Can’t remember why I picked this specific one from others from same farmer. Probably a wrapper. Their design was kind of similar to all mr. Xie offerings, so probably the way name sounded as well was a factor. Nearly sure it was the only tea from that specific sub-area. I am less into taste and more into body feel. That was oily and perfect for alkaline acidity balance. Meaning I could eat any junk food and this piece of marvel would sort everything out. I had to go away for like 10 days without it and my gut flora was still holding that layer. I tried other teas from this farmer, not the same. The only unique thing I stumbled while randomly attacking Google with my queries was they found fossils of magnolia there. Apparently it is ancestor of tea and one of those plants that had different way of propagating since prehistoric times. So it is a kind of dinosaur of plants. But I gave away half of it, can’t remember exactly why, probably got heavier into heichas and saw opportunity to shift to someone who just started switching from cancerogenic medication to humble tea. But anytime I see word “wen” in a name of tea, I always check in case there is some intuitive lead being presented to me by the universe.

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

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