Organic The Glow

Tea type
Herbal Rooibos Blend
Natural Flavours, Nettle, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Marigold, Organic Rooibos, Organic Rose Hips, Rose Petals
Cinnamon, Rooibos, Rosehips, Apple, Cookie, Pastries, Peach, Oats, Rose, Fruity, Smooth, Floral, Licorice, Sweet, Berries, Berry, Herbs, Citrus, Caramel, Herbaceous, Flowers
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
Kosher, Organic
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Average preparation
200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 45 sec 10 g 12 oz / 341 ml

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This organic floral elixir is all about beauty. Rooibos is like a revitalizing liquid spa. We also added traditional radiance-boosters like rose petals, rosehip and marigold. And time-honoured nourishers like oat straw and nettle leaf. Plus there’s cinnamon, Ayurveda’s complexion saver. Just steeping this caffeine-free blend makes you glow.

How it tastes:

Herby with floral, warming cinnamon and citrus notes

What makes it great:

● These ingredients will get your skin glowing!

● It’s packed with nettle leaves – traditionally used for everything from pain relief to magic potions.

● Cinnamon is said to boost metabolism and improve your focus.

2 oz of this tea makes around 10-12 16 oz cups of hot tea and 5-7 16 oz cups of iced tea.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

110 Tasting Notes

1792 tasting notes

Hokey dinah, this one isn’t marketed properly. Every time I’d browse the site combing through the ones I haven’t tried yet, time and time again, I’d pass by this one because the thumbnail advertises this as a floral rooibos blend. Gross. But when I felt like making my debit card purchase worthwhile today by grabbing a couple others, the sales associate pointed me to this tea.

“It smells like an oatmeal cookie,” she said. “LOLZ yeah right!” I thought. But then I took a sniff, and that’s where the hokey dinah comes in. It really does. Once I learned that there’s oat straw and cinnamon in this, my preconceptions melted away.

But what about the jasmine? That stuff horrifies me, particularly in tea. And I could see in the canister that there was hardly any rooibos in the blend. Still slightly hesitant, I caved in and got 10g.

Yummo. Kind of like a cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookie. No actual raisins, but there’s a delicate sweetness in the background that’s probably coming from the rose. And no jasmine. And rooibos who?

I just finished my Nordic mug-sized serving in twelve minutes. And my empty mug smells like oatmeal. And now I’ll shut up.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Tastes like a cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookie you say? Omg. Now I KNOW I need this. I just know.


I honestly never even looked at this because I saw flowers. However, I think I might pick some up next time I am in DAVIDs because you make it sound pretty tasty :)


I know, right? I imagined this to be a heady floral with a rooibos base. Not at all, at least for me. I hope you’ll find it as delicious as I do! It’s been getting mixed reviews.


Woaah. I really got to check this out!!!


Haha. I will probably only grab about 10 g so worst comes to worse I only have a couple cups if I don’t like it.


Yeah, I need to get on this, too. They keep recommending it to me when I go there, but somehow I keep sniffing on. strange eh?

Roswell Strange

I heard raisins and stopped reading, heh…


Shopping list!


I totally don’t get that. I get a heady floral with loads of cinnamon. So much floral.

VariaTEA, I’ll toss some into your package. I haven’t managed to get everything to the post office yet.


OMG, I thought of you when she suggested it! I remember your recent tasting note perplexed by the flavour combination and heavy floralness. Hopefully, if anyone here ends up trying it out, they won’t taste what you taste.

So that said, I apologize in advance if anyone here runs out to get some and doesn’t get oatmeal cookie, but rather Jasmine Rose City.


Everyone has different taste buds (thank goodness!), so it’s really neat you get cookies from this. :)


I just saw this now. That would be awesome OMGsrsly. That way I can try it out without committing to a lot of it (just in case my taste buds experience the same thing as yours did).


Haha! Good thing, since it’s already sealed in your package. :D


Thank you! Hopefully my experience with it is more akin to Fjellrev’s though I certainly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to try it.

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6444 tasting notes

I realized I probably should have shaken the bag prior to scooping out some leaf. I got a whole lot of flowers and not as much cinnamon so this is more like a floral cookie than the oatmeal cookie I had last time. Not unpleasant but not as enjoyable as my previous cup.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Flowers

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Do you find the cinnamon flavour to be fairly strong usually? I’m not a huge fan of heavily cinnamon-y teas but this talk of oatmeal cookie makes me want to go grab a bag of this!


I am not a huge cinnamon fan either but I don’t mind it in this one.

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2291 tasting notes

Umm, hmm.

This would be better without the cinnamon. Floral + medicinal + cinnamon is way too much.

Why did I get 24g?

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I don’t like herbals, but this is one I’d really like to try.


haha I asked myself that a lot. Actually, when I started buying tea it was more like “Why did I get 50 g?”. It took my a while to learn you don’t need to buy 50 g at DAVIDs


I’ve had the tea for a while, but this is only the second time I’ve had it. :) 2 more servings left! Shouldn’t be too hard to finish.


Cold brew it. That should finish it off.


Somehow I’m still curious to try this one, even though the flavor combo definitely seems questionable.


I’m still curious about it. Even if the combo seems weird. Haha.


Get a cup to go! Try before you buy, etc.

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570 tasting notes

Mmmmm. This tastes like a cup of warm apple crumble, without any of the tartness of the apple. If this is really good for you, I will drink it by the bucket.

185 °F / 85 °C 5 min, 30 sec
Arié Moyal

It is quite good for you!

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658 tasting notes

I have bought this three separate times, and each time it’s tasted differently. Thankfully this latest is much more in line with the tasty first bit I bought. The middle baggie tasted a bit off.

I love this stuff. It can sit in water forever and never develop a weird flavour. It’s good before bed, in the bath, in class, at work, and indeed even in summer.

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440 tasting notes

ugh, David’s WHY did you have to re-do this blend? It has been changed and it is a lot more floral. Before I used to love this one because the oat and cinnamon gave it a really nice cookie flavour when you added agave. Now it was more rose than anything else. I didn’t and couldn’t finish more than half my cup. It may look prettier but yeah, it now tastes like ass. Changing my rating way down because of the new blend.


Oh, no! I didn’t know they changed it. I loved the oatmeal cookie flavour.

Tina S.

I didn’t know either until I went for a cuppa since I’d run out at home. It is definitely no longer the oatmeal cookie. At least it is one more tea I don’t need to restock?


Ass flavored tea does not sound like something I’d like to try, to be quite honest.

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34 tasting notes

This is a delicious tea!! I guess this is what you would call a backlogged review as I had my cuppa after lunch this aft. It is a great balance of cinnamon and an apple flavour. Another DT that will be in my stash ongoing – YAY!

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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1444 tasting notes

For all the floral going on here it smells an awful like like apple pie.

So it does taste like apple pie as well, but with a hint of floral at the end of the sip. I enjoy the apple pie taste but not so much the floral. However, I thought this was going to be all floral (and I have determined I do not care for floral teas) so I’m excited it tastes like apple pie at all :)

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144 tasting notes

I brewed this today using my death star tea infuser that my brother got me for christmas! ( (not affiliated obvs)
The holes are too big for rooibos and the tea ball is too small for tea leaves to properly open up, but it’s great for chunkier herbals. Plus the tie fighter charm is awesome.
I used to have a tin of the original blend of this tea, but I gave it to my grandparents right before they switched to the new blend. So this is a review of the new blend. It’s true that it’s not as good as the original, but I mean… it’s still pretty good. It’s just a bit more flat tasting to me. Oh, and I drank it while playing star trek settlers of catan with my friends, so it was heavily geek-infused.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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72 tasting notes

This is truly, actually a floral elixir. One of my favourite relaxing teas, The Glow has all the apple-cinnamon-y goodness of Forever Nuts but without the somewhat artificial-tasting baked goods flavouring. I can taste the cinnamon first and foremost, with the oat straw and the nettle leaf lurking somewhere underneath. If I REALLY try, I can taste the earthy sweetness of the rooibos – But I can’t see it, and it seems to be easily lost in this mix. I use this tea not only to relax but also to help with my allergies – the nettle leaf in it is supposed to be really good, and it definitely takes away some of the itchiness I get in my throat.
I can drink this one day and night, and often do – though my rating may be biased because I love floral teas and I love cinnamon, don’t be scared to give it a try! It truly is a beautiful blend.

Boiling 8 min or more

did this do anything for ur skin complextion or your mood?

Arié Moyal

@crazy4u It has lots of depression fighting ingredients – just not sure how well it works at the concentrations that exist

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