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drank Almond Cookie by SpecialTeas
328 tasting notes

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drank Meadow Nocturne by Liber Teas
328 tasting notes

A subtle blend of flavors w/lavender predominating and chamomile providing its buttery note. As this blend has lots of ingredients from honeybush, hibiscus, chamomile, hops, and lemon myrtle, it is like a relaxing, night-time “chai”. Luckily, for me, the hibiscus is not noticeable and really, this is not too lemony either. Just a smooth tisane.

I have been drinkning this for the last several nights and have been enjoying this as my last drink of the evening….And liking it more each time….

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drank Mamma Mia by The Simple Leaf
328 tasting notes

Just a nice, light brew. Sort of sweet, not astringent. No need for milk and I think this would be too light for that. Think I need to try this one more time before I can give an accurate assesment.

On a lighter note, I bought this tea solely based on the name..What a silly and delightful movie this was. Best scene in the whole flick: Meryl Streep was holding her grown daughter in her lap and painting her daughter’s nails. How much sweeter can you get?

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This is such a wonderful tea cold-brewed in my Bodum pitcher from Golden Moon. The honey taste is strong. It is becoming one of my favorites…

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drank Sweet Caramel O Mine by Liber Teas
328 tasting notes

I have gone smoothie crazy! I got a new blender yesterday and if I can blend it, I will.

Soo, why not a frozen tea smoothie? As this one has a strong caramel flavor, I figured it could hold up to the addition of ice and milk. Now this is a true desert tea…


YUM! That sounds good!

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This is one black tea perfect for the cold brew method. Honestly, when brewed/steeped traditional method, the mango flavor is overpowering and seems incongruent- warm mango? Really? I usually associate mangos w/cold treats like mango lassi, mango ice cream, mango smoothies , etc. So this is a perfect treatment for this tea.


Okay now you have me daydreaming about Mango Lassi (something I have not had in years)!

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drank Masala Chai by Samovar
328 tasting notes

This is still one strong chai. I still have yet to make a chai w/the traditional water/milk/boiling technique. And this is one blend that would be perfect for that. No one flavor predominates but as it is strong! strong! – I need lots of milk/sugar to smooth it out.

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Tried this one w/the cold brew method. Not sure if this turned out as successful as the others I have tried this week. I did not taste pineapple at all. Instead, this tea had a tangy refreshing flavor. But still respectable and a thirst quencher from this overbearing heat…


Obviously doesn’t live down to some people’s bad opinions of decaf teas!

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This is my favorite nite-time chai. No rooibos to dilute the flavor. Just a blend of whole spices so this is high quality. And tastes like chocolate….This is not hot spicy just a well-rounded chai flavor.

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Just a few months ago the only tea I drank was hot lipton tea at work, an occasional mint tea, and sweet iced tea.. Then my daughter got me some loose leaf teas for Christmas and then, my tea addiction began…..

And what better way to get lots of dessert flavors w/o the calories?

I prefer my tea with a tinge of sugar. Is that cheating? But to me , the combination of sugar and tea is like salt and cooking- both bring out the natural flavors.

My tea drinking has evolved into a set routine: a breakfast blend in the AM, some flavored blacks during the day, late afternoon or evening flavored green/white, herbal (usually spicy, chai inspired) at night.

Not into unflavored greens/whites yet. Just started appreciating unflavored blacks and am thinking that smoky teas may become my favorite…
When I am not drinking tea, I am working as an engineer, reading, watching some of the better TV shows (like Damages and Breaking Bad), practicing my yoga, cooking, gardening, and spoiling my two miniature poodles (Coco and Timmy)…


Baton Rouge, LA

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