This was mostly written as I drank and I likely won’t edit it much. I may come back and write a summarized version later. I plan to try this tea again with mineralized water to see how different the experience is.

This tea comes from a 25g sample bag. I don’t remember when I got it . It may have come as one of the monthly club teas from the puer only category, or I may have picked it up in one of my orders. Either way it’s been in my possession for less than a year.

5s rinse – Wet leaves smell a bit like burning tobacco with a strong honey sweetness. A bit like a Cuban honey scented cigar if memory serves me right.
10s – Taste is extremely light. The sample hasn’t had time to open yet. Might as well be a rinse but I’m still drinking.
15s – I still get a bit of the smoke scent but it’s turned more vegetal sweet now. A little bit vegetal, a little bit sweet. Not really bitter – I think I got lucky with the time. A second or two more and it would be too strong. Overall taste is still quite light though. Aftertaste is starting to build up.
10s- I haven’t even started drinking this steep yet and I can feel the sweetness in my throat. A bit cooling/drying. Really enjoying smelling the tea, it feels like I can taste the sweetness as I smell. Alright let’s drink. About the same as the last but a little stronger.
10(?)s- Floral notes are coming to the forefront to blend with the sweet and vegetal. I’m starting to feel a bit of a buzz
~7s – On a side note, sometimes when I’m throwing back cup after cup of puer (or any tea really) I think it could be really funny to have a video where it looks like everyone is at a club or bar but instead of the martini shaker lining up shooters it’s a gaiwan filling up a row of lined up cups. Maybe something like but with tea? Hopefully you get the idea.

7s – I don’t have much more to say. This has been a pretty enjoyable session so far. The taste of this tea is decent and there’s some pleasant mouth/throat action so that’s a plus.

10s, 25s – Sometimes when I drink more alcohol than I should my face gets a bit tingly numb around the cheeks/mouth. Sometimes this happens when I raw puer. Has anyone else experienced this? I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable but it is a strange feeling. I’m getting it now with this tea. Tea drunk really does seem to be an appropriate term..

25s , 30s, 50s

Flavors: Floral, Honey, Sweet, Vegetal

8 g 4 OZ / 120 ML

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I mostly drink non-blended teas (usually puerh or oolong) but every once in a while a good blend makes its way into my cupboard. I’m pretty inconsistent about keeping my cupboard up to date and will usually only add a tea if I’m putting a tasting note for it.

Haven’t figured out what my numeric rating system will be so for now I’m leaving my notes without rating.



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