s :D


LOL! I refer to Kittenna’s cupboard any time my husband gives me a hard time about my stash. ;)


oh my cupboard ALWAYS feels better looking at Kittenna’s lol I just really want to get down to 150 by november.

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6106 tasting notes

Sipdown! 814. Thanks again to Azzrian for this one.

Similar impressions to last time… mainly the yabao/junipery flavour, paired with some floral/jasmine. The aftertaste is creamy and a bit fruity, perhaps it’s the goji berry. This tea has sat around for quite a while though, so it’s entirely possible that some flavour has disappeared, even though it was pretty fresh for the first go round.

Yabao is not my favourite type of tea, so this wouldn’t be one I’d gravitate towards again though as usual, I’m happy to have had the chance to try it.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

Yay! Someone else who isn’t crazy about Yabao! I just haven’t had much luck with mine, and I haven’t even touched my Eight Treasures Sample yet.

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1719 tasting notes

What the heck is Yabao? I had to look it up. First impression of the wet leaf smell was cat pee. It is probably really more of a kiwi smell. This has nowhere to go but up! The first sip was rose and a spicy almost metallic note. I added sweetener (sorry, I know it is Verdant) Now it is jasmine and honeysuckle with a hint of vanilla. I taste marigold very quickly at the beginning of each sip. I glanced through others notes and see this is well loved. I am not drawn to it. I would drink it if offered. I bet it would be great iced while rocking on a front porch swing.


Yay, cat pee! Kinda like Sauvignon blanc.


Cat pee tea, sounds delicious.


More amusing is it didn’t stop me from trying it. Once you have sipped cheap puer anything is possible.


LOL you guys. :-)


My rule has always been to try a sip of every tea plain and then sweeten it to check that transformation (because so many people sweeten tea) then add cream (not to oolong or some greens and whites). Yabao is a unique flavor. Seems that you either strongly love it or hate it. I love it. It’s a bit finicky with sweetening sometimes. I prefer real sugar or honey…because my usual splenda seems to sour the yabao.


Bonnie I have a plain yabao from Terri that I am anxious to try. From this potpourri mix I am really still not sure what the yabao tastes like. It is buds prepared like white tea but some consider it a puer. I like both of those. I agree I try to taste it first au natural then do my thing to see the change. I think with this one about half what I normally use would have been the correct happy medium. It was a little too sweet my way and the rose was only in the aftertaste.

Terri HarpLady

It’s interesting to drink a cup of this once in awhile, & same with the plain yabao. Neither one is really all that appealing to me, just a nice occasional contrast from my usual choices. I’ve never tried either one sweetened.


Maybe it is like Kopi Luwak coffee, but the tea version. Ha ha :P


I may have to go buy me a kiwi now and hold it up to the litter box…


…for scientific purposes, of course.


You’ll need some eight treasures yabao as the control. Can’t wait for your report :)

Terri HarpLady

GG, I still have some left. Want me to send you a sample? :)

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300 tasting notes

Enjoying this cold brewed in wine glasses with the husband’s best friend. It’s gorgeous and looks like a beautiful blush wine, stunning, stunning pink. It retains quite a bit of its fragrance and is simply delicious, still reminds me of lilies, Pierre says its the perfect ice tea. I wonder if thesr leaves can be rebrewed hot. If I win the Tea Cats contest, I’m ordering 4oz of this sooner rather than later. My entry is the Crouching Kitty, Copper Dragon ;)


I need to look up some of my kitty pictures and see if I can think of a clever caption. No kitties around to take pictures of, sadly.

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1792 tasting notes

This is my first Yabao anything, and I had no idea that this was supposed to be a pu-erh blend, to be honest. I just threw it in my cart during the sale because I quite frankly had all too much freedom at the time.

Upon opening my (thankfully sample) packet, I pondered why the dry leaf smelled like a garden weed. And once I steeped this up, I still got garden weed.

I’ve been letting it cool for about ten minutes now, afraid to go near it. Actually, I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of any jasmine + honeysuckle combination. Anyone familiar with Lush’s Flying Fox? Yeah, that smells like mothballs and/or wet ashtray to me due to the jasmine and honeysuckle.

Cautiously picking up my mug, I just took a whiff and BAM! There’s Flying Fox in my mug. Each sip tastes like it too. I sadly don’t get any rose, or velvety vanilla. No berries, either. I do get some earthiness underneath all the floral cacophony, however.

Seriously not my cup of tea, but you live and you learn.


I love Lush! But not in my mouth, ewwwww…


i like straight yabao….. this i felt like i’d been whallopped with a bridal bouquet. =0(


Whew, glad it wasn’t only me since the ratings are really up there. It’s always weird when food tastes like a bath product. :/


By the way, James, what does the straight Yabao taste like to you? I wonder if it was that earthiness I was picking up on.


the sweet tips of grass, bamboo shoots, summer, rain….. green. not seaweed, not earth, not wood, not clay. no fruit tones. pure new green growth. these are apt metaphors to me, do they make sense to you at all? :0\


That makes sense, thanks! Your description sounds lovely, but sounds a little vegetal?


..and sometimes you learn…that Sil is a mental case who won’t let up until you send her your address…

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