Chocolate Chili Chai

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Black Chai Blend
Aleppo Chili, Ancho Chili, Black Tea, Chocolate, Lily Petals, Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Red Peppercorns
Chocolate, Spicy, Earth, Peppercorn, Cardamom, Clove, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Pepper, Spices, Malt, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Creamy, Red Fruits, Cream, Fruity, Bell Pepper, Tea
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  • “It’s only November and I’m already getting antsy for spring. The days seem so gray and dreary, and the nights are already so dark and cold. On the bright side, at least this cold weather is a...” Read full tasting note
  • “This smells AWESOME!!!!! Like if you were in a kitchen with Chocolate Cheesecake and peppers! That’s the aroma I am getting BUT it’s certainly MORE Chocolate than chili and I am VERY happy about...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having a cup of this while in switchboard today. Unfortunately, today it isn’t quite what I wanted. The chocolate is still rich and bold, but I am not in the mood for that. I think I’m really in...” Read full tasting note
  • “I totally meant to go to DavidsTea for Pom Power but before I made it out, I’d spent $20 and walked out with 7 other teas. I am so bad when it comes to deals. The moral of this: GUYS! IF YOU WANT...” Read full tasting note


Hot, hot, hot

Is winter giving you the shivers? Try this fiery southwest chai. A blend of black tea, chocolate and ancho and Aleppo chilis, it gives new meaning to the term “hot chocolate.” With its sweet, rich chocolate flavour and feisty finish, this bold blend is perfect base for the ultimate latte with a little frothed or steamed milk. If you really want to feel the heat, add a splash of cinnamon whisky. Arriba!

Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate bits, red peppercorns, lily petals, aleppo chili, ancho chili, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Allergens: Soy and dairy

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

277 Tasting Notes

357 tasting notes

It’s only November and I’m already getting antsy for spring. The days seem so gray and dreary, and the nights are already so dark and cold. On the bright side, at least this cold weather is a perfect backdrop for a tea like this one.

I expected this one to be more of an in your face tea with the chili and the peppercorns, but it was surprisingly mellow. The ingredients complimented each other nicely. It was a fabulous first steep, but there was notable deterioration with each following steeping. It’s still a lovely seasonal treat, especially as an alternative to sugary hot chocolate or hot apple cider. This will certainly be a seasonal repurchase for me.


Looove this one! but you’re right, no good for re-steeping…


I tried this one out last week , im not sure if I like it yet, the flavour is unique but not quite what I thought it would be. I like the chocolatey-ness of this one. Going to try another mug of this.

Autistic Goblin

I tried this one ages ago and didn’t like it.


This is one of the ones I really want to include in my first DT order! And after reading your description (chili, peppercorns), I really want to mix it with the other DT’s (Della Terra’s) Mayan Mist blend, to get a chocolatey-orangey-spicy concoction. Mmmm…


This is one of those teas that I say “it’s good but…” Nik – I think you have the right idea with your intention to mix it with another tea. On it’s own it’s not bad, but it falls a little flat.


I got 50g of this last Christmas, and was thoroughly unimpressed. The only reason my bag is being depleted is because people keep requesting it in swaps! It’s just like Chocolate Orange/Oh Christmas Treat. Everyone is soooooo enamoured with it, but again, I got 50g of it, plus a couple smaller bags, and I haven’t drank it at all because although it smells amazing, the taste is not pleasant. And often fishy :(


Fishy?! GAH! [crinkly-nosed icky face]


Eww… I’m happy to say I didn’t experience any fishiness with this tea, blech that would be disgusting. I was more disappointed with it for it’s lack of the strength I associate with both Chili and Chai. I decided to try this tea again this morning, and I sighed a breath of relief when I didn’t taste fishiness – thank you taste buds :)


I meant that the Oh Christmas Treat was fishy. It’s a pu’erh, which can sometimes have a fishy taste/smell, and mine sadly does :( I think it’s variable between batches though, because not everyone seems to encounter it.


@Kittena – ahhh! that makes sense. I have yet to try a pu’erh, the descriptions of fishiness always scare me away.


It takes some getting used to…. I’m not over it yet. People say they shouldn’t be fishy, but I almost always get a hint of it (mostly just in aroma though).

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6768 tasting notes

This smells AWESOME!!!!!

Like if you were in a kitchen with Chocolate Cheesecake and peppers! That’s the aroma I am getting BUT it’s certainly MORE Chocolate than chili and I am VERY happy about that!

Intense CHOCOLATE Aroma!!!

One infused the chocolate aroma mellows out a little and the heat is ON.

As for the taste…WOW! It’s not fireball hot but there is a nice kick to it! As for the chocolate…YAY! This is done right! I am still getting a very nice cheese-cakey type taste to it and I LOVE IT.

It leaves a peppery-roasted aftertaste which is interesting but I like that too!

This exceeded my expectations by FAR!

This is FAR OUT!!!! YUM!


both a score of 98 and a “FAR OUT”?!? Wow. :)

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709 tasting notes

Having a cup of this while in switchboard today. Unfortunately, today it isn’t quite what I wanted. The chocolate is still rich and bold, but I am not in the mood for that. I think I’m really in the mood (once again) for a lovely black tea with natural cocoa notes rather than a flavoured tea. I also desperately want to try the oolongs sent to me by MercuryHime (and the two I picked up at DT last night to go with them) but first I need to have time to sit down with my gaiwan (and the beau) to try them out. I am excited because I can use my tiny double walled glasses when the time comes!

Anyway, this tea. Getting dark chocolate, with a hint of sweetness (more on the end of the sip than the flavour). I am feeling a hint of chili burn on my lips, but it isn’t overly present in the taste. I do remember that coming out more as I got deeper in the cup last time though. Solid tea, just not to my tastes at the moment. If only I could afford to go home in the middle of the day for a couple hours and have lovely tea as I want it.


the wrong tea at the right time is terrible! Some of my faves have to be consumed at just the right time… *sighs

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

I just want to try this one…

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1598 tasting notes

I totally meant to go to DavidsTea for Pom Power but before I made it out, I’d spent $20 and walked out with 7 other teas. I am so bad when it comes to deals.

The moral of this: GUYS! IF YOU WANT DT’s WINTER TEAS GET THEM NOW: 2- 25g bags for $5!

Really this was a terrible idea. I can’t even remember how excited I was about banana dream pie, and I bought two pouches. And do I really need more Cookie Dough?

When my bf saw my large blue bag he just asked, “So, how many teas are you at now?” Bahaha. He rocks.


Haha, good thing I didn’t like any of them enough to stock up :)


I ended up buying a tin of the Cocomint Cream, but the rest weren’t as “necessary”. And if I have buyer’s remorse about these, maybe I can just offer them up as swaps?


cocomint! yes!
idk why david’s bothers to have a ‘last chance’ section on their website if they are just gonna tease me with all of them being ‘out of stock’. pout.

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15147 tasting notes

I really like the “chili” aspect of this tea but i can do without the chocolate. I really don’t like the way that a lot of teas “chocolate” flavour tastes, and david’s tea is no exception. it was worth a taste at least!


which teas have a chocolate flavor you really dig? curious.


(oh and to clarify just in case, i don’t like this one either)


uh…i’ll get back to you on that one haha I can’t recall off the top of my head.


Chocolate in tea is SO hard. :(


(I like H&S chocolate – Florance and Soho…)


dexter – yeah H&S isn’t too bad. I also like butiki’s chocolate though she doesn’t have too many blends with chocolate.


Verdant Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha is another I like, more natural less fake chocolate.


oh for sure.. if you’re looking for “cocoa” rather than chocolate there are a number of options as well….


I love this one, especially for the chocolate.

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6107 tasting notes

Free tea from DT! Much better than the times I made it myself, although admittedly both agave and milk were involved. Also, a shout-out to the barista (er?) who looks like Orlando Bloom at the Guelph DT who let me have the tea without the coupon, since I brilliantly locked myself out of my Facebook-linked email.


Definite plus on the Orlando Bloom look alike. LOL


Free tea??


They had an offer Thur/Fri on their page for a free TOTD from 1-6pm. I got it but didn’t care for any of the TOTD offerings (though I do like this one…it was not what I was wanting) for I never used it. I got some Berry Good instead.


Belatedly, yes, that ^^ :D

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1792 tasting notes

Butter chicken and chai. Because I can!

I just picked this up a couple hours ago so it’s fresh out of the canister. The chocolate aroma immediately made me think of Read My Lips, so I figured I’d love this. At first I was kind of regretting getting only 10g.

That regret quickly diminished once I steeped this chai. Again, it smells like a mintless Read My Lips, which is nice and all, but where’s the spice? Even the peppercorns? I got maybe one or two in my packet. How can you even classify this as a chai (in the Masala chai sense)?

I get no heat from this whatever. If it were actually, simply RMP minus the mint I wouldn’t mind as much, as I enjoy the chocolate flavour in that, but it has that underlying artificial sweetness that a lot of other DT teas have.

Without additives, it’s a thin, faint chocolate black with that signature (I might as well use that term at this point) artificial sweetness.

With milk and brown sugar, it’s better. The soy milk lends the chocolate a hand, and at least the brown sugar covers up some of that artificial sweetness from the tea itself. Go figure.


I am surprised you didn’t get heat… I did with mine. It was awesome. I think this one is one on my favorites.


=) I had chicken vindaloo just the other night. Deeeelish!


Maybe I didn’t get that much heat since there were only like three peppercorns total in the 10g.

Indian food FTW! It keeps you on your toes when you have a lot of school work to do.


I found this one lacking in spice too. Where did you go for butter chicken? I’m looking for a good Indian restaurant in Victoria.


I actually made it at home with Olivieri butter chicken sauce. I did try butter chicken at the Tibetan Kitchen a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. Worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.


I tried this in the store TWICE, and I didn’t get much flavor from it. I don’t think they steep their samples very long. Have you tried chili chocolate truffle from Della Terra? I still haven’t tried my first order of it yet, but it should be interesting!


Awesome, I’m waiting for my first Della Terra order to come in, but I ultimately passed on it. Perhaps due to mixed reviews? But I’ll keep an eye out for your review! Sounds like it should be good.

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1220 tasting notes

This time I made a proper latte and it is not very tasty.

It just doesn’t taste good. I’ve had to let it cool way off to taste anything other than black tea and what tastes like fake chocolate. I added sweetener and now I can actually taste the chilies finally. But it just doesn’t taste good. It’s the same reason I sometimes have problems with Read My Lips: the chocolate tastes so artificial and reminds me of chocolate flavored lip balm.

Oh well, since I’ve gotten more from both Bonnie and Krystaleyn, I will give it another try. I wonder if it might taste good as an iced latte.


If you don’t like it mix in some spice to cover it up to make it a better chai…like some good cinnamon and a bit of ginger maybe. Or pass it on I guess. We all don’t like some things which is ok!


It tasted better the first time I made it, so I just won’t do it like a latte with the rest. I ended up adding some cinnamon and then pouring it over ice and it’s better. I don’t know what it is with this one now and Read My Lips where there’s like a fine line between the chocolate tasting good or not to me.


Yeah, this one isn’t my favourite. I’m not a fan of the chocolate in many DT blends for whatever reason (Chocolate Cake excepted).

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3316 tasting notes

Another tea from the Traveling Tea Box! I am trying this on behalf of my future son-in-law. He loves chocolate tea and he loves hot peppers, so I wanted to see if this is a “must have” for him. I am a wimp when it comes to hot peppers, but I read a lot of reviews that said this is only mildly spicy.

It smells good. The first tentative sips surprised me. This really is very mild. Everything is mild. The level of chocolate flavor, the tea base, the chai spices, and the chilis. The aroma is rather intriguing and is the best part of this tea. I guess I am picking up the chai spices over the top of the mild chocolate.

Since I drink my tea sans additions, I can’t say this one wins my heart. It is a decent tea but not one I would seek out, but I suspect since Gav adds milk and sugar to some of his teas he might really enjoy it that way. It would give it that “little extra something” that would make it a great cup of comfort on a cold winter day.


Has your future son-in-law tried 52teas’ Mayan Chocolate Chai?


No, he lives in Ireland and bemoans the dearth of good loose leaf tea! He is moving here soon to marry my daughter. I plan to keep their kitchen stocked with “the good stuff” now that there is a family member who loves tea almost as much as I do. Is that a good one?


Mango Diablo by David’s Tea is pretty good. Not sure if it’s still available, but I have some if you want to try it. It’s got a lot of kick – I love spicy so I love it! :)


If he likes cayenne and chais, IMO it’s pretty awesome. A bit of lapsang souchong too, so not for the faint of heart, but I really like it. It’s probably my favourite chai.

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836 tasting notes

I used 1.5 David’s Tea scoops for my Aqua-Ovo tea tumbler.

The smell of the dry leaf really reminds me of “Love Tea #7” by David’s Tea.

The aroma of the brewed tea is primarily a light chocolate with definite black tea undertones.

On the sip I am getting a full chocolately taste. I am getting a bit of a vegetable-earthy taste- kind of like taking a bite out of a red pepper. I’m guessing that this is the result of the different types of chili included in the blend. I don’t feel that the earthy taste really complements this mix, especially with such a strong chocolate taste. The black tea taste is mostly present at the end of the sip and rounds out the chocolate/earthy flavour. There is a little bit of spice present on the beginning of the sip and in the aftertaste (kind of a tingly feeling on my tongue).

This tea was good all the way through even as it cooled to room temperature.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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