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I just opened the pouch of Boo-berry, I’ve been hard at work trying to finish the entirety of all my stash so that I can focus on getting fresh teas. I’ve changed my attitude on the procurement of tea for the past while, and that’s partly the reason I haven’t made a great amount of entries on Steepster lately. I realize that if I have a big collection of tea that gets stored for long periods of time, you won’t ever finish any and thus you will have a whole bunch of teas (probably past their prime) sitting in your shelf for 2-3+ years. I opened up a pouch of green tea earlier this year that was at least 3 years old, and it really didn’t taste good anymore, so much to the point that I threw the whole package out.

So now, I’m determined to finish what I have first and then procure more along the way.
I’ve been looking forward to this one (I love blueberries!) but it has been somewhat of a letdown. The taste doesn’t really come through after steeping, from dry leaf it smells great and full of flavor but that doesn’t translate into the finished product. The tea comes out slightly astringent and mellow. It’s fully drinkable, but lacks the bang and the wow that I was expecting. I don’t taste the marshmallow at all, perhaps there’s not enough of it? Or perhaps I’m not picking up that flavour profile.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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Stopped drinking water, switched to tea. =)
(ok, this is a lie but still :) )

How I rate teas is pretty simple, different teas have different expectations based on quality and price. I’ll rate a tea based on how good it is for its category/price point. I think i rate pretty fairly, I’m not afraid to give a bad score to a bad tea, and it’s relatively hard to get perfect score (partially because i believe there are only so many that can attain such a title)

I like oolong/green teas the most
black, white, tisanes to a lesser part.

I re-steep EVERYTHING, as that’s how I’ve learned from my parents. Blacks teas normally to a max of two times.

I like it when the tea actually looks of quality (eg. whole unbruised leaves). I hate it when i get a tea, and half of it is cut up stems of the plant… give me leaves!

I drink all my teas black and occasionally with sweetener. I do drink coffee too, and love espressos and cappuccinos. Yup, I do my coffee black too. Guess, it is to say I like strong flavours.
My current way of steeping tea, is my french press which i just got a month ago. I love it (well maybe not my cheapy one; looking to get a bodum one day). I used to just dump leaves at the bottom of my cup..

Ok. Rating meanings…

0-49: Various degrees of suck. Either terrible value or just not good.
50-59: It’s drinkable. I’ll finish my cup.
60-69: Not bad… but not good.
70-79: okay to drink, nothing too special, will not be a re-buy.
80-89: Enjoyable cups.
90-99: Worth holding on to.
100: Um.. I’ll tell you when I get here.

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