212 Tasting Notes

drank 2003 Zi Pin 紫聘 by Wistaria
212 tasting notes

this is for the cake version, though I purchased a 50g of the maocha version as well.

5.1/90. mouthful of berries, reminding me of all of the things i like about the taste of red wine with none of the things i dislike about it. some throatiness. some smoke, but certainly not xiaguan level. clear, with some of the wistaria sour (musty?) storage taste. somewhat heady and pausing. wasn’t super thick in texture past the first steep, but quite warming overall. It’s been a while since anything has made me sweat, but this did and felt strong. Hoping that some of the storage will dissipate with some time.

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5.2/90. wet leaf. initially fruity aroma, then smoky bbq and a darker dried fruit aroma.

1st: thick and rich. dried hawthorn candy taste and then somewhat floral and candy like in mouth. returning sort of white pear in mouth and throat.

2nd: pear, juicy sort of plummy note, and woody base. calm and warmth in shoulders and then slowing after, a la jinhao chawang, though maybe not as sedative. still wouldn’t be a good work tea.

3rd: very sweet upfront. had to cap overnight here and resume 2 days later, after which it was pausing still and very sweet overall for those steeps. Admittedly was not the best time of year to pick this to drink during a loaded finals season.

this is definitely one of the best tasting teas I’ve tried. Do I advise everyone to run and buy a cake, given the price, maybe not, but it’s very good.

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10/120 gaiwan with Brita filtered tap. Drank with a friend today and found this fairly roasty, some bitterness. Minerality is definitely there, but aftertaste wasn’t as present or strong as I was expecting. an okay experience, but wouldn’t repurchase. smell has a hint of smoke and chocolate.

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on the lighter side of roast. drank the two packs one after the other with a friend today. 120ml gaiwan, 8.3g packs, only switching the water. the first one was using a 1:1 mix of 82 TDS brita filtered tap and poland spring origin, while the second was just using the brita tap. following the instructions of 8, 9, 15, 24, 30 for both, it was clear that the second run extracted faster. for the first one, the watery taste didn’t show up until the 5th steep. it was also slightly sharper in taste. for the second one, the watery taste had shown up by the 4th steep, but overall taste across the steepings was softer and more rounded. the first run had more dominant florals in the smell, whereas the second was more carrot like in smell. there was a milky smell at the end for the first, and in the second, that shows up earlier. I enjoyed this, but I am still not great with evaluating oolongs, and was not sure that I caught all of the floral notes that were included by kangiiten.

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6/90. decent for price, but does not particularly stand out in any way. decent florals on gaiwan lid. Can’t tell if it’s rose-like, but it could definitely pass for it. I was in Portland for a conference this summer and after visiting the rose garden, I can’t identify what’s exactly rose anymore. all the varieties of roses smelled different. Pretty cool, but also lowkey upsetting since rose constructs in perfumery have a somewhat contrived and constricted view generally presenting the same across houses and perfumes. I felt misled! anyway, tea has a roast that’s on the lighter side of medium for my preferences. vegetal, grassy, coconut notes in the middle. can have some bitterness, but doesn’t transform too much and somewhat weak on aftertaste. can’t remember anything else despite having it this morning.

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i bought this last year and haven’t gotten around to it until this past week… anyway.

3.7/90. wet leaf is smoky, honey, berries. can’t remember if youle is a small leaf varietal or if this is just my sample, but the leaves are very small, hongcha-like. leaf is quite green still, so storage was likely quite dry for this to be from 04. first steep is a honeyed and dried jujube taste w slight bitterness underneath. good mouthfeel and rounded. aftertaste is kind of grassy and sweet. later is honeyed graham crackers with berry, sort of minty aftertaste. 4th was oversteeped. smokey note and bitterness, then quick burst of clarity and focus, nothing after. Not very strong on fifth and fell off completely after. a ginseng like note in the fifth, and then just leaf taste

https://imgur.com/a/dQgZ1P9 Hard to tell in pic, but leaves are quite young sheng like in appearance. also small.

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both reviews for ~4 steeps before i mugged. yancha brewing never peaks past the first couple of steeps for me and I’m lazy and don’t care enough to do long drawn out sessions for a lot of teas anymore. since I don’t drink yancha often enough to seriously evaluate, this is a much better approach to get a handful of decent steepings, and then I’m happy enough usually with the grandpa results.

3.7g/90. have been doing lower ratios recently, but this was also bc I was wary from the last time I tried something from OWT that was much lower roast than I expected and was far too much with low ratio. I shouldn’t have worried. I couldn’t find the 2020 page anymore, but this is medium roast and the minimum level acceptable roast for my preferences. overall, not too sweet or too much aftertaste. some vegetal, floral, and light medicinal woody notes. not too standout at low ratio, but usually I’d use a higher ratio, so I’ll give it that. prelim. judgement is that for the .53c/g I purchased at last year, this is acceptable, and better than any of the similarly priced steeping room options.

4.6g/60. woody, slightly medicinal taste, with vegetal hint. sometimes crisp sugary, sometimes floral aftertaste. again, not terribly sweet or lasting, but I enjoyed the higher ratio more than yesterday’s.

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3.7/90. Taste is much of the classically Yang house taste profile, but pretty soft, some lightly pear like floral in aftertaste. Very approachable, not much bitterness or astringency at all until the kill steep. Good tea for a rainy night, but drowsy pausing feeling makes it not usually something I want to reach for. was surprised that the effect was still so strongly present at something like 60-75% of my usual ratio

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from TWL.

wet leaf: BBQ, smoke (wow! quite a hit), barnyard, receding to a darker fruit smell. woody, fruity. touch of medicinal bitterness. BBQ/vegetal notes, along with something bright and banana like. was okay at low ratio of 3.7/90. Initially warming, and then had some chills after. Might need a bit more age, or just not to continue steeping past a few cups.

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1st: bitter, woody 2: similar, slight cool and sweet aftertaste 3. oversteeped. really bitter but nice aftertaste 4,5: not much change. this and after was same bitter woody base throughout.


Where from please?

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Just a chronicle of a stranger’s tea journey. Keeping old notes up to see progression, but no longer really believe in all of them. Trying to learn!!

As of 4/21/21, I will no longer assign numerical ratings to a tea unless it is terrible enough to warrant one. There are a fair amount of solid teas out there, and reading mildly subjective reviews from others > very subjective numerical rating that gets skewed by Steepster’s calculating system anyway.



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