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Really cute little store! The staff are kind of hit and miss – one day it was a tired woman who grudgingly asked if I needed help, and sighed heavily when I asked for a sample of their creme brulee black tea. The next day it was a bubbly helpful man who was used just the right mix of assisting me and letting me browse.

There’s a good selection of tea and tea wares, which are displayed in a crowded but quaint way. Really cute teapots and tins and a dozen other things I don’t really need to enjoy tea but would love to own haha. They also allow 2 free samples per customer, I recommend the expensive but delightful Buddha’s Tears!

On the days I visited there was a good selection of both iced and hot teas, one being the employee’s own experimental blend of darjeeling and something else.

t Leaf T in Wellington, Wellington
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Very cute little store with a nice colour theme and displays that are easy to navigate. A lot of the usual Bodum products, but also glass and stoneware teapots and innovative mugs for making and travelling with tea. The employees I’ve interacted with are friendly and knowledgeable, and always keen to brew something you want to try. Very quick to find the tea you want on their big wall-o-leaves considering they all have identical packaging lol!

I wish they had more in the way of mugs and sweeteners (latter being wishful thinking, but nice stevia is a pain to come by here), and had more of their teas available in tins, rather than bags, on-site.



I am a tea newbie living in New Zealand. :-) I often take my tea with milk and sweeteners as I’m not quite accustomed to the warm, hollow taste of plain tea yet. Just like coffee, though, I’m confident I’ll get there haha!

I also have no sense of smell (anosmia) so unfortunately I cannot include those in my notes.


Wellington, New Zealand


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