T2 - Inside Chatswood Chase Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Chai, Iced, Loose-leaf, Bagged
Features Tastings

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milkspoon rated this place
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Really cute little store! The staff are kind of hit and miss – one day it was a tired woman who grudgingly asked if I needed help, and sighed heavily when I asked for a sample of their creme brulee black tea. The next day it was a bubbly helpful man who was used just the right mix of assisting me and letting me browse.

There’s a good selection of tea and tea wares, which are displayed in a crowded but quaint way. Really cute teapots and tins and a dozen other things I don’t really need to enjoy tea but would love to own haha. They also allow 2 free samples per customer, I recommend the expensive but delightful Buddha’s Tears!

On the days I visited there was a good selection of both iced and hot teas, one being the employee’s own experimental blend of darjeeling and something else.