Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea

Tea type
Black White Blend
Bergamot, Black Tea, Rose Buds And Petals, White Tea
Bergamot, Cream, Flowers, Rose
Sold in
Loose Leaf, Sachet
Not available
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Average preparation
195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec 12 oz / 355 ml

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From Capital Teas

A commemorative union of our bold Cream Earl Grey Black and our light and refreshing Cream Earl Grey White, enhanced with the essence of roses.

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18 Tasting Notes

6768 tasting notes

It’s crazy morning. Having some old faves that are easy to access in my stash! See previous notes

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336 tasting notes

Uggggh. Today was a ten hour day at work, which is longer than normal for me. And I have a set of program notes I need to get finished up. I’ve written the first draft, but they took FOREVER and I haven’t proofread or formatted them yet. Ugh. And I just wanna work on NaNooooooooooo.

Tonight I decided I could use a break from the deep, dark, sweet teas I’d been doing for something a little lighter and creamier. This did the trick. I can’t believe I haven’t sipped this down yet.


Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed our Royal Wedding Tea!


You’re welcome!

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790 tasting notes

My palate is probably not refined enough to pick out the white tea here. But everything seems to go well together.

Bergamot, a bit of cream and floral. I notice a sharp something in here, maybe it’s the rose. Something that makes my tongue kind of numb and the rose lingers.

Nothing I will keep on hand, but I think it will be enjoyed until it’s gone.

EDIT: This doesn’t resteep well.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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4074 tasting notes

Thank you so much Nicole for allowing me to try this one! I’m slowly trying the new-to-me teas. I wanted a vanilla tea so I went with this one hoping it was kind of like vanilla. It doesn’t look like there is MUCH white tea in the dry blend… just a leaf here and there. I love the tiny flowers though. I steeped a bit over a teaspoon with this one, to make it a sipdown next time. The site says 190 degrees for 3 minutes so I waited around 17 minutes… since it didn’t seem like much white tea anyway. The second steep didn’t seem overdone even at four minutes right after boiling. The flavor is nice, not the nicest Earl I’ve tried, but it has a nice balance of bergamot and cream, maybe because the base teas aren’t very strong here to give you much flavor. There is a smoothness & sweetness to it. Not much rose for me. But I like that it focuses on the Earl.

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358 tasting notes

This is my last new tea to try from Capital Teas. The saleslady mentioned this one when I was checking out, and since it has the Cream Earl Grey in it and I had purchased that one for my mom, I decided to get this one for myself. It’s a pretty blend, with large tea leaves and small blue petals. There are a few pieces of pink rose petal, but not nearly as many as I had hoped for. The dry leaves smell floral and of soft bergamot. The aroma of the tea itself has more of the perfumey rose scent and the bergamot. The flavor is light and malty with a bergamot finish. There is a floral rose and bergamot aftertaste. This tea is very mildly flavored, but it has a wonderful mouth filling, smooth texture. We’re out of organic white sugar, so I added some coconut sugar (it’s almost like brown sugar in flavor) and it made it pretty yucky tasting. Then I remembered that I have some vanilla infused white sugar, so I tossed that cup out and poured a new cup from my little teapot and used the white sugar. Muucchhh better! I’m loving the light rose aftertaste from this tea. It’s not very strong, but it just adds something special to the tea. Glad I decided to get this one at the last minute!

-Dry blend has large black and green tea leaves with small blue petals and a few pieces of pink rose petals.
-Dry leaves smell lightly floral and of soft bergamot. Tea liquor aroma is of perfumey rose and bergamot.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium brown color.
-Light malty flavor with a full soft bergamot and cream finish. Floral rose and bergamot aftertaste. Mouth filling and smooth texture.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Very good tea. Mildly flavored Earl Grey with nice rose and vanilla cream notes. Smooth texture.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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4843 tasting notes

I’m LOVING this commemorative blend. I was a bit unsure about it at first, as it is a blend with both black and white teas and I sometimes find these to be a bit disagreeable because the white tea needs a lower temperature which doesn’t always do the black tea justice. However, I find that just enough of the black tea flavor comes through here and it’s lighter flavor helps the white tea to shine through.

The sharp, tangy flavor of the bergamot is softened by the sweet, creamy flavor of vanilla in the blend, and I find that the rose in the blend accentuates the bergamot, bringing the floral tones of this citrus fruit into focus.

A very pleasant blend, I like it very much.

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105 tasting notes

Tried this again today and found the rose flavor overpowering. It even gave me a headache. Decided that I just can’t do this one anymore. :(

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1644 tasting notes

Oh man I need some caffeine! While reading some reviews of this tea, my brain couldn’t register what bergamot was. I was thinking it was some sort of spice! I totally have the correct information in my brain, I was just not able to locate it and came to a different conclusion.

Anyways, brain malfunction aside… This tea came to me from Amanda ‘SoggyEnderman’ Wilson, whom I have not yet properly thanked for the teas she added for me in the PTS TTB. So a big thank you to you lady!

My sense of taste is a bit weakened by a recent cold, so this tea tastes really delicate to me at the moment. I can pick up a tiny bit of rose at the beginning of the sip. I’m getting a little bergamot in there too. It seems like a really smooth cup, I’m just not able to taste much else. I’ll have to try it again another time!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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921 tasting notes

Sometimes I really should put some sort of time limit on myself with regards to Pinterest. I have spent my day (so far) sipping tea and looking at origami designs on Pinterest, ever expanding my origami board with tutorials and diagrams. Ok that is not entirely true, I did make a blooming kusudama this morning as a way to wake myself up, I also learned that the pick (or pointy thing) from my Gong Fu tea tool set works as a great origami tool as well.

Today’s tea is a celebratory tea commemorating a royal wedding between teas! Royal Wedding Tea by Capital Teas is a blend of Black Tea, White Tea, Bergamot, and Rose Buds. Hmm, red roses and red tea…looks like this is a Red Wedding…I am a terrible person. So this wedding is an arranged marriage between Earl Grey Black and Earl Grey White, hopefully their union will stop the War of the Roses. Ok, I will try my best to have that be the last of my terrible puns and references. The aroma of this tea is a great blend of bright bergamot and heady roses with a creamy quality, this tea smells pretty. The aroma reminds me of summer blooming flowers and warm sunlight, I like the effect this tea’s aroma has on my brain.

Giving the tea a steeping, the wet leaves take on a more malty quality, but there is still a lot of roses and citrus. Although, it seems like with steeping the bergamot has evolved into orange making it sweeter. The liquid has a sweet, creamy, quality with notes of malt and oranges. The strong rose aroma from the leaves does not seem to transfer to the liquid, except in a delicate finish.

The taste of this tea is elegant, sweet and creamy with a vanilla quality that quickly transfers to oranges and roses. The vanilla and creamy tastes remind me more of a muffin or some baked morsel rather than an ice cream taste, specifically some baked goody with an orange glaze. This tea is smooth and the rose notes become stronger as it cools. I want to sip this tea from a fancy teacup while nibbling scones and wearing petticoats. Sadly at the time of taking the notes on this tea I lacked a fancy teacup and just had a monstrous glass mug, now I have a pretty white teacup but still lack the fancy teacup with matching saucer…and preferably some sort of gold accenting and flower design. I tried adding cream and a bit of sugar just to see what it was like and I found that it did not improve, the tea is smooth and sweet enough of its own that it does not need any additive, except scones on the side. While listening to White Wedding…ok really, I am done with the puns now.

For blog, photo, and random crafty link:

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2145 tasting notes

Tea #32 from Considering a new TTB
I somehow missed this the first time I went through the box, I normally try any Earl Grey teas first since they’re my favorite. This was a pleasant surprise to find, I really need it today. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table writing, admiring the beautiful sunny day and just noticed that it’s snowing… during the last week of March. My husband had the nerve to point out that it is completely possible that we’d have snow in mid-May for my birthday, it has happened before.

I’m putting my foot down right now, there will be no snow in May

This is a nice calming EGC, the flavor is very subtle and unlike the strongly flavored EGs I normally prefer, but I really like having this for a change of pace. I can taste more of the vanilla than I can the bergamot and the floral notes from the rose hang out in the background, barely noticeable over the other flavors. I think it adds more color to the dry leaf, than it does actual flavor. I’ve never ordered from Capital Teas before, but I may have to, if only to try their Cream EG White which makes up part of this blend. I’ve never had an EG White, I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head that blends such a thing, I am intrigued.

Normally I resteep my teas, but this was so lightly flavored that I don’t think it will resteep well.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Let me know if you want more. I bought 8 oz of it in the fall and am realizing that was too much, no matter how much I like the tea.

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