This tea brews up extremely pink. To a degree that I found quite startling, given the lack of hibiscus. I like to drink this tea in front of a fireplace with a book, but I have to be in the right mood to do so, and I absolutely have to have a splash of milk in it to cut the sweetness of it, because the candied fruits make it very sweet indeed. (At one point, I had a tin of it in my luggage while traveling and it exploded, and the inside of my suitcase pocket was sticky and had bits of popcorn in it for quite a while afterward.)

I am not a huge fan of tisaines in general; I will often mix them with decaf black tea to get the “tea” flavor in them, but this one doesn’t need it. It does, however, need the correct mood. It’s supposed to evoke the feeling of being in a subterranean common near the kitchens of a fictional school, and it does that well – but you have to be in the correct mood to want to be there, and it’s not a great drink if you’re not in that mood.

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet

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95-100: I will keep this on my shelf at all times if possible.
85-94: This tea is probably in active rotation in my house and getting drunk a lot (or it’s about to be).
75-84: I liked it. I will probably keep a small tin of it around.
65-74: I liked it. I might keep a small tin of it around, but I will not mourn its loss if it disappears from sale.
50-64: Meh.
0-49: No.

I like real tea (camellia sinensis). Black with milk and no sugar, unless it’s a really froofy chai latte. Green with no milk.

I’ve discovered through trial and error that I really don’t like Rooibus, even when it’s mixed with black tea. (Sadly.)

Herbal tisanes are not out of the running, but I have to be in the right mood and they have to be sufficiently strongly powered that I don’t miss the tea leaves.

By preference, I drink loose-leaf, but I will drink bagged tea if it’s good enough.

My icon is a piece of fantastic art by Ursula Vernon called Cattail Tea.

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