Royal Wedding

Tea type
White Tea
Cornflower Petals, Marigold Petals, Natural Almond Flavor, Natural Coconut Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Rose Buds And Petals, White Tea
Chocolate, Coconut, Floral, Almond, Rose, Vanilla, Vegetal, Hay
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Loose Leaf, Sachet
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180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 10 oz / 305 ml

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  • “Hmmm, this one is also old, and as a white tea I would expect it to age worse than its black counterparts, but I wouldn’t have expected it to gain an odd bitter note. I wonder if its the coconut?...” Read full tasting note
  • “Uhm… I am loving the coconut flavour in this one. The first time I steeped it, I didn’t know that H&S teabags required 12 oz. of water, so it was way oversteeped and astringent. But I thought...” Read full tasting note
  • “My evening cup of tea (so far). I wax and wane with this tea, and am happy to say I’m in a wax phase (no, nevermind. Forget you read that, that sounds weird.) Its tasty! Today its steeped up light...” Read full tasting note
  • “My bestie wants to expand her tea horizons and told me she wanted to find some green and white teas that she would enjoy. Her first green experiences were not so good, grocery store greens that...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

We are honoured to present our union of Chinese mutan white tea buds, with almond, coconut and vanilla to taste, and a floral abundance of pink rosebuds and petals. A regal tea blend to celebrate a glorious occasion.

Ingredients: White tea, rose petals, almond flavor, blue cornflowers, marigold petals, vanilla flavor, coconut flavor. Contains natural flavors.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

75 Tasting Notes

2201 tasting notes

Hmmm, this one is also old, and as a white tea I would expect it to age worse than its black counterparts, but I wouldn’t have expected it to gain an odd bitter note. I wonder if its the coconut? Other people have complained about coconut teas going rancid after a while (coconut oils not as shelf stable I guess?), so I wonder if this one is suffering the same fate? It doesn’t smell off or rancid though. That would be very sad if its the case. It did stay good for quite a long time, I just seriously neglected it.

Well, it was ok, just not as good as it once was. I wonder if I can steep it for less time and tame it a bit. Also will try cold steeping, as I always liked this tea cold steeped.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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6106 tasting notes

Uhm… I am loving the coconut flavour in this one. The first time I steeped it, I didn’t know that H&S teabags required 12 oz. of water, so it was way oversteeped and astringent. But I thought it had promise – I wasn’t wrong. This time, I used the right amount of water, and I’m pretty much dying at first sniff. Delicious, sweet, coconutty goodness. The flavour isn’t strong (I perhaps could have left the bag in there longer than 2 minutes), but it’s really quite tasty. The combination of almond and coconut invokes almost a white chocolate sort of flavour, which is absolutely delicious. I can’t taste any floral from the rose at all, which I’m pretty ambivalent about. I also can’t really taste the white tea, but honestly, I’m happy enough with just the delicious flavours.

Yum yum, thanks Lala for sending some of this to Sil (and to Sil for disliking coconut!)

ETA: Second infusion was very grassy/hay-y… perhaps I could have finished it, but I didn’t enjoy the sips I did take, so I dumped it. I guess H&S teabags don’t re-steep well? I could have sworn that I concluded the opposite when I brewed up both the Valentine’s tea and Tower of London.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

This is one of my favorites. Delicious. :)


It is kind of ridiculously good.


…..adding to shopping list! nom nom.

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2967 tasting notes

My evening cup of tea (so far). I wax and wane with this tea, and am happy to say I’m in a wax phase (no, nevermind. Forget you read that, that sounds weird.)
Its tasty! Today its steeped up light and pleasant.

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3261 tasting notes

My bestie wants to expand her tea horizons and told me she wanted to find some green and white teas that she would enjoy. Her first green experiences were not so good, grocery store greens that just tasted like hot water and heartburn.

She tried Stash White Christmas and loved it, so when she came over tonight for tea I tried some others on her. She really loved this one, and I have a lot of it since I bought the bulk bag so I gave her a bunch to take home. She loves coconut, and she already liked Harney’s Wedding Tea. This is, I think, the same tea but with coconut added. She is a school teacher so she likes having sachets at work and uses loose leaf at home.

It is a hit! Yummy and creamy!

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15123 tasting notes

So this is a white tea…with coconut. As i mentioned to Kittenna after looking again at the teas i swapped with Lala i think i was channelling my inner kittenna that day. Not that I’m not happy to try new teas but i think every tea i picked had coconut in it or a base i don’t typically prefer lol.

However! This tea? It’s quite nice. I think the vanilla helps to calm the coconut down so that it’s not jumping down my throat. It still wouldn’t be a cup that i’d have every day but it’s a pleasant cup.

Thank you so much to Lala for this swap! Loving it!


Ooh, ooh, pick me pick me!


Lol toss it on the list

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1220 tasting notes

This sounded so nice, I had to look past the almond and get a sample. Such a pretty tea, I can’t believe they don’t offer a 4 oz tin on the site. Thinking of this tea in a sachet makes me sad because it needs to be seen!

I really want to still be sleeping but I’ve been up since about 7:30, since the woman who lives above my boyfriend does not know how to move around silently, or at least close to silently, which usually doesn’t involve hearing vibrations in the ceiling, things hitting the ground, etc. Oh I should also mention I have no idea where my boyfriend is. So that’s cool.

I wish this tea would cool off already. It smells so good: creamy coconut, floral vanilla. But I don’t want to burn my tongue just yet. I feel like too much time has been wasted not having this tea, I mean its name makes me feel really slow on the uptake.

I have this coconut vanilla scented thing in my car, and this is how I imagine it would taste if it smelled less like suntan lotion. (I actually had someone ask me if I just got back from the beach, hahaha. I do still have my parking receipt from the one time my car was near a beach?)

First I’m glad it’s not all bitter/oversteeped because I didn’t realize this was a white tea until the water was boiling. The coconut is really creamy, so it almost gives the impression of white chocolate with the vanilla flavor. I wish it was a bit floral given the pretty petals in the dry leaf, but that’s really not contributing anything here.

This is delicious though, everything has a nice balance of flavor. I can taste the white tea in here and it blends in well with what feels like the vanilla. I thought it was going to be much sweeter than it is, so that’s nice too. It’s more rich than expected, especially for a white tea.

Would I get more than the sample? For now, no. But if I was ordering something else from H&S maybe another sample size would just pop into my cart. It’s good but not something I would want to drink regularly.

Of course the almond is in full effect now so meh.


LOL. This tasting note was such a random stream of consciousness.


No idea where the boyfriend was?! I hope you found him!


I couldn’t put two and two together and figure out he went to work out hahaha. It was too early to understand how it was possible.

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120 tasting notes

Like Jenn, I have QuiltGuppy to thank for this. Also, like Jenn, today seemed like a good day for this. I love the delicate nature of this blend. It almost demands the best china to be used when serving. So I broke out an heirloom cup and saucer and made it my profile picture. That is Royal Wedding in the cup. (I did this days ago, but just felt inspired enough to log it)
I love the color of it after steeping, a rich gold in my cup. There is a hint of vanilla or maybe a note of honey. I agree with Jenn, the floral aspect is very light. This tea is formal, detailed, even complex, but wonderful. I can count the white teas I have tried on one hand, if they are all this good, I may be adding to the list!


Did QG keep amy of this for herself? Now I am going to have a cup of this, too!


I believe she did, she seemed to have enjoyed a windfall of it somehow.
Isn’t she just THE BEST?
Glad you are yielding to the power of Royal Wedding!


Royal Wedding for everyone! QuiltGuppy is a very genrous soul, and there is no denying that she’s the best. THE BEST :)


teawing’s right. :) I placed an order with H&S and it needed to ship in two separate boxes. Well, I received three. Half of my order had been duplicated. When I called their customer service to let them know, they asked me what had been duplicated, then told me to keep it and share with friends. I, of course, chose to share! :) One of the things I had ordered was the 50 sachet bag of Royal Wedding. I received 100.

Speaking of generous, Jenn, I’m just about to try my kombucha. I had to go and buy a different glass container with a secure lid for the secondary fermentation. The scoby baby looks great! I hope it’s ready to go on to the next step. (I also just bought some organic frozen peach slices and ginger to help flavor some of the tea.)


I love happy mistakes! Thank you for sharing!

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1353 tasting notes

Chinese mutant white tea buds, with almond, coconut and vanilla to tas- Wait, what?

Oh Mutan! Riiiiiight. Anybody could’ve made that mistake!

The dear QuiltGuppy included this one in the package she sent me a little while ago. I was dead-lucky with that one because it contained among other things a number of things I had been curious about and one thing that I’d had before and liked. And she didn’t know anything about that when putting it together, so I’m thinking she must have access to some powerful psychic powers.

This has been widely appreciated across Steepster and I’m glad I got to try it as well, even though it’s been a long time since the actual wedding took place. I’ve got some pretty high expectations of it. Of course I should have actually looked it up before putting the kettle on, but at that time I hadn’t chosen a tea yet. And then I discovered it was a white, so I had to wait for my already boiling water to cool so that I could heat it again. It sounds pretty stupid put into words and it felt pretty stupid too. (And as for why I didn’t just get new tap-water, it’s because I filled the kettle all the way so that I can just press the button the next time I want tea water. It’s easier, and while I’m aware that I’m technically supposed to use fresh tap water every time, frankly I can’t taste a difference, so why bother?)

Now, let’s get down to business here. This cup is important as it’s also the first one I’ve had all day, and I’m finding the fact that it smells like a Bounty bar extremely up-lifting. It’s not my favourite type of chocolate bar at all and I’m not generally one to have a lot of luck with coconut in tea, but anything that smells like sweets surely must get a goodly amount of points.

And you know what? This is actually one of the few where coconut in tea works for me. It’s there and it’s very obviously coconut, but it’s not assertive. It’s just sort of standing there, a bit to one side of the room, making a presence of itself but not causing any sort of fuss. Just quietly minding its own business and chatting with the almond, which is behaving in the same way.

The vanilla is a bit more lively, but not as obvious. As opposed to the coconut, the vanilla is trying to get the attention of the room, but failing spectacularly which in turn causes it to behave in an adorably desperate and cheerful way. Refusing to accept that nobody has discovered what it’s trying to do.

Let’s stick to this metaphorical room of party-goers and turn our attention to the white tea itself. It’s quite grassy in flavour and nicely framing the rest of the flavour profile. The tea obviously represents the room itself. The surroundings. The barkeep, polishing pint glasses and asking younger notes for ID. The decorations. All those guests that are there, but you don’t know who they are.

All in all, as befits the name, this tea is a party in a cup, and therefore it’s probably not quite as bizarre that it’s reminding me strongly of carrot cake. With coconutty icing on it. Gosh, I wish I had some carrot cake to go with this.

Not bad for a mutant tea. ;)


“psychic powers” indeed…


I’ll third QuiltGuppy’s psychic ability for tea packages!


Don’t give away all of my secrets…


By George — or by Billy, which I suppose is more accurate in this sense — I’ve been meaning to try this one! I’m happy to see that the disco mix-up of flavors listed on the label works. Love your description. More teas should come with more barkeeps.


lol at mutant tea! :)

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141 tasting notes

Thanks to ashmanra for sending me a sample of this so I could face my fear of roses in tea.

Since this was in a sachet, I can’t say much about the tea prior to steeping. Once prepared, the fragrance was of vanilla, carrot and banana, with the faintest floral note. I may be carrying the wedding metaphor too far, but the overall aroma can be summarized as clean linen.

The tea was pale amber in color. The taste was on the grassy, vegetative side with a slight astringency- but no rose. (Yeah!) While it’s a blend, everything is so well balanced that it doesn’t come off as noticeably “flavored.”

The ingredients list includes coconut and almond, but these didn’t present themselves until the cup cooled. However, they lingered providing a pleasant aftertaste.

This may turn out to be one of my favorite H & S teas. (Which would figure since I just placed a large order and didn’t include this one.) I hope they keep it around past the Royal Wedding this weekend!

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Glad you liked it, Paul! I laughed when I read “carrot and banana.” I’m afraid I didn’t pick those up but I will definitely look for them next time I drink this! I may not be afraid of roses, but I did have a slight fear of the coconut since I am not a big fan, but I liked Bangkok by Harney and it has coconut flavor, so I gave this one a chance! As it turns out, the coconut was what I tasted most but I liked it very much. Maybe I am beginning to LIKE coconut!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I ordered this a few days ago can’t wait to see how I like it. :-)

Paul M Tracy

White teas always have this level of complexity for me that I have a difficult time describing. It was a soft, starchy, vegetative and subtly sweet fragrance…carrot and banana was as close as I could get. I like coconut and didn’t even pick that up until I was half-way through the cup. It was really good though!

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4191 tasting notes

Another from Tea Box B. I’m always willing to try any of Harney’s teas! This is a Bai mu dan which is a more tolerable white tea base for me. But this one isn’t as nice as I thought it would be. It had an off taste to it. I did steep it for over the suggested five minutes though, which seemed wrong anyway, even at a lower temp, but the flavor wasn’t bitter at all. But I liked the coconut/vanilla/almond flavor… very cake like! Those three flavors combined together (you know, like a cake) so it was kind of tough to distinguish them separately. Less almond, more coconut & vanilla for me. There is enough left in the teabox for maybe one more cup!

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